Age: 10 (as of Chapter One of A Violet in Bloom)

Ten-year-old Violet.

Gender: Female

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Black

Hometown: Pallet Town

Region: Kanto

Relatives: Ash (Father), Misty (Mother, deceased as of Chapter One of A Violet in Bloom), Delia (Grandmother), Daisy (Aunt), Lily (Aunt), Violet (Aunt, deceased as of Prologue: Part 2 of A Violet in Bloom), Tracey (Uncle), Nikki (Cousin).

Trainer Class: Trainer

Story debut: Prologue: Part One of A Violet in Bloom

Stories which she has appeared in: A Violet in Bloom, A Cunning Plan, A Misty Heart of Pain and It's not always Black and White.

Violet Ketchum is the only daughter of Ash and Misty and is the main character of A Violet in Bloom. She has a fiery personality and can be very kind. Her favourite type of Pokémon are Fire-types and her least favourite are Water-types.

She was born six weeks early, and as a result, had to stay in hospital for five weeks before being allowed to go home with her parents. Due to the maternity ward at Pallet Hospital being under work, she had to be born in Viridian Hospital.

Violet has been raised in Pallet Town all of her life, but has travelled to many parts of Kanto with her father, Ash.

When she was six, Violet went on a trip to Altomare with her father, cousin Nikki and Uncle Tracey. There she met Latios, the son of Latias (the one that Ash met) who was in the human form of Ash from when he was ten-years-old until he took
Young violet

A young Violet.

Violet to the secret garden whereupon he changed back to his original form.

Her mother, Misty, died when she was only four-years-old - therefore, Violet has little memory of her mother.

In her first gym battle, Violet battled at Pewter City Gym against Brock's brother, Forrest. Because she was not paying attention to the battle, she swiftly lost the battle.

Violet does not yet have any badges.


So far, she has only two Pokémon.


Her Charmander was given to her by Professor Gary Oak at the start of her Pokémon journey. He does not like to battle opponents which are bigger than him in size. His favourite food is pizza.

Given nickname: Charmy.


Violet unintentionally captured Oshawott on Route 1 after she (the Oshawott) tapped Violet's Poké Ball and did not resist capture. Oshawott is Violet's only Water Pokémon, and thus, Oshawott feels she is the most important Pokémon of Violet's. She has no trouble battling any Pokémon, and has no favourite food either.

Given nickname: None.

(The images of Violet were made on deviantART. Trainer card is from Pokecharm.)