Book 1

The New Trainers

"Sigh, when are they gonna get here?" a new trainer Hilbert said waiting for his friends. Hilbert looked down at his X transceiver at checked the time. He saw that his friends were 5 minutes late. "I'M HERE! I'M HERE!" Bianca and Cheren said bursting into Hilbert's room. "I was busy with chores, that's why I was late." Cheren told Hilbert. "I was helping Hilda clean her backyard." Bianca said. "Ok then where is Hilda?" Hilbert asked looking at his friends. He didn't get an answer. Just as they were ready to open their gift from Professor Juniper, Hilda ran into the room gasping  for air from running. "Talk about timing." Cheren said with an impressed voice. "So why were you late? It doesn't take a long time to clean your small backyard." Hilbert said annoyed. "It's because I didn't want to be here." Hilda stated. "Ok, done with the chatting. Let's open the gift!" Bianca shouted making Hilbert's mom run in worried. "What happened? Is someone hurt? Pokemon or person?" Hilbert's mom questioned them non stop, making Hilbert fall onto his bed and facepalm. "Another distraction from opening the gift huh?" Hilbert said to his mom. She then walked out of the room to clean dishes. "Alright! NOW lets open the box." Bianca said. They opened a box which had a note and capsule in it. Cheren read it out loud to everyone. It read: Dear Hilbert and the rest, I give you three pokemon to choose from. In the capsule has the pokemon. Tepig, a fire type. Oshawott, a water type. And Snivy, a grass type. Do not argue about who gets who. Choose wisely, and have a great adventure with your new pokemon!

                                                      Sincerly , Pofessor Juniper

"Ok, I guess I will choose Snivy." Cheren said grabing the pokemon holding Snivy inside. "I call OSHAWOTT!!!" Bianca yelled again then grabbed Oshawott's pokeball. "Guess that leaves me with Tepig." Hilda said. "All I need is my Chimchar I got from Lucas in Sinnoh." Hilbert said braging. "Ok now, lets have a battle or two!" Cheren said throwing his pokeball up and down. "I will go against Hilbert." Cheren said. "Ok lets do this." Hilbert said grabing his pokeball. "Alright, begin!" Hilda and Bianca said at the same time to begin the battle. "Go Chimchar!" Hilbert said throwing his pokeball. "Ok, Snivy lets do this!" Cheren yelled

The Journey Begins (Unova)

"Alright, Chimchar use ember!" Hilbert commanded. "Dodge it, Snivy!" Cheren yelled. Hilbert's ember hit Snivy before it could move away. "Ha gotcha!" Hilbert said happily. "Just because you hit me doesn't mean you beat me." Cheren stated to Hilbert. "Ok, Snivy, use tackle!" Cheren said. "Use scratch nowll!" Hilbert said. Both of the pokemon clashed together making a huge explosian. "Who won?" Bianca asked. "I don't know." Hilda answered. As the smoke cleared the pokemon still standing was Chimchar. "WOOHOO I won!!!" Hilbert said excitedly. "Lucky duck." Cheren said annoyed. "Duck?" Hilbert, Hilda, and Bianca said at once looking at Cheren. "Dude, only little kids say lucky duck." Hilda said. "Ok I am gonna go pack my bag for my adventure in Unova!" Bianca told Hilda before she ran to her house. "I'm gonna go, too." Cheren said before leaving. "I already have my bag, so I guess I'm waiting with you." Hilda told Hilbert. "Ok." Hilbert said. 15 minutes passed before Hilbert saw Cheren and Bianca coming. "Finally, what took you so long this time?" Hilbert asked. "Ok, lets not start another conversation I want to go start my journey." Cheren said. "Ok." Bianca said. As Hilbert was just about to walk into Route 1, he was quickly grabed by the arm by Hilda and stopped. "Uh...what are you doing?" Hilbert asked in a some what frightened voice. "We all agreed that we would start our journey together and stick together while on it." Hilda said reminding him of the pack they made a few weeks before. "Ugh, all right." Hilbert said. They both walked back   They arrived back to Bianca and Cheren to find them talking. "What are you guys talking about?" Hilda asked. "About the journey." Bianca said. "Ok." Hilbert said. "Ok, now lets start our adventure!" Bianca said. "Finally." Cheren said. They all took their first steps of their journey together and walked through Route 1.

Route 1 Camping

"Are we there yet?" Bianca asked. "For the 100th time no" Hilbert told Bianca. Finally some peace and quiet. Hilbert thought. "Are we there YET?" Bianca asked again. "NO!!!!" they all yelled. "Hey, whats with all the screaming?" said a voice. Two trainers about their age walked up to them. "Who are you two?" Hilda asked. "I'm Nate, and she is my sister Rosa." Nate said. "Well, my name is Cheren. Glad to meet you." Cheren said shaking Nate and Rosa's hands. Woah, talk about polite! Rosa thought. "I'm Hilbert, and they are Bianca and Hilda." Hilbert said. "So where are you from Nate, Rosa?" Cheren asked walking with them all. "I was from Aspertia City, but I moved near that town before Route 1." Nate answered. "Thats where we live!" Bianca said jumping up and down. "Well, its getting dark, we should call it a day." Hilbert said. They set up camp beside a lake and sat down and made a camp fire. "Hey guys? Wanna here a spooky story?" Nate asked. "No thanks!!!" Hilda and Bianca said running to their tents. "Wow, they are already spooked ha ha!" Rosa said. "Ok so, there was this man walking through these very woods...." Nate said in a deep voice making Hilbert a little scared. "He was camping right where we are now. He was said to have lost his head in a factory, but he still lives!" Nate said making Cheren run to his tent. "So, Hilbert, I guess your the only one not afraid." Nate said to Hilbert who was already running to his tent. "No one can take a spooky story huh?" Rosa asked. "I'm not scared its just a dumb story!" Hilbert said.

Accumula Town

"Are we there yet!?" said Bianca once again. "If you ask me one more time you won't be traveling with us anymore."Cheren said. "When did you make the decisions!?" Hilbert asked with a hint of anger. They all started agruing about who was going where and who was better then the other. "Guys? Guys? GUYS!" Nate yelled, "Were here." Nate said. "Is there a gym here?" Rosa asked. "Sadly, no." Bianca said. "At least there are some cool places here." Hilda said. "Look! There is a mini mall over there!" Rosa yelled. Rosa, Hilda, and Bianca and ran to the shops to buy who knows what. "Why do girls love buying things than battles?" Nate asked. "Because they don't want to get their hands dirty." Cheren said. They were catching pokemon and sight seeing when the girls came back. "We saw you catching pokemon outside of the mall what pokemon did you get?" Rosa asked. "I got a LIllipup and Patrat." Hilbert answered. "Nate and I didn't catch anything for right now." Cheren said. They then saw it was getting dark once again and they rented hotel rooms. "I can't believe they have a room for 6." Hilda said. They all went to sleep in the hotel on their second day of their journey

Team Plasma

It was midnight. Hilbert couldn't sleep, neither could Hilda. Hilbert was on the balcony overlooking the stars and moon. I wonder how this journey will turn out Hilbert asked himself. Hilda had finally fell asleep, while Hilbert walked outside he saw a group of people battling, but not with pokemon. He saw tops spining and clashing together. Hilbert walked up and watched the battle. "So cool..." Hilbert said. "Hey, join the battle dude!" a young boy said. "Umm I don't have what you guys are useing. I only have pokemon." Hilbert said. They looked confused and they all turned and saw the sun was coming up and it was morning. The group introduced themselves. "I'm Gingka, nice to meet you." Gingka said. "I'm Kenta." "And I'm Yu." Kenta and Yu said. Just as they were introducing each other Hilda and Cheren came out of the hotel. "Hey Hilbert" Cheren said. "Hey Cheren." Hilda said. "We should all get some breakfast." Gingka suggested. They all walked to get something to eat. They ordered their food and ate. "Umm Gingka? Why do you eat so fast?" Hilda asked as she looked at Gingka eat like a pig. "I like to get done and get everything first." Gingka replied. "If you guys want beyblades, we know where ancient beys are." Gingka's friend Madoka said walking into the diner. "Yeah, but you have to be its true blader. Yu and Kenta tried, but it didn't accept them." Gingka said. Just as they were about to order more food Cheren got a call from Rosa saying they needed to get to the town square. They all ran and saw a man giving a speech about seperating beys and pokemon from people. "I don't agree!" Nate yelled. "Neither do I!" Rosa said. Gingka and Yu told Hilbert and Cheren to come with them. Once they were with them they were in the middle of a dark forrest. They looked at a rock that had two beys on them. "Take one." Madoka said to Hilbert. Hilbert walked to the beys and took the white one which started reacting to Hilbert. " I knew it! I knew it! You are its blader." Kenta and Yu said. Cheren took the Blue one and it reacted. "Same with you Cheren." Gingka said. They ran back and saw Nate and Rosa battling Team Plasma pokemon. Gingka walked up and aimed his launcher at N, Team Plasma's leader. N battled Gingka and had him cornered. Just as N was gonna beat Gingka, someone said let it rip behind Gingka and it was Hilbert. "No fair. I will finish this another day." N said running away. At the end of it all they had to seperate. They couldn't travel together since it would be too dangerous to stay together since they could all be defeated at once. Gingka, Yu, Kenta, Cheren and Hilbert were traveling together. Nate, Bianca, Rosa, and Hilda were traveling together. Madoka went with Gingka. They all waved goodbye to each other and walked away. Hilbert and his group where going to Striaton City right away, while Nate and his group waited.

Striaton City (Hilbert's Group)

"Now we can have peace and quiet without Bianca saying, Are we there yet." Hilbert said to Cheren. "Well it still might now be as quiet with Yu and Kenta." Gingka said. "They like to make noises." Gingka said warning Hilbert. They kept walking and made it to Striaton City. "Yay! Striaton City!" Yu said happily. "Pretty small to be a city, but its something if it has a gym." Cheren said. "Hey look a beyblade arena!" Kenta said to Gingka and Yu. "Well, the pokemon gym doesn't open till tomorrow, so lets go to the bey gym." Hilbert said. They all went to the gym to practice with their beys. "Ok, I will go against Cheren, and Yu you go against Hilbert." Kenta said. They all said the countdown for the battle. "3..2..1! Let it rip!" Hilbert and Yu said. Yu's Libra clashed against Hilbert's white dragon and explosians were made from the battle. "Ok now its our turn, Cheren." Gingka said to Cheren. "3..2...1! Let it rip!" Cheren and Gingka said. "Libra! Sonic Wave!" Yu commanded and the stadium turned to sand. "White Dragon spin around the stadium fast!" Hilbert said. "Pegasus, Starbooster attack!" Gingka yelled. "Now! New Special Move! Blue Dragon Horn Destroyer!" Cheren said. Both moves clashed together and destroyed the stadium. In the other battle, White Dragon was spining faster then ever. "Ok now Dragon! Special Move!"  Hilbert said. "Not so fast, Libra, Sonic shield!" Yu commanded. "Go now! White Dragon Destroyer Blast!" Hilbert said. Hilbert's move smashed through Yu's defense move and won the match. "The winners of the two matches are....Hilbert and Gingka!" Kenta annouced. They walked out of the gym and saw that a tournament was being held the day after. "We should join guys." Hilbert said. Everyone signed up for the tournament and made a promise to do their best.

Beyblade Tournament Battle 1

They rented seperate hotel rooms since they needed their own space. Once the sun rose, they quickly got out of bed, got dressed, and went to train for the tournament. "Let it rip!" Hilbert said launching his bey at targets. "Destroy them!" Hilbert said. As Hilbert was training, in the other room, Cheren and Kenta were practicing together. "Go Segetario!" Kenta yelled. "Defend yourself, Blue Dragon!" Cheren said summoning his defense move. Before Kenta's attack could hit, Gingka, Madoka, Yu, and Hilbert came running in. "Cheren, Kenta, the tournament is beginning in 10 minutes."  Hilbert said. "You guys need to get ready for the tournament." Madoka said. They got their launchers and beys ready for the first battle. They walked to the arena and they watched the big screen and it annouced the first round battles. It was annouced Cheren vs Jack from Hades City, Hilbert vs Kenta, Gingka vs Yu, and other people they didn't know. "Alright, 3...2....1!" the annoucer said. They other bladers finished the chant. "Let it rip!" they all said. Hilbert's bey hit Kenta's and almost blaster it out of the stadium. Kenta called out his special move, Flame Claw, but Hilbert called out his special move moments before, Destroyer Blast. In the other battles, all but Cheren's battle has ended. Cheren finally beat Jack and Gingka beat Yu. They all advanced to the quarter finals. They saw that the other beys forfited and it was automaticly sent to the semi-finals. They matches were, Cheren vs Hilbert, and Gingka vs a new blader, Jason.

Semi-Finals (Cheren vs Hilbert)

Gingka was preparing Pegasus for his battle with Jason, which they have no info about. Hilbert was battling Cheren for practice, and Kenta and Yu were battling for fun. They were about to leave when Gingka's rival, Kyoya, came running in. "Gingka, you might want to see this." Kyoya said handing Gingka a video. They put the video on and it was fotage of Jason, who was practicing. It showed him destroying anything in the way of his bey. "Wow, what a strong blader." Hilbert said shockingly. Kenta and Yu told them the Semi-Finals was about to start, and they needed to go. They arrived in the arena with cheering fans in the stands. "Hm, it seems there are more fans then before." Cheren said. The first battle was Hilbert vs Cheren. They got to their side of the stadium and aimed there launchers. "Ready!? 3...2...1!" the annoucer said. "Let it rip!" Cheren and Hilbert yelled releasing their beys against each other. "Go, Blue Dragon!" Cheren said. "Beat him, White Dragon!" Hilbert yelled. Their beys clashed together causing many explosians. "Wow this is intense!" Yu said. "Its a bey battle its always intense." Kenta said. The battle continued with no side giving in. White Dragon seemed to have the upper hand, but couldn't beat Blue Dragon's defense. "Hilbert lets finish this!" Cheren said. "Right. Go White Dragon Special move!" Hilbert said summoning his move. "Special move!" Cheren said aswell. "White Drago Destruction Blast!" Hilbert said. "Blue Dragon fury attack!" Cheren yelled. Both beys smashed together causing a bigger explosian then the last. The smoke cleared and revealed White Dragon had won. "Yes! Sweet victory!!!" Hilbert said in excitment. "Good job, Blue Dragon." Cheren said picking up his bey. "Hey Hilbert!" Cheren said. Hilbert turned around and looked at him. "Ya?" Hilbert said. "Beat Gingka, if he beats Jason that is." Cheren said. "You got it." Hilbert said walking away.

Semi-Finals (Gingka vs Jason)

Gingka prepared his bey and launcher and got ready for the battle. "You gotta win! You gotta win! You just gotta-" Kenta was cut off by Gingka. "Kenta, I know, and also, pressure much?" Gingka said. "Sorry, just want you to get to the finals." Kenta said apoligizing. Gingka got his bey and walked to the arena. "Alright bladers! Aim your launchers." the annoucer said. Gingka aimed Pegasus and spoke to himself. "You can do it Pegasus." Gingka said. "So your the great Gingka Hagane huh?" Jason said mocking Gingka making Yu and Kenta yell boo. "Want to put your bey where your mouth is?" Gingka said. "Bey to your mouth? Isn't money?" Hilbert asked. Cheren and the rest were confused aswell but continued to watch them. "Alright. Ready! 3...2....1!" the annoucer said. "Let it rip!" Gingka and Jason said launching their beys. The crowd went wild with the battle. "Push him back, Pegasus!" Gingka commanded. "Alright, Poisen Wolf! Defense form!" Jason said summoning his defense move. Gingka continued to attack but had no effect. Gingka had a surprised look in his eyes wondering how it took the attacks. "Guys look her!" Madoka said turning her computer for them to see. It showed that Poisen Wolf was absorbing the power of Pegasus and putting it as defense power. "Man, thats impressive." Cheren said. Gingka found a weak spot and used his special move on it. It blasted Jason's bey out of the stadium and created smoke. When the smoke cleared, Wolf was still spinning, much to the group's surprise. "Wolf! Special Move! Wolf fangs of fury!"  Jason said summoning his special move. It blasted Gingka and Pegasus out of the area and onto the ground. Gingka lost and Jason won. "Ha! Pathetic." Jason said walking away. Hilbert and the rest ran to help Gingka. "So thats my opponent." Hilbert said looking at Jason leave. "You will lose, Jason." Hilbert said to himself.

Finals (Hilbert vs Jason)

Hilbert got his stuff ready and practice harder then ever. He went to battle Cheren and beat him non stop. "More! More power White Dragon!" Hilbert said. "Woah dude calm down, its just a tournament." Cheren said. Hilbert continued to practice until he was called to the arena to start the match. He walked to his side of the stadium and got ready. "I'm gonna wipe the floor with you just like  did with that weakling, Gingka." Jason said mockingly. "We will see about that!" Hilbert said with determination in his eyes. "Alright, blader! Ready? 3....2.....1!" the annoucer said as usual. "Let it rip!" Jason and Hilbert said. Jason had already called out his special move, but had no effect on White Dragon. "Ha, I know all your tricks! Go now, White Dragon!' Hilbert commanded. Jason had ordered Wolf to put up his defenses quick, but was already hit by the power dragon. "Ugh! We will have to use our new move to soon." Jason said. "Alright, now! Poisen Wolf, Dark Fang blast!" Jason yelled summoning his new special move. "Two can play at that game! White Dragon! White Shadow Sword!" Hilbert said summoning his special move aswell. Both beys clashed together causing a huge explosian. Hilbert and Jason both yelled in excitment and kept battling. White Dragon slowly started to spin slower, so did Wolf. Hilbert and Jason were worn out and tried their best to keep fighting. Both beys hit each other weakly, but Dragon had more power, winning the match. "I...won...." Hilbert said falling to the ground. Jason fell too, and both laid on the ground unconsious. Kenta and Gingka went to help Hilbert, and Jason's friends helped him. They gave each other a look a fury. Hilbert thought he had just made a rival.

Striaton City (Nate's Group)

Nate and his group arrived at Striaton City. "Hry guys, lets go watch the beyblade tournament." suggested Hilda. "We can't, it just ended." Nate said sadly. "Thats too bad." Rosa said. "Aww man! I wanted to see a tournament!" Bianca whined. They kept walking until they saw Gingka and Madoka helping Hilbert walk towards the city hospital. Yu, Kenta, and Cheren weren't far behind them either. Nate and Hilda decided to check on Hilbert, while Bianca and Rosa went to shop. "How could they choose shooping over a friend that is hurt?" Hilda asked. "I have no idea." Nate replied. They saw Hilbert in a hospital bed with his bey in his hand. "Oh wow, he got a bey already." Nate said surprised. Hilda and Nate sat down on the chairs in Hilbert's room and watched the tournament re run on TV. They saw Hilbert defeating everyone with ease except Jason who put up a fight. Hilbert slowly woke up, and saw Hilda and Nate watching television. "Hey....guys." Hilbert said weakly. "Hey Hilbert! How are you feeling?" Hilda asked. Hilbert didn't reply, but gave her a thumbs up. After a few days in the hospital, both Jason and Hilbert were released from treatment. Hilbert's group and Nate's group decided to go to the pokemon gym. They let Hilbert go first, since it was fair because he had been in the hospital. "Alright you must choose either one of us." Cilan, one of Striaton's gym leaders said. "Pick me! I'm stronger then any of these guys!" Chili said. "Hmmm, I do like challenges." Hilbert said to himself. "Pick me. I will give you a battle to be proud of." Cress said. "Actualy, I choose..."

A Battle to be Proud of

"I choose Cilan." Hilbert said. Cilan told he can only use one pokemon, and the annoucer would be Chili. "Alright, each side choose a pokemon. The gym leader may only use one pokemon. In addition, only the challenger may switch pokemon." Chili annouced. "And...Begin!" Chili yelled. "Go, Chimpchar!" Hilbert said throwing his pokeball. "Alright, Pansage lets go!" Cilan said throwing his pokeball aswell. "Chimpchar, use ember!" Hilbert said. "Pansage, protect!" Cilan said. Hilbert's move had no damage due to protect. "Chimpchar, use fire punch quick!" Hilbert commanded. Chimpchar ran quick to punch Pansage. "Pansage use leaf blade!" Cilan said to Pansage making it run to Chimpchar. Both of them hit each other, but Chimpchar had more damage done surprisingly. "Chimpchar, hang in there!" Hilbert said worried. "Uh oh. I hope he doesn't lose." Bianca and Hilda said. Gingka and Yu just stared at the battle in awe, while Kenta and Madoka paid no attention at all since they were playing games on Madoka's computer. Nate was bursting with excitment yelling he was getting pumped just watching. "Alright Pansage, finish this with solar beam!" Cilan said. Chimpchar quickly got up and glowed red. "What's happening?" they all said. "Oh, that is Chimpchar's ability, Blaze." Cress informed everyone. "Alright, it powers fire type moves, so use ember!" Hilbert told Chimpchar. Solar beam blasted at Chimpchar, but it had no effect. Chimpchar used ember and hit Pansage out of the battle and fainted. "Pansage is unable to battle, so the winner is Hilbert!" Chili annouced. "YAY!!!!" Hilda said making Hilbert turn around confused. "You seem more happy than I am ha ha." Hilbert said. They all congratulated him and then looked at Nate. "Its my turn next." Nate said with determination. "I choose Cress for my battle." Nate said pointing and Cress. "We will have a tag team battle here, so choose your partner, Nate." Cress said. "Hmmm, I choose Cheren." Nate said. They both got ready and saw Chili was Cress's partner. "Alright, ready?" Cilan asked

The Fateful Tag Team Battle

They got their pokemon ready for battle. "Alright. The match is a tag team battle. Each trainer may use one pokemon each. And...begin!" Cilan said. "Alright, Servine lets go!" Nate said throwing his pokeball into battle. "Woah, he has a Servine." Hilda said. "Alright, Patrat, lets go!" Cheren said. "Go, Pansear!" Chili yelled. "Go, Panpour!" Cress said. They all started the match. "Gooo NATE!" Rosa and Madoka yelled. "Gooo CHEREN!" Bianca, Hilda, and Gingka said. Yu and Kenta weren't cheering for either side, but just watching. Hilbert didn't say a word at all. "Servine, use leaf storm!" Nate said. "Patrat use bite!" Cheren said. "Panser, flamethrower!" Chili commanded. "Panpour, bubble beam!" Cress said. All the moves hit together making a explosian. In the smoke, Servine and Patrat came jumping in and attacking Panpour and Pansear. "Use tackle!" Cheren said. "Use quick attack" Nate commanded. They both attacked Panpour and Pansear while they were weak and beat them. "And the wiiners are, Nate and Cheren!" Cilan annouced. They all shook hands and all said good game. Hilda, Rosa, and Bianca and walked up to the gym leaders. "We would like a triple battle!" they all said with determination. They accepted and said tomorrow they would begin the match. Gingka, Yu, and Kenta left for the bey gym to train, while Nate, Hilbert, and Cheren went to train their pokemon. The girls decided to do research on the triplets, to find out their weaknesses.

Triple Threat

They were finished with research and were walking to the gym. "I wonder if we can impress Hilbert and the guys." Hilda said. They all stared at Hilda surprised. "Do you like him?" Bianca asked. Hilda quickly walked faster but was followed by Rosa. "Come on you can tell us anything." Rosa said begging for an answer. Hilda wasn't paying attention to where she was walking and bumped into Hilbert and fell. Hilbert turned around and grbaed Hilda's hand so she wouldn't trip. "Wow, you ok?" Hilbert said helping Hilda. "Uh, yeah I'm uh fine." she said nervously. Hilbert didn't know why she was nervous but decided to walk with them. Hilda was still holding onto Hilbert's hand with everyone staring at the two. "Looks like we got love birds!" Gingka joked laughing. "Not funny!" Hilda said getting ready to destroy Gingka. Hilbert quicky grabed her arm and told her to not do it. They then walked to the gym where Kenta and Yu were playing with Nate's pokemon. "They are so childish." Bianca and Rosa said. Hilbert walked to his seat next to Madoka while she was on her computer. "Do you ever get off of that?" Hilbert asked. "No, not really." Madoka answered. They all went to their sits and watched the battle. The battle began and they drew their pokemon. "Go, Lillipup!" Bianca said. "Go, Tepig!" Hilda said. "Go, Patrat!" Rosa. The gym leaders threw their pokemon into battle. They battled for a while until the gym leaders were almost defeated. The trio defeated the gym leaders and won the battle. (I know it was a short battle) "We won!" Bianca yelled happily. "Yep, that was fun." Hilda said. They walked off and the guys congratulated them. Hilda told them that they heard reports of more Team Plasma sightings and they needed to split up into pairs. "I will pair up with Hilbert." Hilda said. "I will go with my brother." Rosa said. "I will go with Cheren." Bianca said. Gingka went with Yu, and Kenta went with Madoka. They split up and went to continue their journey.

Plasma Thiefs

Hilbert and Hilda decided to leave before the others to get a head start. They packed their bags and were off. "So, Hilda, I hear every one of you guys got a bey. Could I see your's?" Hilbert asked looking at Hilda. "Sure." she replied cheerfully as she gave him her bey to examine. "It's name is White Dragon 2, I don't know who has the first one." Hilda said. Hilbert's eyes widened when he saw that her bey was the second version of his. "Um Hilda, I have White Dragon 1." Hilbert said handing Hilda his bey to look at. "Wow, so our beys are kinda linked, huh?" Hilda said. They accidently bumped into someone and they both tripped. "Huh? Who's there?" said the trainer looking around to see who bumped into him. He saw Hilda and Hilbert laying on the ground from triping, and he helped them up. " whats your name?" Hilbert and Hilda asked. "My name is John, what's your names?" John asked. "My name is Hilda, and this is my best friend, Hilbert." Hilda said introducing each other. "Nice to meet you two, where are you guys heading." he asked. "Were going to Nacrene City, how about you?" Hilbert said. "I'm going there two." John answered. They were walking and saw it was getting a little dark, so they set up camp. Hilda fell asleep on Hilbert's shoulder, and Hilbert fell asleep sitting up, to John's surprise. John went to go get some more fire wood when he saw Team Plasma stealing pokemon and beys. "Not this time!" John said running towards the thieves. John released his bey and it knocked the stolen beys and pokemon out of the grunt's hands. "Guess you want your pokemon stolen too, huh kid?" one of the grunts said. "No, not really, but what I do want is for you to beat it!" John said releasing his bey again. "Let it rip!" John said. "Go, Black Hawk!" John said. The grunts released their beys and battled John. "Now, Let it rip!" voices said. John turned around and saw Hilda and Hilbert helping him defeat the grunts. "Go, now!!!!" Hilda, Hilbert, and John yelled at once. The grunts' beys fell to the ground defeated making them run. "Ha, easy." John said grabing his bey. They all left to go back to camp and they saw Cheren and Bianca running towards Nacrene City, with Nate and Gingka not far behind. "Whats going on?' Hilbert asked. "There is chaos in Nacrene City and were going to stop it!" Cheren and Nate replied and continued running. "But where is Yu, Kenta, Madoka, and Rosa?" Hilda asked. "They already arrived before we did, and we haven't heard back from them." Gingka replied. John had already took off to the city before anyone could notice.

The Ultimate Battle Royal

The group ran as fast as they could to get to the city that was under attack. They saw pokemon trying to defend the city and bladers. It was once again Team Plasma trying to take over Unova. This time, N was with them, but he wasn't attacking. "We need to find Madoka and the others!" Gingka said. Hilbert had gone to find John but had no luck and returned to the group. "First, we need to stop this fighting." Cheren said. Before they could finish talking, two team Plasma grunts came falling from a building with their pokemon and beys defeated. They were surprised at the sight, but didn't know who beat them. They saw someone jump down and land beside the defeated grunts, it was John. "Pathetic." John said walking away to help other people fight back. Hilda and Hilbert went to find Rosa, while Gingka and Cheren went to find Madoka, and the rest either went to stop the fighting or find Yu and Kenta. They found their friends and were about to leave for safty until Plasma Admins came and stopped them. "Get outta our way!" Madoka said angrily. "Yeah, leave us alone!' Yu and Cheren said. "Unless you wanna get beaten." Hilbert added. Hilda looked at Hilbert surprised and his courage but then turned back to the admins. "I guess you do want to fight." Nate and Rosa said. The admins aimed their launchers and so did everyone else. "Let it rip!" all of them said. Hilbert and Hilda attacked 3 admins and battled them, while Yu, Kenta, and Madoka (she got a bey) battled 2. Rosa and Cheren were helping Gingka and Nate, while Bianca helped them all. "Go! Joint Special move!" all of them said, including John (who wasn't there for the begining of the battle). "Blader smash blast!' they all said naming their new join move. The move took out all of the admins, much to N's surprise while watching. "We did it!" Hilbert said to Hilda. They all were happy they had stopped the fighting and went to the pokemon center, which now fixed beys. They went out and saw Nacrene City's gym leader, Lenora. They asked her if they could challenge the gym, and she accepted. They all had a good night sleep and was ready for the next battle.

The Reading Gym!?

The group was all racing each other trying to battle ifrst. "I'm gonna win!" John said slightly out running the others. "No your not!" Gingka and Hilbert said bursting up speed. Nate actually tackled Cheren to get ahead, while Bianca pushed Rosa and Hilda behind her. They saw the gym and then all of them caught up with each other. All of them ran into the gym altogether. "I win!" John braged. "No, I did!" Hilda yelled. "I was clearly first to get to this gym." Cheren said keeping his cool. (not that he has any) "No, I won by a mile wide!" Hilda said yelling at them all. They kept arguing until a man told them to stop. "Why should we listen to you?" Hilbert said annoyed. "Well, I'm a scientist at this museum and the gym leader's husbend." the man said. "Wait, do we have the wrong place?" Rosa and Yu asked. "Wait a second, where is Madoka and Kenta?" Bianca asked looking towards Gingka. "Not sure, but they are probably safe. Madoka is probably forcing Kenta to shop with her." Gingka added. Meanwhile.... "I wanted to go with Gingka and the others to watch the battles! But I am force to shop with you." Kenta said to Madoka giving her a death glare. Back to the Gym.....  They all decided to draw sticks, and John won. The man led them to a library, making them mad. "A library!" John and Cheren yelled. "I know right all of these books we can read all day!" Cheren said happily. John ignored him, and went towards the man. "You have to find which book unlocks a secret passage, so you better get looking." he said. They all got going and started looking. Hilda kept following Hilbert, making him confused. Nate and Cheren where looking hard. Gingka and Yu looked through the big books to see if anything happened. "He guys! I found something." Rosa said. They all walked towards her and looked at the book. Nate pulled it and it opened a secret passage. "That" Hilbert said. They walked down the stairs and saw Lenora, the gym leader. "Lenora, we have a new challenger." the man said turning towards John. "Its one on one as usual." the annoucer said. "Go, Pignite!" John said throwing his pokemon into battle. "Go, Watchog!" Lenora said. "Use Flame Charge!" John said. "Watchog, Bite!" Lenora commanded. Hilbert fell asleep from boredom, with Hilda barely staying awake. Gingka and Yu were cheering on acting like the cared, but they didn't since they liked beyblade battles better. Cheren, Bianca, Cheren, Nate, and Rosa were actually cheering for him for real. "Now use Flamethrower!" John yelled. "Watchog, dodge it quick!" Lenora said nervously. Pignite's move had already hit and knocked Lenora's Watchog out of the battle and defeated it. Hilbert was next to battle, then Nate, then Hilda, then Rosa, then Nate, then Cheren, then Bianca. (lots of thens) They all congratulated John and left to rest. Before they left, John told them he was leaving for Castelia City to train and beat the gym alone. They let him go and wished him luck.

A long way to Castelia City.

The rest of the group beat Lenora and were packing to get to Castelia City, their next destination. "Bye guys." Cheren and Bianca said waving goodbye. "We will see you in Castelia City!" Nate and Rosa said leaving aswell. Hilbert and Hilda had already left, Gingka and his friends were staying in Nacrene City for one more night. "So, Hilda, what do you want to talk about or do while we are walking." Hilbert asked. "Nothing really. I'm just bored." Hilda replied. "You won't be bored once we get there." Hilbert said smiling at her making her feel a little better. "Are we there yet?" Bianca asked. "No, and in advance, NO!" Cheren said annoyed. "Ok..." Bianca said sad. "I wonder if the others got there yet." Nate wondered. "Yeah, it would be awkward if we were the last ones to arrive." Rosa said. Hilbert and Hilda stoped at a pokemon center and watched tv. "Uh, Hilda?" Hilbert said surprised. "Might wanna see this." Hilbert added. Hilda came and sat next to him and watched tv. It showed John in Castelia City in a bey tournament, but he wasn't the same. On the tv... "Arrghhh! Crush him to pieces Hawk!" John yelled. His bey released a dark force that consumed its opponent and won. "Ha ha ha!" John said evily as he fell to the ground out of energy. His opponent layed on the ground defeated. Back to Hilbert and Hilda... "Wow..." Hilda said surprised and scared. Hilbert then got ready to leave and back to traveling. "So, Nate, when do you think we will get there?" Rosa asked. "Dunno, but I hope soon." he replied. "Are we-" Bianca was cut of by an angry Cheren. "NO WE ARE NOT THERE NOW PLEASE BE QUIET!!!!" Cheren yelled in anger. Bianca said sorry and made Cheren feel guilty. "Ya were here!" Hilbert and Hilda said jumping for joy. "Man, we got here second." Nate said sadly. They all turned around and saw Cheren and Bianca, the last ones to get there. "And the last horse crosses the finish line." Rosa said turning towards Cheren and Bianca. They were talking about pokemon and the next gym when they saw a bey coming towards them and all ducked. "Man! Hey, who's the wise guy?" Hilda asked mad. They looked around and saw John and the bey that almost hit them in his hand. "Oh its just you." Cheren said relieved.

The Castelia Stampede

John saw they were startled by his bey, but didn't really care. John then walked away with two other people that they didn't know, making the rest of them curious. Hilbert saw Hilda had grabbed onto his arm and wouldn't let go, and Bianca did the same to Cheren, while Rosa sat next to Nate in awe. "That was weird." Hilbert said walking to a pokemon center. It was getting dark and none of them had anything to eat, so they ate dinner at the pokemon center. Hilbert, Hilda, and Cheren dived into the food and ate like pigs. "You guys sure look hungry." Bianca said sweatdropping. "When it comes to meeting people and stuff, I am polite, but when its time to eat, I am a whole different perso." Cheren stated. "Oops!" a girl said tripping on her shoe lace. She almost fell, but was caught by Nate. "You ok?" Nate asked helping her up. "" she said nervously. "Ok. So whats your name?" Nate asked. "Um..." she said. "Your acting like you don't know your own name." Nate said laughing a little. "Yancy." she said. "Pardon?" Hilbert said walking up next to Nate. "My name is Yancy." she said. "Nice to meet you." Nate said holding his hand out. "Nice to meet you too." Yancy replied shaking his hand. Hilda had made Hilbert shop with him, and Nate was getting to know Yancy, and Rosa and Bianca were talking about random things. Hilbert fell to the ground out of the mall in terror, acting like shopping with Hilda was the worst time of his life. "Come on! Shopping with me wasn't that bad." Hilda said. Hilbert got up and went to hang out with Yancy and Nate. "Hey guys." Hilbert said waving to them both. "Hey." Nate said waving back. Hilbert was about to speak again when three beys came towards them, followed by powerful pokemon. "Get outta the way!" a voice said. They looked over and saw John jumping in front of them trying to protect them. It was a stampede of beys and pokemon. John had been hit many time but waited for them to get out of harm's way. John had protected them long enough and he fell to the ground hurt by the stampede. Yancy, Nate, and Hilbert ran over to him and tried to help him. Hilda came rushing too them after she got the word and saw John unconsious on the ground. They brought him to the hospital but was cured easily since he only had a few injuries. "Wow, I thought he was hurt badly." Yancy and Nate said at the same time, making them look at each other surprised, but quickly turned away. They walked out of the hospital with John and made their way to a hotel to stay at until they found something to do.

A Day without Battling

Yancy had now been very close friends with Nate, even though they only knew each other for 3 days. "Thats gonna be torture!' Hilbert yelled at what Yancy and Nate suggested. "That would make my life flip upside down, even though its only for a day!" John and Cheren added. Hilda just stared in awe on what they told them what they needed to do for a day. 20 minutes earlier "Hilbert come on! We need to get to the shoe sale before it ends!" Hilda said grabbing Hilbert's hand and dragging him through the city. "Man why do you always want me to go everywhere with you?" Hilbert asked."Because your fun to be around." Hilda said grabbing his other hand and spinning them both around. Nate and Yancy were running to the shoe sale as well, but they were confused why Nate was in a rush for it. "Um, Nate? You know its a girl's shoe sale right?' Hilbert asked . "Yeah, but Yancy wants me to come and were running late." Nate said. "Same here." Hilbert mumbled. They all walked together and Yancy and Hilda got what they wanted. Hilda bought Hilbert a jacket, and bought a matching one for her. Yancy had gotten Nate a hat and got herself another hat that was like his. "Hilbert, Hilda, gather everyone in the hotel roo, Yancy and I have something to say." Nate said making Hilbert worried. They gathered everyone and sat down. "We think we should enjoy the real world without beys and pokemon." Yancy annouced. "WHAT!?!?" they all yelled. "Its just like Nate to agree with a girl he hardly knows." Rosa said mocking her older brother. They all decided to take this offer and try out something new. Yancy had grabbed ahold of Nate's hand and they walked together to a bakery. "I hate those two!" Hilbert and John yelled. Rosa and Hilda said the same thing they did, but were more annoyed. John had tagged along with Hilbert and Hilda, while Rosa went with Bianca and Cheren. Bianca had liked Cheren more and more ever since the started the journey, Cheren also felt the same. Hilda likes Hilbert, Yancy likes Nate, and Rosa and John don't like anyone, they are the loners of the group. "Come on Gingka I wanna see this new girl Nate told me about on the Xtransceiver!" Madoka whined to Gingka. "Listen if your carrying YOUR bags, its gonna take a while!" Gingka replied furious. Yu and Kenta just watched the two argue until they saw Nate with Yancy. "Hey look Gingka!" Kenta said pointing to Nate. "So thats the girl he told me about." Madoka said. Yu and Gingka didn't say anything and walked away to a ice cream shop nearby. "Hey Nate." Kenta said running towards Nate. "Hey little buddy." Nate said patting his head. "Oh hey Madoka." Nate said. "Hello." Madoka replied. Yancy introduced herself after they said hi. "My name is Yancy, its a pleasure to meet you two." Yancy said shaking their hands. They walked to the ice cream shop where Gingka and Yu were. "Uh oh. Its them, lets make like a banana and split!" Gingka said but was grabbed by Yu. "What about our banana splits?" Yu asked. (see what I did there) "Gingka, Yu, this is Yancy. She is Nate's new best friend." Madoka said pointing to the duo. "Hi." Yancy said waving. Hilda and Hilbert walked in the shop but quickly turned around to leave but were grabbed by John. "Don't leave me here with them!" John said to Hilbert and Hilda. Cheren and Bianca walked into the shop, followed by Rosa. "Hey guys." Cheren said to them all. "Wow, everyone is here." Gingka said. "Yep, we're all together again!" Bianca yelled in excitment. "While we are here, we should get some ice cream." Kenta said. They all got different types of ice cream and ate what Gingka liked to call Creamy Heavens. "So, what do we do now?" Madoka asked. "Don't know." Yancy replied. Nate left to go get some rest, so did Hilbert and Hilda. Yancy followed behind John, but not very close. She felt like he was hiding something, so she decided to follow him. All that John did was get to his room in a hotel, much to Yancy's disappointment, she wanted excitment. Gingka, Yu, Kenta, and Madoka rented a room in a hotel aswell. Rosa saw Yancy walking around at night, so she decided to walk with her. "Yancy, what are you doing up?" Rosa asked rubbing her eyes from sleepyness. "Just thinking." She replied. They both walked back to their rooms and got some rest, since their next gym battle awaited them the next day.

Surviving the Mall

Hilbert was being forced to shop with Hilda once again, missing out on Nate's gym battle. "So you told me we were going to the food court at 2:00, its 4:00." Hilbert said annoyed. She decided to let them watch the battle. "And the winner is Nate!" the annoucer said. "Man we just missed it!' Hilbert said. "Thats too bad." Hilda replied. Rosa, Nate, and John had already won their matches, and Hilbert won his before he went to the mall. Hilda had been given her badge from her friend, who didn't want it. "I don't do gym battles, but I like catching pokemon." Yancy said. Nate then suggested they would go to the mall to buy a few things before the leave. Yancy then grabbed Nate's hand and dragged him to the mall. "I know how he feels." Gingka, Cheren, and Hilbert said at once. Hilda then grabbed Hilbert's hand and dragged him to the mall like Yancy did. Rosa ran after them. Cheren and Bianca walked to a shop, but not the mall. "This is torture." Nate and Hilbert said. Yancy and Hilda only giggled and kept buying things they didn't need. Gingka and Kenta were in the game shop in the mall looking for any good games, while Madoka went to get something to eat. Nate and Hilbert tried hiding, but were easily caught. Yancy and Hilda grabbed them both and continued to drag the two through the mall. They met up with the rest and had lunch. "Only food can make me happy at this time." Hilbert said and starting eating. Everyone starting eating and finished. Hilbert and Hilda left for Nimbassa City, while Nate, Yancy, and Rosa already left. Gingka and his friends were going to another city, while Cheren and Bianca stayed for a night at the hotel in Castelia City, and as for John, he wasn't seen after they left.

The Power of Darkness

Nate, Yancy, and Rosa were already ahead of Hilda and Hilbert. "I wonder where John went.." Nate said curiously. "I'm sure he is fine." Rosa assured. Yancy saw three people talking up ahead of them, and one of them was John. "Hey John, where ya been?" Yancy asked. John glared at her meanly and she back behind Nate. "Dude, don't scare her!" Nate said defending Yancy. Rosa was getting ready to grab a pokeball but was stopped by John, who took it. "Its time you feel my strength." John said aiming his bey launcher. The two other people did the same, and so did Nate and the rest. "Let it rip!" they all said releasing their beys. Nate had smashed the two beys out of his way and was heading for John. John sared at his bey like it Narnia. Nate attacked his bey but had no effect. John had then attacked Yancy's bey and defeated it, and then defeated Rosa. It was Nate vs John and they both attacked head on with neither side backing down. Nate's bey was hit into a tree and was about to be defeated, when they heard two voices say let it rip, it was Hilbert and Hilda. Cheren and Bianca decided to leave and saw what happened, so they launched their beys too. Gingka and his friends didn't like the city they went too and helped the rest with John. John saw his bey getting beaten too pieces and thought to himself. "So thats it....I lose.." he thought. "No, I won't lose, I had to take the dark power and use it for my own, I WILL NOT LOSE!!!" he yelled. His bey released its dark power and smashed all of their beys. "Dark Move!" he said. "Did he just say?!" Gingka and Kenta said. "Dark Tornado Dome!" John said attacking them with his dark move. It made a huge explosian and knocked all of their beys out of the match. It defeated every one of them, revealing his true strength. Only the girls were still ok, because the rest protected them. Rosa went to help Yu and Kenta, Hilda went to help Hilbert, Yancy went to help Nate, Madoka went to help Gingka, and Bianca went to help Cheren. John started laughing like the joker. "Ha ha ha ha ha...." John laughed then fell to the ground out of power. The boys got up and saw John on the ground unconsious, and they knew he didn't have control of himself. They helped him up and then they began to travel together to keep each other safe.

Battle of the Dark Powers

They were walking to Nimbasa City together and saw that John wasn't talking or acting like himself, but no one wanted to ask him what was wrong. Yancy and Nate kept a close eye on him so he wouldn't rampage again. Gingka, Madoka, Kenta, and Yu remembered what happened to Ryuga and Tsubassa, and how they went on a rampage of darkness like John. "Everyone is so quiet..." Cheren said breaking the silence. "Yea, its annoying." Bianca said. Rosa walked over to Nate and Yancy and began to help them watch John. They kept walking until they saw bladers on the ground with their beys defeated. "What happened!?" Hilda said to one of them. "He...he was too....strong..." one of the boys said. They quickly looked at John who was looking for something. Hilbert then grabbed John's shoulder and punched his stomach non stop. "No don't hurt him!" a girl said running towards Hilbert and pushing him away. "Why should I not? He was the only one who could of done this. And by the way, who are you?" Hilbert asked. "My name is Sarah." she answered. John turned to her and spoke. "What are you doing here?" John asked still holding his stomach from the hits. "I wanted to see you again." she smiled. John turned away annoyed and walked off. "Hm...weird" Yancy said. Tusbassa came running towards them. "What your here?' Madoka asked surprised. "Just for a short time, I have to get John before its too late!" Tusbassa said and continued running. Hilbert ran after them, so did Cheren and Nate. The rest stayed at helped the bladers that were defeated. Hilbert caught up with them, followed by Cheren and Nate, and saw John and Sarah attempting to challenge Tusbassa to a double team battle. "But I have no partner!" he yelled. Cheren ran beside him and told him he would be his partner. Nate and Hilbert watched the battle to see what happened. "Let it rip!" they all said releasing their beys. "Go, Eagle!" Tusbassa said. "Go, Blue Dragon!" Cheren yelled. "Go, Hawk!" John said. "Go, Purple Dragon!" Sarah said. Cheren, Nate, and Hilbert's eyes widened when they heard she had one of the dragon beys. "Wait why are you surprised, Nate?" Hilbert said looking at him confused. "I have this bey." Nate said pulling out his bey, it was Yellow Dragon. "Everyone we know has one huh?" Hilda said walking to them. "I guess so." Hilbert replied. They heard a loud explosian and ran to the battle and saw Tusbassa and Cheren on the ground defeated, with Sarah and John the victors. "Pathetic." Sarah said. "She is just like him." Nate said.

Nimbasa City

"What in the world happened!?" Bianca and Madoka said running to help the two defeated bladers. "Sarah and John beat them badly." Hilbert answered. Hilda was acting scared only so she could hold Hilbert's hand. "I know your tricking me Hilda." Hilbert said looking at her. She tried not to make eye contact and walked away with him. "Good thing Nimbasa City is near here, we could heal our pokemon and fix our beys." Rosa said. Yancy nodded. They walked the rest of the way and made it to Nimbasa City. "Yes we made it!" Hilda said dragging Hilbert to yet another mall. "Aw man this mall is bigger, so more time I have to be misrable." Hilbert said as he was being dragged. Yancy grabbed Nate's arm and went to the mall like Hilbert and Hilda did. "Hey, Cheren, wanna go sight seeing?" Bianca asked. 'Sure, why not." Cheren agreed and walked with her around the city. "Gingka, Kenta, lets go see this city's bey gym!" Yu said with excitment. "Yeah lets go." Kenta said. They went to go battle, and Rosa was alone. John and Sarah arrived at the city and quickly went to the beyblade gym, then they went to the pokemon battle subway. Rosa sat on a park bench alone. Her brother was with Yancy, Hilda was with Hilbert, Madoka was with the others, Bianca was with Cheren, and she was with no one. "You seem sad." a voice said. Rosa quickly sat up and looked around. "Who said that?" she asked. A man walked out from the route they were just at and sat beside her. "I said that." he said. "Oh well I kinda am." she replied. "My name is Curtis." he said smiling and putting his hand out. She shoke his hand and they started talking. "That was fun!" Hilda and Yancy said. Hilbert and Nate came out of the mall tired like they have battled all day. "That was terrible as usual!" Nate said. "No kidding." Hilbert said. John and Sarah came out of the battle subway and met up with the others. Tsubasa came to the city to join their travelling group. "Man, our group is packed." Hilda said surprised. Curtis intorduced himself to everyone but Yancy, since she was his sister. They all saw that the ferris wheel was the one place they didn't go to, and they went. It was two people per ride, so Hilda went with Hilbert, Cheren went with Bianca, Rosa went with Curtis, Yancy went with Nate, John went with Sarah, and Tusbasa and the others waited since they didn't want to go. The ride ended and they got off. "We should challenge the pokemon gym tomorrow." Cheren said. They all agreed, and went to a hotel to sleep.

The Electric Gym of Wonder

Cheren, Nate, Rosa, and Bianca battled and won against Elesa, while Hilbert, Curtis, Hilda, and Yancy were still asleep. Hilda knew they were late and quickly ran towards Hilbert. She patted him on the shoulder and whispered for him to wake up. "Ugh five more minutes." Hibert said putting is pillow on his face. Hilda jumped onto his bed and punched him. "Alright alright i'm up!" Hilbert said trying to get away. Hilda finally left and got ready for her battle. Yancy and Curtis woke up and searched for Rosa and Nate so they could see them. John and Sarah a=had already beaten the gym aswell and left for the next city. Hilbert and Hilda arrived at the gym and saw there was no entrance and only a cart was there. "Are we supposed to ride this?" Hilda asked. "Let me think.." Hilbert said. He finally nodded and they got in. The cart then started moving and they found out it was a roller coaster, a fast one. Hilda grabbed Hilbert's arm and didn't let go since she was scared as ever. The ride stoped and they got off. Elesa was standing on a stage ready for their battle. She said she would battle them both and they accepted. "Go, Chimpchar!' Hilbert said. "Go, Tepig!" Hilda said. "Go, Zebstrika!" Elesa said. "Use Headbutt!" Hilbert commanded. "Use flame charge!" Hilda said. "Zebstrika, electro ball!" Elesa yelled. The moves hit together creating a explosian. Hilbert commanded Chimpchar to use ember. Tepig used tackle, and Zebstrika was defeated. "Alright, go Emolga!" Elesa said throwing in her last pokemon ( I know she has more, but I dont want to make this very long) Emolga used thrunderblot knocking Hilda and Tepig out of the battle defeated. Hilbert ran towards her and she and her Tepig were hurt badly. "You!" Hilbert said with anger. He started glowing with power and released it to Chimpchar. Chimpchar started to change form, it was evolving. It evolved into Monferno. "Use flamethrower!!!" Hilbert yelled furiously. It attacked and defeated Emolga. Elesa gave them theyr badges and they left. Hilda had recovered fast and the group headed to the next destination of their adventure.

Nimbasa Beyblade Tournament: Round 1

Gingka had informed everyone there was a bey tournament about to go on, and he wanted them to enter and compete. They agreed, but were worried about John and Sarah who had returned to the city to enter. "I was so freaked out at Sarah and John's power." Cheren said. Flashback....  "Go Purple Dragon!" Sarah said getting a burst of power. "Finish them off, there is no need for me to battle." John said. Sarah nodded and attacked Cheren and Tsubassa. Purple Dragon knocked Tsubassa out and was toying around with Cheren and his bey. "No no stop it the battle is over!" Cheren yelled. Sarah simply laughed and unleashed a dark power. "Dark Move!" Sarah said. "Did you just say?!" Cheren said surprised as ever. "Purple Dragon Blast Shock!" Sarah finished. The move knocked Cheren and Blue Dragon out. Back to the Present... "So that was the explosian." Hilbert said. Cheren shivered in fear of the memory and tried to forget it. They walked to the sign up sheet and signed their names in. They saw John and Sarah's names were at the top, making them nervous. "Don't worry guys! We can beat 'em!" Nate yelled with his fist in the air. The girls didn't battle, because they were afraid they would battle John at some point. Kenta and Yu stayed out, while Gingka and Tsubassa decided to enter. "Alright pay attention to the big screen, it will show the first round match ups!" the annoucer said pointing to the screen. It showed Cheren vs Nate, Gingka vs Sarah, Hilbert vs Jason, their old enemy, and John vs Tsubassa.

Cheren's Battle

"Go Blue Dragon!" Cheren yelled. "Stand your ground, Yellow Dragon!" Nate commanded. The two beys hit together making many explosians. "Alright, Offensive Mode!" Nate yelled. They were surprised he could change modes, and kept watching. "Rapid attack him, Yellow Dragon!" Nate said pumped up. Cheren standed there watching his movement and tried to think of the right time. "Is he waiting for something?" Gingka asked. "I have no idea." Hilbert replied. "Ok lets do this, Blue Dragon!" Cheren said unleashing his Dragon. It went crashing into Yellow Dragon and the two clashed in fury. "Alright this is really intense!" Yu said in the stands. "Calm down Yu. We don't wanna disturb the other spectators." Kenta said. Madoka scanned Nate's bey and looked at his data. "It can change from 3 modes. First Mode, Normal, second mode, Defense, third mode, is offense." Madoka said. "Special Move!" Cheren and Nate said at the same time. It caught everyone in the arena's attention. "Blue Dragon Fury attack!" Cheren yelled. "Yellow Dragon Storm Cyclone!" Nate said. The moves hit together creating a explosian. The winner was revealed to be Nate. Cheren's bey was stuck in the stadium floor and Cheren congratulated Nate on his victory.

Gingka's Battle

"I am so ready for this battle!" Gingka said jumping around in excitment. "Ok Gingka, calm down." Hilda said. He quickly calmed down, because he knew Hilda would punch him. "I thought so." Hilda said walking to her seat. "Wow." Cheren said. "I know right." Hilbert replied. "Gingka, remember Sarah's power. Her dark move could take you out in one shot, so be careful!" Kenta said. Yu went to his seat followed by Madoka and Kenta. "May the bladers please come to the stadium." the annoucer said. Gingka walked to the entrance. "Here goes nothing." Gingka said to himself and walked into the stadium. Hilbert, Tsubassa, Cheren, and Nate got into a front row seat to watch Gingka go against Sarah. "So your the great and powerful Gingka huh?" Sarah taunted. Gingka growled and aimed his launcher. "3....2....1!" they said. "Let it rip!" Sarah and Gingka said. Gingka's bey was quickly hit with a mighty blow and almost knocked him out. "Dark Move!" Sarah said. "What?! Already!" Hilbert and Cheren said jumping out of their seats. Her move hit Gingka and knocked him out of the match. "Can't take a hit huh?" Sarah said laughing evily. She walked away leaving Gingka hurt. Hilbert and Cheren jumped off the stands and ran towards Gingka. Hilbert looked over at John who was watching them. "I will beat you." Hilbert said

Hilbert's Battle

Hilbert was walking in circles due to being unpatient. "Don't worry, Hilbert. Just defeat Jason like you did before." Cheren said trying to calm him down. Jason was doing the same thing Hilbert was. "May the bladers please go to the stadium." the annoucer said. "Alright lets do this!" Hilbert said running out. Jason was running to the stadium ready for battle. "Lets battle with all of our power, Jason!" Hilbert said. "You got it!" Jason replied They aimed their beys and the second to the final match of the first round was about to begin. "3...2...1!" they said. "Let it rip!" Jason and Hilbert said. Both beys hit each other and battled more fiercly then any other of the battles. "Go hard, White Dragon!" Hilbert yelled. "Destroy him, Wolf!" Jason commanded. Both beys clashed together pushing each other back. "They are really true rivals." Cheren said. "He was the only one to defeat him in the last tournament." Madoka added. "Alright, send him flying Wolf!" Jason said. "Block his attack!" Hilbert said. Wolf hit White Dragon but had no effect due to its defense. In the stands, John was watching the battle and wasn't impressed. "He still doesn't know about his dark power huh?" John asked himself. Hilbert got a burst of power and crashed into Wolf almost knocking it out of the stadium. Hilbert felt a pain in his chest and fell on his knees. Jason kept attcking until he knocked Hilbert's bey out, but he couldn't. "No I won't lose!!!" Hilbert yelled releasing his dark power. "Dang does everyone have the dark power!?" Gingka asked. White Dragon destroyed the staium and knocked Jason's bey out of the match. Hilbert recalled his bey and walked away. He turned back to normal and fell to the ground.

Tsubassa's Battle

"Were cheering for ya Tusbassa!" Gingka said. Hilbert walked in with his hands wraped in cloth from his battle. "You feeling better dude?" Nate said. "Yeah I'm fine." Hilbert replied.  Hilda walked in the room and hugged Hilbert and was glad he was ok. "Well we better get rolling, the match is about to start." Bianca and Yancy said. The group walked to the stands and waited for Tsubassa and John to go to the arena. Tsubassa got to his side of the stadium and John walked to his side. "I will beat you before anyone can battle you!" Tsubassa said with determination. "Sure you will." John said aiming his launcher. "Because of your determination, I will defeat you with my special move!" John said. "No Eagle run for it." Tsubassa commanded. "Special move! Dark Hawk air stirke!" John commanded. It cam crashing down and hit Tsubassa's bey and won the match. "Ha ha ha!" John laughed evily and walked off. "Don't worry, if any of us get matched up with him we must promise to beat him, got it guys?" Hilbert asked. "Got it." they replied

Nimbasa Beyblade Tournament: Round 2 (semi finals)

They all sat impatiently waiting for the round 2 match ups to be annouced. "I wonder if I will get matched up with John." Nate said. All of their friends have lost their matches and it was only Hilbert and Nate that were still in of people the knew. "May everyone pay attention to the big screen." the annoucer said. "Yes!" Hilbert said jumping up and sprinting to the big screen. It was Hilbert vs Sarah, Nate vs John, and the annoucer said the other bladers were mysteriously injured, and it was set to the semi finals. 

Hilbert's Battle

"Get ready for a beat down, Hilbert!" Sarah taunted. "Save it, Sarah!" Hilbert replied. "We have a match going on, and it isn't with beys!" the annoucer said. "Let it rip!" Sarah and Hilbert said. "Go hard, Purple Dragon." Sarah screamed. "Lets go, White Dragon!" Hilbert yelled. Both beys hit together making explosians and sparks. 'Dark Move!" Sarah said. "Speical Move!" Hilbert said. "White Dragon Dark Sword!" Hilbert said. It already hit Sarah's bey before she could summon her move. "Ugh, yur gonna pay for that!" Sarah said furious. She rampaged towards Hilbert and attacked him rapidly. "Stay strong, White Dragon!" Hilbert said worried. White Dragon then went from the hunted to the hunter and attacked Purple Dragon. "Ha, a turn around match!" Hilbert said. Sarah growled and attacked head on at White Dragon, so did Hilbert. Both beys clashed together making both fly into the air. Both crashed into the stadium floor and smoke kept them from revealing the winner. The smoke cleared, and Sarah lost. "No!" Sarah said in anger. She turned towards John who was watching the whole thing, and he shook his head in displeasure. Sarah grabbed her bey and ran off. while Hilbert was still as a statue. "Hilbert you ok?" Bianca asked. Yancy and Nate came walking up to him. "Yeah I'm good!" Hilbert said with a thumbs up.

Nate's Battle

Nate was practicing as much as he could since he was facing John, the person who defeats anyone in his way. "I am gonna beat his winning streak! Just you watch." Nate told everyone. "Good luck." Curtis said. "You haven't really been talking for a while huh Curtis." Rosa said. "Nope." he replied. Hilda was buying popcorn and drinks for everyone and the went to their seats. Hilbert and Bianca were trying to figure out what John's battle style was, but had no luck, and went to their seats. Nate walked out of the training room and to the arena. "You ready to be beaten like everyone else?" John taunted. Nate ignored him and aimed his launcher. "He hd changed, its probably the dark power's doing." Tsubassa said. Gingka and Madoka nodded. "Let it rip!" John and Nate said. "This battle will be over quickly, do whatever you want Hawk." John said. Nate called his special move and hit Hawk rapidly, but no effect. Hawk went and hit his bey and knocked it into the stadium floor and it was stuck. "Uh oh." Nate said. John laughed and unleashed his dark power. It turned his Black Hawk into Dark Hawk and it attacked Yellow Dragon non stop. "No no! Stop this!" Nate said falling to his knees. His bey was getting hit into pieces and all he could do was watch. "You pathetic like the others!" John taunted and evil laughed, and continued to torture Nate's bey. "Let it rip!" someone said. A third bey landed in the stadium and it was Yancy's. "Um thats not allowed please exit the arena young lady." the annoucer said. "No thanks." she replied. Nate and Yancy attacked John together but didn't do a thing. John started glowing with dark power and started going nuts. "Stop this! I don't need you controlling me!!!" John yelled. He fell to the ground unconsious and his bey finished off the others. Their beys flew into a stadium out. John won and didn't know it. He woke up and he was back to normal, and he wasn't mean to anyone.

Nimbasa City Beyblade Tournament: Finals

John was walking to Hilbert and the rest to tell them why he was acting strange. "Oh here comes the merciless being." Hilda said giving John a death glare. "It wasn't me doing those horrible things, the dark power took control and I didn't have control over myself." John explained. "Oh, ok." Cheren said. Hilbert told him he was forgiven. The rest walked to the stands and watched the battle. "Ready? 3..2...1!" the annoucer said. "Let it rip!" Hilbert and John said. Sarah said she was controlled too and they forgave her and she watched the battle with them. "Go White Dragon!" Hilbert yelled. "Beat him, Black Hawk!" John commanded. Both beys clashed head on not backing down. Explosians filled the arena breaking parts of it. John and Hilbert continued to fight until they were out of breath. Hilbert saw a opening and blasted through uit. It knocked Hawk into a broken part of the stadium and made it stuck. "Finish this off, White Dragon!" Hilbert yelled. John watched the bey come towards hi ready to finish him but he didn't give up. "Spin faster and faster Hawk!" John said. Hilbert's bey bounced away from Hawk from the air surrounding it. Hawk then flew high into the sky and didn't come down after a few seconds. It came crashing down in fire and hit the stadium blasting in into pieces. Hilbert fell to the ground of the force and lost the match. John yelled in power and his bey was no longer what it looked like before. "Meet my new bey!" John said recalling it. He pointed it towards Nate and the group's direction revealing the new bey. "This is Magma Prime." John annouced. Hilbert got up and grabbed his bey and walked towards John. They shook hands and put the fists in the air. Everyone clapped and cheered for the exciting battle. 1 hour later.... "Guess its time to head back on the road." Yancy said. Bianca nodded. Cheren and Bianca left first, then Rosa and Curtis, then Sarah and John, then Hilbert and Hilda. "Hey wait for us!" Gingka said. Tsubassa laughed at how Gingka was so childish and ran after him. Kenta, Yu, and Madoka sweatdropped and ran to them aswell.

Travelling Dangers

Gingka and Cheren were getting hungry and didn't know what to do. "Hey could we get some food?" Gingka asked. "Sure we could get some berries." Bianca said. "Fine with me!" Cheren said. They ate the berries anc contiued walking. "Hey Hilbert when do you-" she was cut off by a sudden explosian in front of here causing her to be thrown onto Hilbert. "Holy cow what was that?" John said. "I have no idea." Curtis replied. "Should we look and see what caused it?" Hilda asked. "Sure, but could you get off me first?" Hilbert asked. Hilda realized she was still on top of him and got off trying to hide her blush. "We should probably set up camp now. Its getting dark." Yancy said. "I agree." Roa replied. Sarah helped set up the tents while Tsubassa and John got fire wood. Bianca and Hilda started talking about the most randomest things. "Cheren, could you get me some water from the lake over there?" Bianca asked. "Sure." he replied walking off. Hilbert fell asleep and Hilda pretended to sleep beside him. "She tries so hard." Yancy said. "She tries TOO hard." Rosa corrected. John and Tsubassa arrived wth the wood and put a fire on to keep them all warm. Sarah fell asleep, and Kenta went to his tent and slept, so did Madoka and Yu. Gingka and John were sitting bored as ever. A small noise was coming from the forrest making them suspicous or creeped out. "Do you guys here that?" John asked quietly. They all noded and got their pokemon ready or their beys. They walked slowly to the knows and Hilda woke up and helped them. "Eh its just a cliff.....A CLIFF?!" Gingka yelled. It caused the cliff to give out and John and the rest jumped out of the way before it fell down. Hilda was still on it and was falling. She saw her life flashing before her eyes as she fell slowly to her death. Just when she thought it was over, someone jumped off the cliff and pushed her back onto the ground. She looked down and it was now Hilbert falling. Hilda started to cry and saw the rest of them running to her. Hilbert wasn't in sight anymore and they walked away sad. "It should of been me.." Hilda said quietly. "But it was me." a voice said. They turned around and Hilbert was standing there. Hilda ran up to him and pushed him to the ground with a hug. "Your on me again." Hilbert said. Hilda didn't let go. "Once again she is trying to hard."  Yancy said.

Driftveil City

Rosa jumped for joy when she saw Driftveil City ahead of them. Curtis laughed and walked beside her. "Another step on our journey." Nate said. Hilbert looked at him and nodded. Hilda pointed to a mall and Hilbert's eyes widened and ran off. "Ok Bianca, Sarah, Madoka, wanna go on a shopping spree?" Hilda asked. They all nodded and ran off. "They forgot the reason were here!" John said laughing. Gingka asked if they wanted to go train their beys in the training room in the city, and they said yes. John was left alone, and he walked off to a strange house a few meters away from the pokemon gym. "Hm, weird..." he told himself. He heard voices coming from deeper into the house, but he didn't want to get involved and walked off. He saw Hilbert running away from something, but he didn't know what. "Hey Hilbert you ok?" John asked. "Heck no! Look there!" Hilbert said pointing to behind John. He turned around and almost jumped out of his skin, it was a group of rampaging Tyranitars. They all stopped infront of John. "Uh hehe..." John said nervously, scratching behind his head. The Tyranitars then ran towards him making him run with Hilbert. "Hilbert what did you do?!" John yelled. "I have no idea, they just started chasing me." he replied. Hilda and the rest walked out of the mall with tons of bags and saw the two running. "Oh what did they do this time?" Rosa said. Hilda simply ran to their location and tried to help. John and Hilbert were cornered in an ally but were saved by Hilda and Nate. "Put all your power into an ember attack!" Hilda commanded. "Servine, Leaf Storm!" Nate yelled. The moves hit the Tyranitars and made all but one run off. The Tyranitar didn't leave or attack any of them, and followed John. "When will this thing stop following me?" John asked. They all didn't know and kept walking. "Ugh its my only choice." John told himself grabbing and empty pokeball out of his bag. He then threw at Tyranitar and caught it. "Ok now he may come." John assured. Gingka and the rest came out of the training room. "Did we miss anything?" Tsubassa asked. "Uh nothing." Curtis said. Yancy broke out laughing and so did the rest, leaving Gingka and the other bladers confused.

The Underground Gym Battle

John ran out of the Gym and won his badge. "Yes, I got it!" Nate said running beside him. "We got another gym badge!" Cheren said running out. They grabbed their new badge and held it in the air. "One step closer to the Unova League!" they yelled together. Hilbert, Hilda, and Rosa were watching them from behind a bush in anger. "We didn't get one because we were late." Hilbert said mad. Rosa and Hilda nodded and walked to the gym. They saw the gym leader standing waiting for more challenges. "Hi mister." Hilda said smiling. He waved to the trio and started talking. "So yer some new challengers, aye?" the gym leader, Clay said. "Yer?" Hilbert said in a question type of tone. He ignored the question and they nodded. "Well I am kinda busy so lets have a triple battle!" Clay said. They agreed and got ready. "Go, Monferno!" Hilbert said throwing his pokemon. "Go, Pignite!" Hilda said. Hilbert and Rosa were surprised she evolved it, but kept their attention on the battle. "Go, Pignite!" Rosa said. "Wow two Pignites." Clay said surprised. He threw his pokemon into battle and the fight began. "Use Flamethrower!" Hilbert commanded. "Use Flame Charge!" Hilda and Rosa said together. All their hits hit one of Clay's pokemon and defeated it. "Wow, that easy?" Hilbert thought. "Use Flame Punch!" Hilbert commanded knocking out another one of Clay's pokemon. Hilda and Rosa got ready to attack the next pokemon but were stopped by Hilbert telling them he wanted to finish it. They stepped aside and let him fight. "Use Fire Punch rapidly!" Hilbert said. Clay's pokemon had attacked his making an explosian. Hilbert one the battle for the three and left the gym. "Yes we won!" they said. They caught up with the others and walked to a ice cream shop to celebrate. "Have you noticed we always go here to celebrate?" Gingka asked. They all nodded and walked in.


They started eating their ice cream and left to train. "My pokemon are worn out, so how about we head to the bey training?" Hildert said. They nodded and walked to the training room. "Let it rip!" Hilbert and Yu said beginning the battle. "Go Pegasus!" Gingka yelled. "Meet his attack Blue Dragon!" Cheren commanded. "Go White Dragon!" Hilbert said. "Go Purple Dragon!" Sarah said. "Go Magma Prime!" John said. All of their beys hit each other and tried to win. Tsubassa decided to battle so he joined. "Go Eagle!" all beys hit each other non stop, none of them backing down. "Magma Prime, Flare mode!" John commanded. Its fusion wheel switched parts and turned to its mode. "John is too strong, lets get him out first!" Gingka said. They all attacked him making John worried about losing. "No no I can't...I WON'T LOSE!" John thought. John yelled out in pain as if he is being attacked and summoned his dark power. "Beat them all, no mercy!" John yelled. They all yelled from being scared and tried to run away but their beys were already beaten or being attacked. "Let it rip!" Hilbert said from behind him. His White Dragon smashed all the beys infront of him and his bey stopped in front of Magma Prime. "Its just you and me!" Hilbert stated. John smiled evily and began to make his way towards his new target.

An end of a Fierce Struggle

Both beys clashed together like their was no tomorrow. "Go White Dragon!" Hilbert commanded. His bey spinned faster as it went towards Prime for another hit. "Dark Move!" John said. He summoned his move and it made its way towards Dragon. Just when both beys were gonna hit, another bey flew in. It was Madoka. "Stay out of the way!" they both said. Hilbert went towards Madoka when John watched him. Hilbert realized what he was about to do and quickly commanded his bey to turn around. "You know you want to show the darkness in your heart Hilbert!" John said in a deep, dark voice. Hilbert's heart pounded and he fell on his knees holding his chest. "No stop it! Stop my pain!" Hilbert yelled. Hilda tried to not watch but she was frozen in fear on what was happening. Hilbert got up slowly and released his dark power. Hilbert yelled and went towards John. Both beys hit each other with their dark powers, trying to knock the other down. "Go!!!" both yelled hitting each other. Hilbert let his guard down and was attacked and he and his bey were knocked out of the stadium. Hilbert was still standing, but then slowly fell on one of his knees. John's dark power released him and turned him back to normal again. He was surprised since he was now free, and Hilbert was too. They both gave each other a thumbs up and walked back to the group and saw a couple of other bladers beating all of their opponents. "Wow they look strong." Hilda said. The bladers walked up to them and told them to get ready to battle.

The New Bladers

"It's a two on two battle, got it?" one if the bladders said. John and Yu nodded. Everyone was surprised to see John let Yu be his partner. "3....2....1!" They all said. "Let it rip!" They said launching their beys. Libra went after the blue bey, and John went for the black one. John attacked and attacked until the bye start slowing down. Yu used sonic wave and sand filled the stadium. John growled at Yu since it made his bey slow too. "Special move!" John said. Before he could finish, his bey was almost knocked out of the stadium. John tried to stay calm and not let his anger take control, but he failed and went on a rampage. "Destroy them all!!!" He yelled smashing Yu and his opponents beys. They all yelled in horror as their beys were being riled apart. John laughed Emily and continued to destroy their beys. Yu tried to stop him but he and his bey were blown away and defeated. The two bladders attacked at the same time but couldn't beat his strength and power. "Nothing can beat me!" John yelled letting out another evil laugh. Both of his opponents were knocked into the wall and defeated. John continued to laugh until he was blown out of his trance and looked at the new opponent. It was Gingka standing there alongside Tsubasa. Both of them launched their beys and were defeated in a flash. John came out of the darkness's control and saw his bey spinning with darkness. "Wha..what?" John said. He recalled his bey and out it in his bag. He looked at all the bladders defeated. He fell to his knees and stared at his bey in his hand. "You alright, Tyson?" One of the bladders asked. He nodded and got up. "That's some strength you got there!" The two bladders said. They held their hands out to them and introduced themselves. "I'm Tyson." One of them said. "I'm Ray." The other said. They shook their hands and they walked out of the training room together.

Learning the Strengths

John began travelling with Tyson and his friends and left the others after he got packed. "Alright time to hit the road again guys." Hilbert said swinging his bag onto his shoulder. They all nodded and started walking away. Hilda got bored of the silence and started yelling out random things. Cheren, Hilbert, and Curtis sweatdropped while the others laughed. "Hey Gingka wanna battle?" Yu said running around Gingka. "Sorry buddy, I have to help set up camp with Hilbert and Nate." Gingka said walking off. Yu sighed and ran to Madoka and Hilda. "Wanna battle guys?" Yu asked hoping for a yes. Hilda shook her head and went to get water from a nearby lake. "Sorry I have to fix up the other's beys, you remember what happend in the final rounds of the tournament." Madoka said grabbing her tools and beginning to fix the beys. Yu knew he wouldn't get a yes and sat on a stump in a forrest. "You ok?" Kenta asked walking to him. "No one will battle me." Yu said sadly. "I would battle you right now if my bey wasn't destroyed from the last battle I had." Kenta said. "I can help you." a voice said. Yu and Kenta looked around confused and saw a man leaning against a tree. "And how can you help us Mr?" Kenta asked. Yu waited for an answer and the man finally spoke. "I can get your beys fixed and train you." he said. "Oh cool could we do it right now?!" Yu asked excited. The man nodded and walked to a field clear of trees. "Now let me see you battle first." he said. "Sorry but we don't have a stadium." Kenta said. "No need to worry. Let it rip!" the man said launching his bey and creating a crater and made a stadium out of it. "There ya go." he said recalling his bey. Pokemon around the area gathered around the bladers and watched them train. "Lillipup!" a Lillpup said running closer to the battle. "Let it rip!" Yu and Kenta said beginning their training. "Now, since its both stamina vs stamina, you might want to wait before you make any moves and watch your opponent's moves." the man said. They did as they were told and then began to battle. "Your both good, but this is all about attack power." he said. Yu had clashed into Kenta's bey and pushed it back to the edge of the stadium. "Now if you don't want it to escape you have to push it from under so it can spin away." he continued. Yu did as he was told and went under Segitario and knocked it out of the stadium. "Great job Yu!" Kenta said giving him a thumbs up. They looked over to where the man was standing and he was no longer there. "Huh weird." Yu said. "Very." Kenta added. They walked back to camp and saw the rest were asleep and they got to their tents and fell asleep too. Before you fell asleep, two Lillipups came running towards Yu and Kenta's tents. Kenta laughed as his new pokemon jumped on his stomach. Yu walked out of his tent to see Hilbert awake. "I see you have a new friend." Hilbert said looking at Yu's Lillipup. "Here." Hilbert said throwing Yu a pokeball. Yu knew what to do and threw the pokeball. It shook three times and he caught it. "Oh yeah!" Yu said jumping in the air happy.

The Cards?

Bianca, Curtis, Yancy, Cheren, and Nate walked through what they thought was a shortcut to their next destination and found out they were lost. "Darn not again!" Nate yelled. "Again? What do you mean?" Cheren asked. "I was 6 and I got lost in a forrest, it was terrible." Nate said. "Oh." Cheren replied. Rosa came running from the direction of a cave. "There is some monster in there!" Rosa said, hiding behind Curtis. "Don't worry I will protect you." Curtis said bravely. They heard a lound roar and quickly screamed and ran behind a large rock. "What the heck was that!?" Yancy asked nervous. Nate shrugged and looked at the cave when a boy walked out."Ok this is weird I am out!" Rosa and Curtis said running off. Cheren and Bianca sneaked away and left Yancy and Nate by themselves. "Should we ask for directions?" Nate asked. Yancy shrugged and they walked towards the boy. "Um excuse me. Sorry to bother you but do you know where we are?" Nate asked walking up to him. "I have no idea." he said rather annoyingly. "Oh so you're just as lost as we are?" Yancy asked. "Yeah. I guess so." he replied.  "My name is Yugi. Nice to meet you." Yugi said extending his hand to them. Nate shook it and walked with him. "You guys have cards?" Yugi asked. Nate had a confused look on his face and Yancy didn't know what to say. "Its called Yu-Gi-Oh. Its a game where you draw cards to fight an opponent. Whoever has more power wins, and they will keep dueling until they are clean of cards." Yugi explained. "Oh." Nate and Yancy said. "Here. I got lots of spare decks, you guys can take one each." Yugi said handing them both decks. "Thanks Yugi" Nate gave him a thumbs up and they bumped into the group. "Oh there you are!" Hilda and Gingka said. "Who is that?" Madoka said pointing towards Yugi. Tsubassa shrugged and Kenta tried to figure out if he had ever seen him. "I'm Yugi. I was travelling to the next city when I got lost." Yugi said. They all said oh and continued their jobs at setting up camp. "We will probably be at the next city tomorrow. Good night guys." Hilbert said. They all fell asleep for their next day.

Mistralton City

"You sure we're going the right way?" Hilbert asked. Yugi kept staring at a map confused, not answering their questions. "I will take that as a no?" Gingka said in the tone of a question. Yugi put the map back in his backpack and finally spoke. "Yes its up ahead." Yugi said pointing in the direction of the city. "Then lets go!" Rosa, Bianca, Hilda, and Yancy said running towards the city. "You do know there is no mall there right?" Nate asked. Curtis bursted out laughing while Hilbert tried to hold in his laughing. "There isn't?!" Bianca asked. Hilda fell to the ground crying, making them all surprised, and Yancy had a sad face on. "Over dramatic much?" Yu asked. Kenta began to laugh with them and they walked to the city. "Mistralton City, one more step to the Pokemon league." Hilbert said looking at Mistralton. Rosa and the girls ran to the gym and won easily. The boys won aswell and they walked to the pokemon center. Nate and Yancy went to train, Rosa and Curtis went to get something to eat, Hilda and the rest went to train aswell. Hilbert walked into a forest and sat against a train and thought about everything he has done on his journey. "Now I got you!" a voice said. Hilbert turned around and saw a bey coming towards him. It blew explosians and blasted Hilbert into a tree. A person walked out of the shadows, it was N. "You!" Hilbert yelled furious. The rest came running towards the two and saw they were aiming their beys at one another. "Let it rip!" they both said.

N vs. Hilbert

N's bey smashed into Hilbert's and knocked it against a nearby tree. "I will beat you this time!" Hilbert said powering up his attacked. "You don't know what I plan to do is for the best." N said calmly. Hilbert growled and attacked N's bey but had no effect. "Those attacks can't damage my Majestic Knight!" N said. Hilbert then used all of his special moves at full power but it had no effect at all. Hilbert fell on one knee and was badly hurt, like his bey was damaged. "I won't give up!!!" Hilbert said jumping up and releasing his remaining strength of N. N was pushed into a tree from the power and his bey was being ripped apart. "You will be destroyed with the rest of your little weak organaztion you call TEAM PLASMA!!!" Hilbert yelled in rage. Hilda remembered his last battle where he was on a rampage like he was now. "We have to stop him." Gingka said. Yugi nodded and got his bey ready. Gingka, Tsubassa, Kenta and the others got their beys ready and launched it into battle. "Go now!" they all yelled. They were attacked by a bey but it wasn't N's. It was Hilbert's. "Don't get involved!" Hilbert screamed and attacked them. Yugi, Hilda, Nate and Tsubasa were the only ones to stand their ground. "Eagle Shining Tornado Buster!" Tsubassa said calling his special move. "Pegasus Star Booster Attack!" Gingka commanded. "Black Magic, Wand of the Great Power!" Yugi yelled. "White Dragon 2, Light Power Storm!" Hilda said. Their special moves went their way to attack Hilbert but were stoped by N who had smashed into them. "Don't forget about me!" he said. They attacked him instead while Hilbert lost his consiousness slowly and soon fell on the ground. They recalled their beys and ran towards Hilbert. He was out cold and they looked over to N but he was gone. "We have to get him to a save place." Hilda said. They put his arms around their shoulders and helped him walk towards a nearby hospital.

The Dragon Emperor Returns

Hilbert had healed and Madoka got his bey fixed. Hilda and Rosa bought food for travelling while Gingka, Yu, and Kenta got some new bags and drinks. "Time to go guys." Nate and Yancy said walking up to them. They all nodded and packed the rest of their bags and started their travels. They heard sounds coming from up the road and heard yells. "Whats going on up there?" Curtis asked. Hilbert shrugged but heard whatever it was coming closer. "Wait that sounds like-" Kenta was cut off by a Large Red Dragon coming towards them. "L-DRAGO!!!" Tusbassa, Yu, Kenta, Madoka, and Gingka yelled. They all jumped out of the road for cover and something recalled the dragon. "Ryuga!" Gingka growled. Ryuga walked with his bey in his hand with an evil smile. Two people were behind him, but they had hoods on. "Ryuga, why are you here and what do you want? And who are they?" Kenta asked with his fist out at him. "Like I'm scared of you kid." Ryuga said cooly. All of them backed off except Nate, Hilbert, and Gingka. "We aren't afraid." the three said. Ryuga laughed and he let his two "friends" attack them. Nate and Hilbert battled the two while Gingka ran after Ryuga. Ryuga laughed while he ran but he saw someone watching them from a hill. He quickly stoped and stared at him. "Hey what are you looking at!" Ryuga yelled. Gingka ran beside Ryuga and stared at the man too. The figure jumped off the hill and landed infront of them. "You know who I am, Gingka." he said. He grabbed a bey from his pocket and showed it to them. It was Magma Prime, meaning it was John. "Who cares! Let it rip!" Ryuga said launching his bey. John evil smiled and launched his bey at his. He quickly blasted it out and defeated it. Gingka and Ryuga stared in awe on how he lost so easily. "How did you..?" Ryuga asked John but he had already started walking off laughing.

Icirrus City

Ryuga ran after John and yelled at him and asked for a rematch. The sun's rays made Ryuga and Gingka cover their eyes. When they opened them, John had disappeared. The rest of the group caught up with Gingka and looked at him. "Dude you look like you have just seen a ghost!" Nate said. "Ryuga got beaten so easily...this must be a dream. He is the one to show more power not his opponent." Gingka said still surprised. "Hey, everyone has a opponent who is stronger then themselves." Tsubassa said. Madoka and Kenta nodde. "We gotta get going, the next city is up ahead." Rosa said. They nodded and walked towards Icirrus City. "I beat I can beat you in a race there!" Yugi told Hilbert and Nate. "Is that a challenge!?" Nate and Hilbert yelled. Yugi nodded and they ran to the city. Yu and Kenta decided to join, making Madoka and Tsubassa sweatdrop. Hilbert jumped head first into the city street and won. "I won and ouch..." Hilbert said. They laughed and walked to a pokemon center. They sat in the sofas and watched tv in the lobby until the girls came back from their shopping spree. "We need to go get the gym badges and get out of the cold...cold city." Cheren complained. Hilbert chuckled and continued to watch tv. Yugi fell asleep and his snoring made Curtis snap out of his daydream of Rosa. "I can tell your thinking about my sister." Nate said. Curtis hid his face when the girls bursted into the lobby. "We got our gym badges!" they all said. Hilbert, Nate, and Cheren had life threatening faces at them. "WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GO TOGETHER!!!" the three said. They backed away and went to heal their pokemon. "I'm going to the gym..." Hilbert said with an emotionless face on. "Dude you ok?" Nate asked grabbing his arm. "I'm fine..." Hilbert lied. Little did they know, Hilbert's bey was glowing with darkness in his hand.

Rising Power

Hilbert walked to the gym, defeating anyone who challenged him on his way. Yugi and Cheren were following him from a distance making sure if he is ok. Hilbert reached he gym leader and yelled. "I challenge you on a one on one battle!" Hilbert yelled. Brycen, the gym leader, nodded. They got their pokeballs ready and threw them. "Go Infernape!" Hilbert said. "Go Beartic!" Brycan said while throwing their pokeballs. Hilbert frowned and looked at Infernape. "Do whatever you want. It would waste my power trying to beat him." Hilbert said. Infernape nodded and used flamethrower and nonstop fire punches. He later won the match and left without a word. Cheren and Yugi saw him coming and quickly acted normal so Hilbert didn't know they were following him. "So did you win?" Cheren said walking beside Hilbert. Hilbert nodded and continued walking. "Hey guys! Brycen said he had an urgent message, so he gave me a gym badge so I wouldn't hold him back. Also, he accidently gave me two. What one Cheren?" Nate asked. Cheren nodded and was given his badge. Hilda and Yancy ran up to them and said they needed to head to Opelucid City for their next and last gym battle. "We're so close to the league!" Bianca yelled. Hilda nodded and they walked to the city for the last gym battle.

Battle of the Best

Hilbert had pulled his hat so that it covered his eyes. Gingka and Tsubassa were confused since they were the only ones not told about Hilbert's dark power. Hilda screamed when she saw two beys fly above them and she ducked behind Yugi and Curtis. Gingka saw the beys and his eyes widened. "Its Magma Prime and L-Drago!" Gingka yelled looking at the beys. "Is that all ya got!?" a fimiliar voice yelled evily. They heard Ryuga's growl and turned around and saw John and Ryuga run past them side by side attacking each other with their beys. "Dark Move!" John yelled. "Dark Dome Blast!" John commanded. They all back off and the blast knocked Yu, Kenta, and Cheren backwards. They rest took cover but Hilbert stood motionless and watched the blast come towards him. It hit him and he stood his ground. They all gasped in shock and looked at Hilbert. Hilbert's eyes  were glowing with dark power and he launched his bey. It smashed into John's but didn't make a dent. John laughed and attacked both of them. They got knocked into a tree and slowly and soon stopped spinning. John looked at the group and walked off. "This is just....creepy." Bianca said while shivering in fear. Hilbert got off the ground and looked at them. He then fell foward but was caught by Gingka and Curtis. They got him to their camp site and helped him. They saw Ryuga leave the same way John did, meaning he wanted a rematch.

Dragons vs the Dragon Emperor

Hilbert could now control himself and he ran after John alongside Gingka. John kept walking until he saw Ryuga behind him. Ryuga launched his bey at John and challenged him. "If your so good then give me a rematch!" Ryuga yelled. Gingka and Hilbert arrived at the scene while John looked at them all. "I don't have time for this." John said turning around and walking away. Hilda and Bianca came running up to them to see what happened. "Did they leave?" Hilda asked. Hilbert nodded while Gingka looked at Ryuga who was launching his bey at trees and knocking them down. They heard large roars and looked around. "Anyone else hear that?" Hilbert asked. Bianca nodded and started shaking with fear. Cheren and the rest came running to them and saw they were in shock. They heard the roar again and looked at the forest. Dragon pokemon came running towards them in rage and they started running. "I think Ryuga made 'em mad!" Yugi said blaming Ryuga. Curtis nodded and continued running. "We have to stand our ground!" Rosa said with courage. "I don't want to though!" Yancy yelled hiding behind Nate. Curtis stood beside Rosa, along with Cheren, Bianca, Hilbert, Yugi, Yu, Nate, Gingka, and Tsubassa. They aimed their launchers and pokeballs and threw them. "Don't get in my way!" Ryuga yelled knocking them back with his bey. Ryuga launched his bey at the dragons and they used their moves on it. "Wait we need to identify the pokemon!" Yugi said. They got their pokedexes out and identified the pokemon. "Ryuga is fighting a Dragonite, Fraxure, and others." Hilbert said. Ryuga then used his special move and knocked out half of the pokemon but kept fighting. Hilbert threw out his Infernape while Cheren sent his Serperior. Bianca threw out her Samurott, Hilda threw her Emboar out, Nate threw his Dewott, Rosa threw her Servine, Curtis threw his Watchog, and Yancy threw her Scoutland into battle. "Infernape use Flare Blitz!" Hilbert said. "Serperior, Hyper Beam!" Cheren yelled. "Samurott, Ice Beam!" Bianca said. "Emboar, Flame Charge!" Hilda commanded. "Dewott, Hydro Pump!" Nate commanded. "Servine Leaf Blade!" Rosa said. "Watchog, Mach Punch!" Curtis yelled. "Scoutland, Shadow Claw!" Yancy commanded. Their moves hit the target pokemon and knocked them out in an instant. Ryuga turned to them and gave them a thumbs up then left. "Ryuga thanked us!?" Yu asked surprised. Tsubassa nodded and Yu screamed happily. "Guys look." Hilbert said pointing to Opelucid City. "Our last city before the big tournament..." Cheren said with a happy and sad voice. Bianca patted his back and smiled. They all walked to the city to challenge the last gym leader.

Opelucid City

Hilda screamed in excitment since they were almost to the Unova League. Cheren was smiling and was happy he and his friends were getting closer to victory. Gingka, Yu, Kenta and Tsubassa cheered that they would soon be at the beyblade tournament that was held after the pokemon tournament. "This is so cool! We have to beat this gym leader if we are to advance to the tournament." Hilbert said. Nate, Rosa, Bianca, Cheren and Hilda nodded. "Hey Yu wanna go train at the gym?" Kenta asked. "Of course! I love a good battle!" Yu said. They ran off to the bey gym leaving Gingka and Tsubassa behind. "Hey wait for us!" the two yelled running after them. "Madoka, wanna go shoping with us?" Rosa asked. "Sure. I need to get a few things so why not." Madoka agreed. Hilda and Yancy rushed off to the shops while Rosa and Madoka sweatdropped. "Well I am gonna go catch a movie laters!" Nate said running to the movies. "I'm gonna go play some card games with some other people here, wanna join me Curtis and or Hilbert?" Yugi asked. Hilbert nodded and Curtis shrugged. They walked towards the card dueling center and started playing. Everyone was doing their own things. At the shops "This dress is so adorable!" Hilda said excited and decided to buy it. "What about this one?" Yancy said holding a pinkish white dress. "Thats cool too." Madoka said. Yancy bought that while Madoka was still deciding. "Why do I have to come to this!" a voice of a boy said. "Because you have a really good fashion sense even though you're a boy." a girl said. They turned around and saw the boy from the training center in Driftveil City, Tyson, Ray, and others. "Come on Tyson its not like Kenny and I want to be here. We are suffering as much as you are." Ray said. Kenny nodded and accidently bumped into Madoka who was still deciding on a dress. "Oh sorry." Kenny said helping her up. "Its fine. I see Tyson and your gang are here." Madoka said. They nodded. "I'm Hilary, you already met Tyson and Ray, and the quiet one over there is Kai." Hilary said introducing herself and pointing to a boy leaning against the wall. "Oh well we shoul continue shopping." Hilda said. Yancy nodded happily in return. "NOOOOOO!!!!!" Tyson, Ray, Kenny, and surprisingly, Kai (who never talks) yelled. At the movies "Oh that guy used his head as a bowling ball! So cool!" Nate said eating popcorn. "He got a strike with his head, even cooler!" Nate yelled. He got a shhh from other patrons but did the same to them. At the beyblade training center "Go, Pegasus!" Gingka yelled. "Libra, lets beat him this time!" Yu said. "Go Eagle!" Tsubassa said. "Don't leave me out on this! Go Segitario!" Kenta said. Their beys clashed at one another trying to knocked someone out. "This is the most fun I have had in a long time!" Gingka said happily. At the Yu-Gi-Oh battle  Hilbert summoned a large golem from his deck to attack Yugi's dragon card. (Idk the names of the cards, so we are just going to describe them) "Ha I have more attack power!" Hilbert laughed. "Well I have more defense power!" Yugi shot back. Their monsters fought each other until Yugi soon won. "Yeah baby!" Yugi said with his fist in the air. "Nice job!" Hilbert said giving him a thumbs up. They all met up at the pokemon gym. "So....are we going in?" Bianca asked. Hilda shrugged, so did Yancy and Nate. "Were gonna fight the gym leader together, ok?" Cheren said. They nodded and walked in, while the bladers and Yu-Gi-Oh duelist stayed outside.

The Final Gym Battle: A Battle Royal!

Hilbert, Hilda, Cheren, Nate, Bianca, and Rosa stood side by side waiting for the gym leader to come. Seconds felt like hours, minutes felt like days to them. They then saw a group of people with a large man. "We are here to battle. Please prepare yourselves." the gym leader, Drayden said. They nodded and got their pokemon ready. "Since you want a 5 person battle, Drayden and his assistents will compete with you aswell." the annoucer said. "And begin!" he finished. Hilbert and the rest sent out their partner pokemon into battle while their opponents sent out dragon types. "Haxorus, Dragon Claw!" Drayden commanded. His assistents all had Fraxures and they commanded their to use Outrage. Hilbert's Infernape had used Flare Blitz on two of the Fraxures and knocked them out. "Fraxure, Dragon Pulse!" they assistents commanded the remaining Fraxures. They aimed for Nate and attacked. Nate tried using protect but was too late, his Dewott had fainted. "No!" Nate said running towards Dewott. He picked him up and put him in his pokeball. "Have good rest friend." Nate said walking to the stands and sat next to everyone who was watching. "Lets avenge him, Serperior Frenzy Plant!" Cheren yelled. "Right, Infernape Fire Punch nonstop!" Hilbert commanded. "Alright now, Emboar Flamethrower!" Hilda said. "Samurott, Water Pulse!" Bianca said. "Servine, Leaf Tornado!" Rosa commanded. Their moves knocked out the rest of the Fraxures and damaged Drayden's Haxorus badly. "Haxorus, final stand! Use Draco Meteor!" Drayden commanded. The meteors hit the groups pokemon before they could do anything. Hilbert and his Infernape were the only ones who made it. The others were defeated and they sat in the stands and watched with the others. "I will avenege my friends. I will avenge everyone who has been through defeat! This is what I was put on this planet to do. I need to defeat you and stand at the top of the world of pokemon, with my friends by my side!" Hilbert said. Drayden was surprised by his courage and continued the battle. "Use Dragon Tail!" Drayden commanded. "Use your best flare blitz! Go Infernape!" Hilbert yelled. Infernape hit the dragon tail and an explosian filled the room. When the smoke cleared, Hilbert had won. "We did it!" they all said taking their new and final badge. "We can compete in the Unova League now. We are one step closer to our goal!" Nate said. They all cheered and walked to the destination of the Unova League.

The Biggest Tournament for Everyone

They all ran at full speed to get to the sign up of the Unova League. "OUTTA OUR WAY!!!!" they yelled at trainers passing by. The trainers had confused looks on their faces but continued their lives. They arrived at the sign up sheet and sighed in relief. "Hello, trainers. Please sign these forms and you may proceed to your hotels or start training." the employee said. They all nodded and signed the papers. "Wait is this free?" Hilbert asked. The employee nodded and handed other trainers sign up sheets. "Done. How about you guys?" Cheren asked. They nodded in reply and went their seperate ways. "Girls look!" Madoka said pointing to the biggest mall ever. "Its...beautifal!!!" Hilda screamed and ran towards it. Hilbert and Nate sweatdropped and went to go train. (Just gonna skip to the tournament who cares about Hilda and her obsession with malls) "Alright, first round match ups are!" the annoucer said pointing to the big screen. "I'm up against....JASON!" Hilbert yelled in surprise. "I have to go against Hilda." Rosa said sadly. "Looks like I am going against Cheren." Nate said. The round one battles began and the fights were on their way.

Hilbert vs Jason

Hilbert and Jason walked around the pokemon battle arena giving each other death glares. "You will lose!" Jason said throwing his first pokemon. "Not gonna happen!" Hilbert said throwing his Infernape into battle. "And begin!" the annoucer said. "This is the moment we want to win! Got it, Simisear?" Jason asked. Simisear nodded in reply and looked towards Infernape. "Infernape, we came a long way for this. Let's beat him and continue our way to the top!" Hilbert said excited. Infernape nodded and got into fighting position. "Simisear use bite!" Jason commanded starting the match. "Counter him with fire punch!" Hilbert said. Infernape punched Simisear's bite making it fall into the ground. "Alright! Use Flame Charge!" Jason yelled. "Flare Blitz now!" Hilbert said. Their moves hit together, trying to knock one another out of the match. "You're good." Hilbert said. "You're not bad yourslef. Now, lets finish this with Overheat!" Jason replied. "Infernape dig!" Hilbert commanded. Infernape started digging and avoided the Overheat attack. "Follow him through the hole!" Jason said. Simisear nodded and jumped into the hole. "Gotcha! Infernape use your best Flamethrower!!!" Hilbert yelled. Infernape did as it was told and attacked Simisear. The move was too powerful and they were both defeated. "Return." they both said. "Lets avenge him! Go Braviary!" Hilbert said throwing his second pokemon. "Lets beat him. Go Throh!" Jason said. "Lets finish this quick! Use Superpower!" Hilbert commanded. "Block it with strength and and attack with mach punch!" said Jason. Braviary's move hit Throh and knocked it into the ground making a small crater. "Use Bulk Up!" Jason commanded. "Braviary, Fly!" Hilbert said quickly. Braviary started flying high into the air where no one could see it. "Now use Zen Heabutt!" Hilbert yelled. It started crashing down and hit Throh in the head, knocking it out. "Man. Return." Jason said sad and mad. "Great job, Braviary." Hilbert said stroking Braviary's feathers. "Go, Machamp!" Jason said throwing his third pokemon into battle. "A Machamp won't be easy to defeat. Be careful buddy." Hilbert said to Braviary who nodded. "Machamp, crunch quick!" Jason commanded before Hilbert could react. Braviary was caught in Machamp's crunch and was losing strength. "Gust Braviary!" Hilbert said. Braviary used Gust but did nothing. "No. Come on hang in there Braviary!" Hilbert said worried. Braviary was thrown into the air and hit the ground hard. Braviary had fainted and made Hilbert steaming mad. "Return. Jason, you're a good opponent. But I will finish this! Go Zebstrika!" Hilbert said. "Machamp Mach-" Jason was cut off by Hilbert yelling his move. "Use Thunderbolt!" Hilbert yelled. Zebstrika used thunderbolt and paralyzed Machamp. "Now use Bolt Tackle!" Hilbert commanded. Zebstrika used the move and knocked Machamp out. "Darn!" Jason said stomping his foot against the ground. "Return." Jason finally said. "Go, Chandalure!" Jason said. "Use Bolt Tackle!" Hilbert quickly said. "Use Flame Burst!" Jason commanded. Both moves clashed together making an explosian. Chadalure and Zebstrika were pushed back from the impact but were still ok. "Confusion Ray Chandalure!" Jason yelled. "Protect quick!" Hilbert said. It was already too late since Zebstrika was now confused. "Finish it with Shadow Ball!" Jason said. It powered a ball of shadows and threw it at Zebstrika. The pokemon walked around trying to stand on its feet and finally fell defeated. "Good job. Return." Hilbert said. "Lets do this. Go Eeleketross!" Hilbert said throwing his second to last pokemon into battle. "Use Thunder Punch nonstop!" Hilbert yelled. "Chandalure use Shadow Ball!" Jason countered. Thunder Punch smashed into Shadow Ball and smashed through it and hit Chandalure and knocked it out. "Return and go Cryogonal!" Jason said. "Cryogonal, Ice Beam!" Jason quickly commanded. "Dodge then use Thunderbolt!" Hilbert said. It dodged and used thunderbolt on Cryogonal and defeated it. "One more to go!" Hilbert said happily. "Grr! Go Druddigon!" Jason said angrily. "Mad are we? Now Eelketross, Thunder Punch then finish him with Bolt Tackle!" Hilbert commanded. "Druddigon, Dragon Pulse!" Jason said mad still. It used thunder punch then bolt tackled Druddigon and a big explosian happened due to Dragon Pulse. When the smoke cleared, Druddigon and Eelektross were defeated. "Its a tie! But since Hilbert has one more pokemon left, he wins!" the annoucer said. Everyone started cheering but some people booed. Jason was on his knees staring at the ground from defeat, but someone reached a hand out to him. "You did great." Hilbert said. Jason accepted his hand and they did a hand shake. "Now our next match will be...Hilda vs Rosa!" the annoucer said remembering the match ups. "Well guess we better get ready." Rosa said. "Good luck, Rosa!" Hilda said smiling. "You too." she replied.

Hilda vs Rosa

"Ready?" the annoucer asked the two girls. They both nodded and returned their looks to their pokemon. "And, begin!" the annoucer finished. "Lets do this, Servine!" Rosa said. "Alright Emboar lets go!" Hilda said. "Fire vs Grass, this shouldn't be pretty." Hilbert said. Nate nodded in agreement and continued to watch. "Use Frenzy Plant!" Rosa commanded. "Smash it with Flamethrower!" Hilda countered. Flamethrower burned Frenzy Plant and Hilda wanted to finish it. "Use fire punch with all your strength!" Hilda yelled. "Gotcha! Leaf Tornado then Leaf Storm!" Rosa said. The storms attacked Emboar nonstop until it gave in and fainted. Nate jumped out of his seat and cheered. "Oh yeah keep it up!" Nate yelled in excitment. Rosa turned around and nodded. Hilbert clapped for Hilda and told her she would be able to defeat her. "Alright, go Bouffalant!" Hilda said throwing her next pokemon into battle. "Servine vine whip!" Rosa said. "Use Headbutt!" Hilda yelled. Heabutt hit straight into Vine Whip and got through and was heading towards Servine. "Use Protect!" Rosa commanded. Bouffalant had already launched Servine into the air with its horns and Servine was flying higher. "Hyper Beam!" Hilda said. Bouffalant released a strong beam into Servine's position in the air and it hit right on and defeated it. Servine fell out of the sky but was caught by Rosa. "Have a good rest." Rosa said softly while returning Servine to its pokeball. "Go Mienshao!" Rosa said releasing her next pokemon into battle. "Use Hi jump kick!" Rosa said. "Block it then use Zen Headbutt!" Hilda commanded. Mienshao hit Bouffalant with its Hi jump kick and made it stumble around. "Finish him with Force Palm!" Rosa commanded. Mienshao ran up to Bouffalant and hit it with its palm and defeated it. "Great job!" Rosa said. "Go Heatmor!" Hilda said putting her third pokemon into battle. "Heatmor use Fire Spin!" Hilda said. "Hi jump kick Mienshao!" Rosa ordered. Both moves hit together making a small explosian. "Good, no use-" Rosa was cut off by Heatmor's fire punch. "Mienshao, are you ok?" Rosa asked worried. Mienshao got up and nodded. "Now use Fake Out!" Rosa commanded. "Defend yourself then use Incenerate!" Hilda said. Fake out was defended from and then Heatmor used Incenerate on Mienshao. "Don't worry. We can do this!" Rosa assured Mienshao. "Use Flamethrower!" Heatmor's flamethrower hit Minenshao and defeated it. "No!" Rosa pouted. "Return. Go Durant!" Rosa said. "Use another flamethrower." Hilda ordered. "Not gonna happen! Use Bite before the flamethrower!" Rosa said. Durant crawled under Heatmor and bit it from behind causing it to fall down and hold its back. "Finish with Fury Cutter!" Rosa said with courage in her voice. Durant used the move and finished off Heatmor. "Go, Golurk!" Hilda said. "Use Fury Cutter nonstop!!!" Rosa ordered loudly. Hilda commanded Golurk to dodge but was already defeated. "It was onyl a few seconds into the battle Golurk!" Hilda said calmly yet agrily. "Nevermind. Hope you can win this! Go, Beartic!" Hilda said throwing her last pokemon. "Fury cutter again!!!!!" Rosa yelled louder then ever. "Use!" Hilda didn't finish calling out her move when she saw Beartic defeated. "Good job!" Rosa said giving her a thumbs up. "You aswell." she replied walking away. "Ok so we got Nate vs Cheren next! Please prepare trainers." the annoucer said. "Lets do this!" Nate and Cheren said at the same time

Cheren vs Nate

"Lets make it to round two! Go Serperior!" Cheren said calling his partner pokemon into battle. "Time to win guys! Go Musharna!" Nate said. "Use Pyschic!' Nate quickly commanded. The Pyschic move quickly hit Serperior and injured it back. "Serperior surround Musharna with Frenzy Plant!" Cheren ordered. Serperior did its best Frenzy Plant and trapped Musharna. "Use Vine Whip while it's weak!" Cheren said. It started hitting Musharna with its vines and then finished it off with tackle. "Return Musharna." Nate said sad. "Now, go Dewott!" Nate said throwing his next pokemon into battle. "Lets go for two in a row Serperior and use Leaf Blade!" Cheren ordered. "Defend yourself with Razor Shell!" Nate commanded. Both of their blades hit together and acted like a sword fight. "Hit it in its blind spot!" Cheren ordered. Serperior hit Dewott's legs and tripped it over. "Finish with Leaf Tornado!" Cheren yelled. Serperior did what it was told and defeated Dewott. "This isn't going well." Nate said to himself while returning Dewott to its pokeball. "Lets turn this battle around! Go, Simisage!" Nate said. "Use Leaf Blade again Serperior!" Cheren said. "Use Bite and bite the blade!" Nate ordered. Simisage bit Serperior's blade and made it grab its hand in pain. "Finish with pound!" Nate said. Simisage pounded Serperior and knocked it out. "Go, Simipour!" Cheren said throwing his pokeball revealing Simipour. "Use leaf storm!" Nate commanded. "Use surf!" Cheren commanded also. A body of water and Simipour attacked a storm of leaves and Simisage. The moves and pokemon clashed together making an explosian. The smoke cleared and Simipour and Simisage had been knocked out. "Alright no more games! Go, Ferrothorn!" Cheren said. "Time to catch up! Go Galvantula." Nate said throwing his next pokemon into battle. "Use Bug Bite!" Nate ordered. "Use Gyro Ball Ferrothorn!" Cheren yelled. Both of their moves hit together and they repeated the moves nonstop. Both pokemon got so tired the fell out of the battle knocked out. "I have three pokemon, you have two. I think I know where this is heading." Cheren taunted. Nate growled and grabbed another pokeball. "Go, Klinklang!" Cheren said. "Go, Gothitelle." Nate said. "Use Electro Ball!" Cheren commanded. "Protect yourself then use Confusion Ray!" Nate ordered. Klinklang's move already hit Gothitelle in the head making it fall knocked out. "No!" Nate yelled angrily. He recalled Gothitelle and called out his last pokemon. "Go Archeops!" Nate said releasing his last pokemon. "Use Gust!" Nate said quickly. "Dodge then use Thundershock!" Cheren ordered. Both moves hit each other and made yet another explosian. When the smoke cleared Archeops was still flying, but barely. Klinklang was still fine and made its last move. "Use Thunderbolt!" Cheren yelled. It hit Archeops out of the sky and it landed in Nate's arms. "The winner is Cheren!" the annoucer said. Cheren waved at the crowd while Rosa, Yugi, Hilda and Hilbert looked at Nate who had his hate down to where it looked like his eyes were shadows. Cheren recalled Klinklang and walked off.

Biggest Tournament for Everyone: Round 2

Every one of the other matches ended and the round before the finals was going to begin in two days. Hilbert and Hilda were laying on the sand at the beach beside the resort they were staying in. The resort was built beside the pokemon stadium so when tournaments or practice came on, it would be easy to get to. "Hilbert, do you think Nate is ok?" Hilda asked Hilbert, who was building a sand castle. "I think so. But we don't need to worry. Curtis, Yancy, and Rosa have is back." Hilbert assured her and continued to build his sand castle. In the training room (for humans not pokemon).... Nate hit targets with his fists and continued to practice his fighting. He went to practice kicking and knocked down many of his opponents. Cheren walked in and greeted Nate. "Hey Nate. What have you been up to?" Cheren asked. "None of your buisness." Nate said coldly as he walked out of the room. Yancy was playing Tennis with Tsubasa when Gingka and Yu bursted in. "WE SAW AN ICE CREAM SHOP!!!!!!!!" Yu, Kenta, and Gingka screamed that everyone in the world could hear. "Great now my ears are ringing!" Tsubasa said annoyed. Yancy walked off and went to go to the beach with Hilbert and Hilda when she saw Nate running. "Nate what happened?" Yancy asked worried. "I need to go train my pokemon." He replied continuing to run. "Ok, could I come?" she asked. "Sure." he replied. To Rose and Curtis.... "So who do you think I will battle in round 2" Rosa asked Curtis, who was reading a book. "I don't know, but I am curious like you are." he replied. "Look its the annoucer for the tournament!" Rosa said pointing to the tv. On the tv... "We will give the Unova League Round 2 match ups early just for you fans out there!" he said. "So we have the Mysterious Cheren up against the Unstopable Sarah!" he said. 'Just tell me who I am going against!' Rosa thought. "We got the All out Attacker Rosa up against the dark trainer Venom!" the annoucer said. "Venom huh?" Rosa said. "And we have the Amazing Hilbert vs the King of Darkness John!" the annoucer said. Curtis and Rosa's eyes widened at the name and title they gave him. "Its John! And they called him the King of Darkness...?" Rosa said in the tone of a question. We better get some sleep, the tournament is tomorrow." Curtis said. Rosa nodded in reply and made their way to the resort. They all woke up and met up at the tournament stadium. "So I'm up against John huh?" Hilbert said. "Yup." Sarah said walking in. "You're going against Cheren. I know he looks weak but he is strong." John said walking beside her. "Wait our opponents are walking in what if Venom just ran in here right now?" Rosa said. "Don't jinx it!" Hilda yelled. Venom then started running into the room and tripped on a bag. "Told ya." Rosa said. Venom quickly got up and looked at everyone. "You're gonna be in the stands after I am finished with you!" Venom threatened. "Woah easy. You didn't even watch round 1. You never saw her strength." Curtis said. "Someone's got a guardian angel." Gingka said. Yu and Tsubasa nodded whil Kenta just shrugged. "First match of round 2 is about to begin!" the annoucer said. "Best be going bye guys!" Cheren said. Sarah followed him to the stadium and got ready for the match.

Cheren vs Sarah

"Lets finish this with only you. Go Magnaton!" Sarah said releasing her pokemon into battle. "Go, Serperior!" Cheren yelled. "Use Leaf Blade!" Cheren said. "Smash him with Thunder Punch nonstop!" Sarah demanded. Magnaton used thunder punch nonstop as ordered and weakened Serperior quickly. "Finish with Electro Ball!" Sarah ordered. "Block it then-" Cheren was caught off guard from the sound of an explosian on the battle ground. "Ah Serperior!" Chere yelled. Serperior layed on the battle field defeated. "Return." Cheren said sadly. John sat on the roof of the ceiling of the battle field. "So much you don't know Cheren." John said like he was talking to him. "Go, Klinglank!" Cheren said throwing his next pokemon into battle. "Magnaton Thunder Bolt!" Sarah yelled. "Use Protect then Thunder Shock!" Cheren commanded. Klinglank protected itself then used its Thunder Shock and paralyzed Magnaton. "Finish with Thunder Punch!" Cheren ordered. "Counter attack it with Thunder Punch too!" Sarah said. Both thunder punches hit each other making electric shocks go everywhere. "Hm interesting..." John said and continued to watch. An explosian filled the staidum making some people hid behind their seats or cover their mouths to avoid the smoke. "Klinglank are you alright in there!?" Cheren said trying to wave away some smoke to see his pokemon. The smoke finally lifted and revealed Magnaton had beat his Klinglank. "Darn!" Cheren yelled returning his pokemon back to its capsule. "Go, Simipour!" Cheren said throwing his next pokemon into battle. "Use Hydro Pump!" Cheren commanded. "Dodge then use Thunder Bolt from behind!" Sarah said. Magnaton dodged then went behind Simipour who was caught off guard and used its best Thunder Bolt on it, making it fall to the ground in defeat. "Not again!" Cheren yelled returning Simipour to its pokeball. "So the calm boy has become the rage boy." John said laughing. "Thats it! Go, Ferrorthorn, Garbodor, and Carracosta!" Cheren said throwing all of his remaining pokemon into battle. "He threw 3 in! Thats against the rules!" Hilbert said jumping out of his seat and leaping out of the stands and into the battle field but was stopped by the force of a huge explosian. The explosian threw Sarah, her pokemon, Hilbert, Cheren and his pokemon into the walls. A figure jumped down from the ceiling and landed in the middle of the stadium. It was John with a Tyranitar by his side. "Neither one advances, whoever wins the Venom vs Rosa match I will see you in the simi-finals." John said walking away with everyone watching him walk away in shock of his power. Hilda and the rest ran to the injured Hilbert and Cheren who were unconsious. "Thats it come on guys!" Gingka yelled. Tsubassa, Yu, and Kenta nodded and ran with him towards John's position. "Wait we need to think this through!" Nate yelled at them but didn't do a thing. "John stop right there!" Gingka ordered as he approached John who had is back towards him. "We need to have a little talk!" Tsubassa said. Kenta and Yu yelled ya in agreement. John stopped in his track and turned around. "Why should you care? You guys are interested in beyblade not pokemon." John said holding his bey. "Nevermind that but you hurt Hilbert and Cheren!" Yu said angry. They all aimed their launchers while John put his bey onto its launcher. "Let it rip!" they all said. "Lets take this somewhere else!" John said running towards the resorts with his bey spinning by his side. "Lets go!" Gingka said running beside John still battling. Yu and Kenta caught up and crashed their beys into John's. "Pathetic! Dark Move!" John yelled coldly. "Dark Destroyer Dome!" John summoned his dark move and made a explosian that could destroy a city. Everyone stared running away from the power of his bey. Gingka, Yu, Kenta and Tsubassa layed on the ground defeated with their beys no broken by their side. John recalled his bey and walked away. "And now for the second match! Rosa vs Venom!" the annoucer said. Venom walked to her side of the staidum while Rosa went to her's. "Moment of truth! Whoever wins this goes against John!" Rosa said. Venom smiled evily and got her pokemon ready.

Rosa vs Venom

"Its time to win again! Go, Servine!" Rosa said releasing her first pokemon of the battle. "This should be simple. Go, Mandibuzz!" Venom said darkly. "Lets start off with a good Leaf Tornado!" Rosa commanded. The tornado went right into Mandibuzz but did nothing. "You really think an attack like that can beat me? Mandibuzz, do whatever you want." Venom said. Rosa growled and made more leaf tornadoes and tried to beat Mandibuzz. "Use the best Leaf Storm!" Rosa ordered. The storm hit Mandibuzz and quickly knocked it out. "Not bad. Mandibuzz was my decoy anyway." Venom said. "A decoy!? You don't use your friends as decoys!" Rosa yelled. "Thats right. Get angry and let your guard down." John said watching the battle. "Friends? Pokemon are my pawns in battle. I don't care about their feelings." Venom said laughing. "You little!" Rosa yelled angrily. "Stay calm Rosa! Its what she wants." Nate said. Yancy nodded in agreement and Curtis wanted to help Rosa but didn't want to end up like Hilbert. "Go, Bisharp!" Venom said. "Use Razor Leaf and Magical Leaf at the same time!!!" Rosa demanded still angry. Servine continued to attack Bisharp until Bisharp fell on the ground defeated. "She's throwing the match...but for what?" John asked himself. "Go, Scrafty!" Venom said throwing her third "pawn" into battle. Scrafty quickly used shadow claw nonstop on Servine and defeated all of her pokemon except one. "Scrafty return. This battle is done." Venom said recalling Scrafty. "No I have one more pokemon left!" Rosa yelled. Venom laughed and quited the match letting Rosa win on purpose. "No its time for me to battle. Rosa will join her friends in the stands when I beat her in the simi-finals." John said walking off.

Biggest Tournament for Everyone: Simi-Finals

Rosa paced back in forth in the training room trying to figure out what stragedy will she use. "You do know the simi-finals aren't till tomorrow. You will be fine." Hilbert said. "Fine? Did you see what he did to you and Cheren in the second match?!" Rosa yelled angrily. "That was a mistake. I have to go against who knows-" Hilbert was cut off by a guy walking by and laughing. "Whats so funny!" Gingka and Nate said walking infront of her. "I'm laughing now so when I battle Hilbert I won't have to laugh then." he replied still laughing. "Why you!" Hilbert said now steaming mad and made his way over to him but was stopped by Tsubassa and Hilda. "Get a grip dude!" Cheren said trying to calm him down. "See you at the match." he said while giving him an evil smile. Hilbert growled and got out of their grip and ran to where he thought John would be. He was right behind John when he walked into an abandoned, burned house. "What is he doing?" Hilbert thought to himself while hiding behind some old debris. John picked up a shard of what was left of a picture frame and he put it in his pocket. "Hilbert you can come out now." John said knowing he was there. "How did you find me?" Hilbert said defeated. When Hilbert looked at where John was standing he had disappeared. Hilbert decided to ignore it and he ran to the match. "And the first match of the semi-finals will begin in a few minutes." the annoucer said. "Good luck Rosa." Curtis said smiling. Rosa nodded and walked to her side of the stadium. Hilbert arrived and saw Rosa getting ready to throw her first pokemon. "Good luck..." Hilbert said to her.

Rosa vs John

Rosa was staring at her opponent, John, who was getting his first pokemon ready. Rosa started shaking in fear when she grabbed a pokeball from her belt. "I...I have to beat him! I will win the Unova League!" Rosa said nervously. "I like your courage. You're gonna be a good opponent." John said in reply. "Really?" Rosa asked getting a little happier. "Yes. If me or my friends don't win I will cheer for you." John replied. "This will be a 3 on 3 match since the weather is beginning to storm. And begin!" the annoucer said. "Go, Servine!" Rosa said throwing her first pokemon into battle. "Lets go, Tyranitar!" John said releasing his pokemon into battle. "Servine, Frenzy Plant!" Rosa commanded. "Tyranitar, take the hit." John ordered coldly. Tyranitar stood in place and took the hits. "Finish it with Hyper Beam." John ordered simply. Tyranitar stored power then released the move and defeated Servine. "Good job, Servine." Rosa said sadly while returning Servine to its pokeball. "Go, Mienshao!" Rosa said tossing her next pokemon into battle. "Use Hi Jump Kick!" Rosa commanded. "Hmph just use Earth Quake." John said un-impressed. The Earth Quake shook Mienshao's move and made it hit the ground hard. Mienshao was quickly defeated. "No!" Rosa yelled returning Mienshao. "Lets go Durant!" Rosa said releasing her last pokemon into battle. "Return Tyranitar." John said. "Finish them off, Keldeo!" John said releasing his next pokemon. "Keldeo!" everyone said in shock. "Use Hyper Beam!" John commanded. Keldeo released its move and hit Durant head on. Rosa and Durant were thrown into the wall behind them defeated. "Rosa!" Curtis and Nate yelled running to her. Hilbert glared at John who was glaring back. Hilbert had to defeat his sim-final opponent to avenge his friends.

Hilbert vs Drake

"Welcome back everyone for the second match of the simi-finals!" the annoucer said making him scream and cheer. "We have Hilbert vs Drake in this match. Hold on to your hats because you all saw what these two can do!" the annoucer finished. Hilbert was walking through the hall which leads to the stadium for the second match. Hilbert arrived at his side of the arena. "Its time to beat you like my other opponents!" Drake taunted. "Likewise!" Hilbert replied. "This is a one on one match the full battle will be the finals and begin!" the annoucer said. "Make him cry! Go, Excadrill!" Drake said. "That pokemon looks weak. This should be simple. Go, Infernape!" Hilbert said beginning the match. "Excadrill Hammer Arm!" Drake ordered. "Infernape block then use Fire Punch!" Hilbert commanded. Hammer Arm barely missed Infernape and Excadrill ended up getting hit with Fire Punch in the back. "Flamethrower!" Hilbert said simply. "Excadrill dig!" Drake commanded quickly. Excadrill started digging its way underground. "Catch him with dig aswell!" Hilbert commanded. Infernape dug under the stadium and found its way to Excadrill. Both of them fought underground until they made their way up. "Fire Blast!" Hilbert yelled. Infernape shot fire at Excadrill and knocked it down. "Finish with your best Flare Blitz!" Hilbert finished the fight with his bestest move and defeated Drake. "You weren't such a challenge." Hilbert said recalling Infernape. "Because I didn't show you my real power!" Drake lied and ran off. "Hilbert wins! The finals will begin in a few hours at 8:00 tonight." the annoucer said. "Congrats Hilbert!" everyone cheered. "Thanks guys." Hilbert replied smiling. Just as they were about to run off celebrating, John walked past them looking at them. "I'm looking forward to the battle, Hilbert." John said walking away from them. 'You will regret coming to this tournament!' Hilbert thought.

Finals: Hilbert vs John

Hilbert ran towards the stadium and got ready. "Trainers the finals begin in 10 minutes please prepare quickly." the annoucer said. Hilbert got his normal hat on and his pokemon ready for battle. Before the match began, he released all of his pokemon and gave them a speech. "We have come far for this fight, we can't stop here. We will stand at the top of this region, together!" Hilbert said making his pokemon cheer. Hilbert returned his pokemon to their pokeballs and walked to the stadium. "Time for the finals..." Hilbert said walking to his side of the stadium. John walked out with his hands in his pockets and went to his side of the stadium. "Alright trainers! This is an ALL pokemon match!" the annoucer said making everyone gasp from the surprising rule. "This is the final match of the Unova League! And begin!" the annoucer finished. "Alright, Infernape, Eelektross, Braviary, Zebstrika, Scolipede, and Krookodile time for the battle!" Hilbert said throwing all of his pokemon into battle. "Lets go, Tyranitar, Keldeo, Hydreigon, Volcarona, Mandibuzz and Gigalith!" John said releasing his pokemon into battle. "Infernape, Flare Blitz on Volcarona, Eelketross Thunder Shock on Keldeo, Braviary Superpower on Hydreigon, Zebstrika Thunderbolt on Mandibuzz, Scolipede Poisen Sting on Tyranitar, and Krookodile Crunch on Gigalith!" Hilbert commanded. The pokemon obeyed their orders and attacked John's pokemon. "Tyranitar Earth Quake on everyone." John said with no emotion in his voice and not caring. Everyone was shocked he would take his other pokemon out. The Earth Quake took out all of John's pokemon but Keldeo and Tyranitar, and three of Hilbert's pokemon went down. "Infernape, Flamethrower on Keldeo!" Hilbert yelled. "Keldeo Hyper Beam!" John countered. Both moves hit together. "Braviary reinforce Infernape with your bestest ever Wing Attack!" Hilbert ordered. Braviary went behind Keldeo and defeated it with its move. All eyes were on Tyranitar. "Tyranitar Hyper Beam everywhere!" John yelled. Tyranitar took out Braviary and Zebstrika but his hyper beam wasn't enough for Infernape. "Infernape, Flamethrower!!!" Hilbert yelled at the top of his lungs. "Tyranitar Hyper Beam again!" John yelled aswell. Both of their moves clashed together making the biggest explosian of the tournament. The smoke didn't clear for 3 minutes until it revealed Infernape was standing barely and Tyranitar on the ground defeated. "The winner is HILBERT!!!" the annoucer annouced. Everyone cheered and no boos were heard. John returned Tyranitar and walked over to Hilbert. "Congratulations." John said pulling his hand out to him. Hilbert grabbed it and they shook hands. Hilbert was leaded towards a stage where everyone was looking. He was given a trophy and a medal for winning the Unova League. Hilbert walked with his friends back on the road. "So where do we go-" Cheren was cut off by a Castle Rising from the ground in the distance. "What the heck is that!?" Gingka asked surprised. "It has Team Plasma's logo on it!" Nate growled. "Lets go!" Hilbert said beginning the run. They all started running towards the castle where the battle with Team Plamsa will begin.

The Heart of Plasma

"Hurry I hear people screaming!" Hilbert said slightly running faster then the rest. Hilbert suddenly stopped and looked at what was infront of him. "Hilbert whats-" Hilda was about to ask what happend but was cut off by Hilbert pointing towards the castle. "Wow..." they all said. "We have to stop them." Rosa said. They all nodded and ran into the castle. Hilbert bursted through the doors of the castle and saw Team Plasma locking people and pokemon and everything important in large cages. "Hey you kids shouldn't be here!" a grunt said. "You guys go I will take care of them." Yugi said. "Thanks Yugi." Hilda said while running further into the castle. Hilbert kept running trying to find the leaders but everything turned purple and black all of a sudden. "Wha....what's going on?" Hilbert asked. "You are the Chosen One..." a voice said echoing. "The chosen one?" Hilbert asked. He got no answer but was put back in reality.

First of the Fights: Yugi vs Plasma Admins

Yugi glared at his opponents and finally spoke. "You won't get away with this!" Yugi yelled. The admins laughed at got their cards ready. "No! No cards this time. I need to to help me test out my new bey." Yugi said with a evil smile. Yugi grabbed his bey from his pocket and showed it to them. "This is Fire Dusk." Yugi said. "Guess we will beat you with our beys then!" the admins said grabbing their beys. "3....2....1! Let it rip!" they all said. "Go Fire Dusk!" Yugi yelled. "Lets destroy him!" one of them said. The other nodded and they launched a joint special move. "Joint Special Move!" they said. Yugi growled at them. "Plasma Admin Boost!" they both finished. "Oh yeah? Well I just thought of a new special move! Dusk, Flying Sword smash!" Yugi commanded. Both of their moves clashed together head on and destroyed almost all of their surroundings. The smoke cleared and revealed one of the admins and Yugi were still in. "You failed Team Plasma! I will-" the admin was cut off by Yugi launching a full foward attack and knocking his bey out of the match. "No!" he yelled. Yugi recalled his bey and ran to find the others.

Second of the Fights: Hilda and Bianca vs Plasma Elites

Hilbert, Hilda, Bianca, Cheren, Nate, Rosa, Curtis, Gingka, Madoka, Kenta, Tsubassa, Curtis and Yancy (lots if people) ran in the halls of the castle trying to find the leaders. "I feel like we have been running forever!" Bianca pouted. They were stopped by four Team Plasma Elites. "You won't foil our plans!" they said grabbing one pokeball each. "Oh yeah!" Bianca and Hilda replied now angry. "Everyone we got this keep going." Hilda commanded. Hilbert nodded and thanked her. The group ran upstairs to another level of the castle and continued to look for the leaders. "Now lets do this!" the elites said throwing their pokeballs into battle. "Right!' Bianca and Hilda replied releasing their pokemon into battle aswell. "Emboar Flame Charge!" Hilda commanded. "Samurott Ice Beam!" Bianca ordered. "Bouffalant Headbutt!" they both yelled. Their pokemon attacked and neither side backed down. Hilda continued her attacks and Bianca did aswell. The elites were getting tired and the girls found a way to defeat them. "Emboar Flamethrower infront of them!" Hilda yelled. "Samurott Hydro Pump!" Bianca ordered. Both of their moves pushed the elites and their pokemon into the wall and defeated them. "We need to catch up now." Hilda said. Yugi and caught up with Bianca and Hilda and asked them, "Where is everyone else?" Yugi asked. "They went on ahead while we were dealing with the elites." Bianca replied. They then went to find the rest.

Third of the Fights: Gingka, Kenta, Tsubassa, Yu, and Kenta vs Plasma Shadow Traid

Hilbert and Cheren were the fastest to run and were trying their hardest to get to the top of the castle. "Holy cow how many more floors are there?!" Hilbert asked now getting tired. "Let me see." Cheren replied trying to figure out how many floors there were. "Well the most likely answer is 500." Cheren replied. Hilbert then yelled along with the rest. "There is 30 floors you weirdos." a person from behind them said. "Why you have some nerve!" Gingka went infront of him and was getting ready to punch him but he disappeared and reappeared infront of them. "We are the Shadow Traid, the second most powerful serverents of the king." they said. "You guys go on ahead we got this." Gingka said. Hilbert and the rest nodded and went to go to the top. "Now its time to battle!" Kenta said aiming his launcher. Everyone else did the same and said the regular chant. "3...2...1! Let it rip!" they all said. Their beys landed on the ground and started attacking each other at the start. "Go Pegasus!" Gingka yelled. "Eagle!" Tsubassa yelled. "Segitario!" Kenta said. "Libra!" Yu said. Their beys got side by side and attacked together but had no effect. "We have to use our special moves guys." Tsubassa said. They nodded and got ready to use their moves. "Pegasus Starbooster attack!" Gingka commanded. "Eagle Shining Tornado Buster!" Tsubassa yelled. "Libra Sonic Wave!" Yu ordered. "Segitario Flame Claw!" Kenta said. Their moves circled together and smashed into the Shadow Traid's beys and knocked the out. "Lord N won't be pleased." they said before disappearing. "We need to get up there quick." Tsubassa said. They nodded and started to go further into the castle.

Forth of the Fights: Cheren, Nate, Rosa, Curtis, and Yancy vs Plasma Guardians

Hilbert and the rest ran as fast as they could to get to the last part of the castle. "We have to hurry we're almost there!" Hilbert said. He was stopped by a group of people who looked like white ninjas. "We are the Team Plasma Guardians, and we shall not allow you to go any further!" they said. "Hilbert go on. You're the one who has the power to defeat N. We got this." Cheren said. Hilbert thanked him and ran to the stage of the final battle. "Alright we are using one pokemon each." Rosa said. (Just gonna skip through the battle it would take too long) The guardians fell to the ground with their defeated pokemon by their side. "Team Plamsa forever!!!" they said before fading away....

Final Battle: N and Ghetisis vs Hilbert and John

Hilbert reached the last floor and looked around and saw a throne with someone sitting in it with a crown on his head. "N you have caused too much pain. Your rule ends now!" Hilbert yelled. "Sure it does, RESHIRAM!!!" N called for his pokemon. The white pokemon came by his master's side and gave Hilbert a death glare. Hilbert felt like falling all of a sudden until he saw a black legendary pokemon by his side. "This is the final battle for Unova. Prepare yourself!" N yelled. "Alright this ends now!" Hilbert replied yelling aswell. "Reshiram Fusion Flare!" N commanded. " Zekrom Fusion Bolt!" Hilbert ordered. Both of the pokemon leaped into the air and smashed into each other and attacked nonstop. Both pokemon didn't break a sweat and kept fighting. "Zekrom use Fusion Bolt again!" Hilbert commanded. "You too Reshiram!" N countered. Both of the pokemon crashed together again and were both pushed back by the force. "N I will help you this one time." the main leader, Ghetisis, said while walking beside him. "Go, Meloetta!" Ghetisis said. Hilbert gasped and saw Meloetta beg for help but was forced to battle. "Thats not so nice to have a two against one." a voice said in the shadows. They all stopped fighting and looked for the person talking. "Who are you and what do you want?" N asked. From above John jumped beside Hilbert and answered. "I'm here to help Hilbert stop your plans." John replied grabbing a pokeball. "You're helping me?" Hi;bert asked. John nodded and released his Keldeo into battle. "Zekrom Fusion Bolt!" Hilbert yelled continuing the match. "Keldeo Hyper Beam!" John commanded. "Reshiram Fusion Flare!" N countered. "Meloetta Hyper Beam too!" Ghetisis ordered. All of their moves hit together making the biggest explosian ever seen. The smoke cleared after a while and revealed Ghetesis and N defeated. "We...we won?" Hilbert said in a tone of a question and surprised. "Unova is safe.." John said in a quiet voice and walked off. "Hilbert what happened?" his friends said and finally caught up to him. "We saved Unova." Hilbert replied. "With who?' Hilda asked. Hilbert looked to where John was standing and was no longer there. "Oh nevermind." Hilbert said. They all flew off the castle on their pokemon and back to the ground.

Returning Home

Hilbert walked slowly with his friends back to their homes, where their journey will come to an end. Nate and Rosa arrived at their house and looked at their friends. "This is it guys. End of the line." Nate said sadly. A tear rolled down Rosa's cheek when she looked at her friends one last time. "Bye guys. We will meet up again someday." Nate said while walking off with his little sister. Curtis and Yancy were saying their goodbyes aswell. "I'm glad that I met you guys." Yancy said with her head down, trying to hid her sadness. "Curtis thanks for everything. You too Yancy." Hilbert said. They nodded and walked to their homes. Gingka and the rest were getting on a boat which left in 3 hours. "Goodbye Gingka. Happy sailing and have some good adventures." Hilda said. Gingka waved and they walked to the docks on where their ships would leave. Hilbert and his friends arrived in their peaceful town. "I was offered a job at the gym at I guess its goodbye." Cheren said. Hilbert put his hand out for him to shake, and he shook it. Hilda hugged him, as did Bianca. "Well Bye friends..." Cheren said walking off. Hilbert, Hilda, and Bianca went to their seperate houses. Hilbert looked at the sky of Unova and thought to himself. 'This is a good world. I was glad to have my friends alongside me' Hilbert thought and imagined his friends standing beside him. Hilbert looked at his doorstep, and walked in.

Book 1 Credits

Author: Emperor Cosmic

Second Author: Emperor Cosmic (same profile different user)

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, Beyblade, and/or Yu-Gi-Oh. If I did, this would be a show or movie. All rights go the creators of those shows.

Special Tribute to Dexter the dog. R.I.P

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                                                Book 2: Sinnoh

The Heroes Return (Sinnoh)

"Woooohoooo!!!" a boy said while riding his skateboard off a hill. "Slow down!" a girl said coming after him on her skateboard. "Like he will wait." another boy said riding beside the girl. They all rided their way to their hometown, Twinleaf Town. "Well I beat ya all here." the boy bragged. "Typical Lucas." the girl said. "Couldn't of said it better myself Dawn." the other boy said. "So Barry you came in last again!" Lucas said laughing. Barry punched him in the arm and they walked to Lucas's house. "Everyone come in here." Lucas's mom said. They all walked over to her and sat on the couch and the news was on. "Wait Unova was in trouble?" Dawn asked while watching the television. Lucas's mom nodded and continued to watch. "Mom this is LAST YEAR'S news." Lucas said annoyed. "I know but four of the heros of Unova are coming here." his mom replied. All of the kids' eyes widened. "They are arriving on a ship to the town. We can see them if you want." his mom suggested. They all nodded and walked outside to see a ship come. "This doesn't look like much of a town." the trainer from Unova, Hilbert said. "Shut up this is where we get our pokemon and compete in Sinnoh League." the other trainer from Unova, Hilda replied. Their friends Rosa nodded in agreement. "Nate you sure you don't want to compete?" Rosa asked her older brother. "Sorry. I am only here to sail you here." Nate replied docking the ship. "Come on hurry!" Dawn said running to the docks. Lucas and Barry caught up and saw a crowd of people around the Unova Heros. "Lets go meet them." Barry said. Lucas and Dawn nodded in agreement. They ran infront of everyone and looked at the unova trainers. Barry kept bowing nonstop while Dawn was too shy to talk. Lucas just started blurting out random questions. "QUIET!!!!" Hilbert yelled making everyone stop talking. Hilda hit him in the head making him rub the spot where she hit. "I'm Lucas." Lucas said holding his hand out for him to shake. Hilda took it when Lucas introduced his friends. Hilbert and Lucas high fived each other and were glad they were reunited in Sinnoh.

Journey Begins

"Ok could you show us around this place?" Hilda asked. Lucas nodded and lead them around the small town. "We have the lab here were Professor Rowan does his reasearch(I put his lab in that town so there is pretty much nothing important in Sandgem Town)." Dawn explained. "Well we best be getting home, its getting dark. "I guess were sleeping outside." Rosa said sadly. Lucas shrugged and was about to walk off until Barry punched him and made him give them options. "You can stay at my house?" Lucas suggested. Their heads shot up and ran towards his house. Lucas, Barry and Dawn stood their confused. "It was their plan all along." Dawn said. Lucas replied."Ya think?"He said. They then walked towards his house and everyone was up in Lucas' room. Hilbert was sitting against the wall reading a book about pokemon, while Hilda and Rosa were playing truth or dare. "So how is everyone settling in?" Lucas asked. "Good." they all replied. Dawn and Barry came up to his room with sleeping bags beside them. "You're sleeping here too?" Lucas asked staring at them. Barry nodded and layed on the ground in his sleeping bag. Dawn did the same beside Lucas' bed. Dawn held her pokeball she got from the professor days ago, and opened it to reveal a Piplup. "Hey buddy." Dawn said hugging the penguin pokemon. The pokemon sat in Dawn's lap and smiled. Barry released his Turtwig and began to play around with it, while Lucas stared at his pokeball, which had a Chimpchar in it. "You ok?" Rosa asked standing beside him, now watching the pokeball aswell. "Its just, this pokemon is very similar to Hilbert's Infernape." Lucas explained. Rosa then was confused and spoke up. "Well why you don't want it to be similar?" Rosa asked. Lucas shrugged and put the pokeball into small form and back into his pocket. They all then went to sleep and woke up the next day to begin their journey. "Well time to get going." Lucas said grabbing his travelling backpack. Dawn, Barry, Hilda, Hilbert and Rosa did the same and they all walked out to Route 1. "A new beginning." Hilbert whispered to himself and walked with his old friends and new ones to the first route of his second journey.

Bearing the Past

Lucas ran fast trying to get to the first city to win his first gym battle and was trying to be stopped by Dawn and Hilbert but they couldn't catch up. "Its time to get there!!!!" Lucas yelled running faster. Dawn replied yelling. "We aren't even close to getting there!" Dawn yelled back. Before he could catch up with Lucas, Hilbert was tripped by a small yet big rock and fell hitting his head. Dawn stopped and ran to help him while Lucas tried hard to get to them due to already being far away from the run. Hilbert layed on the ground knocked out when the others arrived trying to help him. Hilda got on her knees and tried to wake him up but there was no use. Hilbert's thoughts..... Hilbert ran through a dark forest but never seemed to get anywhere. Shadows ran after him in the midnight darkness trying to catch him while he ran for his life. He finally reached a cliff and saw nothing but flames and ashes everywhere. Something caught his eye and saw someone standing in the middle of the fire. He walked closer and the figure disappeared suddenly. Hilbert then noticed he was surrounded by the shadows, that leaped towards him trying to get him. Back to reality..... Hilbert shot up and breathed heavily from the flash back and looked at his friends, who had put up camp and were already asleep. However, Rosa was still awake looking at a picture of his friends back in Unova. She thought of what his friends were doing while they were there. Cheren's POV..... I had just began battling another trainer who wanted his gym badge to advance to the next city or town. He tried very hard to beat my pokemon but didn't seem to be patient enough. "Be calm and think about a strategy." I said trying to help him with his battling. He then looked at me and smiled. "Ok I will try." he then took a deep breathe and began to battle better. I smiled at his improvement and called another move for my pokemon to use. Nate's POV... I ran towards the pokemon league with a blazing spirit and need of beating the champion, Alder. I pushed my way through a few trainers and went through the gym badge gates and reached the pokemon league entrance. I had to battle the elite four, who seemed stronger then they looked. I beat the final elite and ran towards the statue and lead me to the final battle room. "A new challenger. I am pleased you came." the champion, Alder, said to me. I nodded and grabbed a pokeball from by belt, which contained my partner pokemon, Servine, which I plan to keep a from evolving. "Lets begin!" I yelled in excitment and threw my pokeball. Curtis and Yancy (Yancy's POV)....... My pokemon and I were in the theatre watching the movie we filmed a few months before. My brother, Curtis, sat at my side laughing at the funny moments of the movie. The movie ended and we sat up from our seats and walked towards the exit. "Can't wait for the next movie we film." I said. Curtis nodded in agreement and walked out of the theatre. Back to the normal group.... Rosa smiled at the thoughts of his friends' lives in Unova and hoped to see them soon. Hilbert had already gone to his tent and fell asleep, which Rosa decided she would do aswell.

Return of the Bladers

They all woke up to the sounds of people yelling and explosians. They quickly packed their bags and ran to the noises. They arrived and found a group of bladers lying on the ground knocked out with their beys in pieces beside them. They then ran towards the hill infront of them and saw a teenager in a white jacket with a green shirt under it and pants looking at the first city of Sinnoh. "Hey did you do this to those bladers!" Hilbert asked furious. All he did was chuckle quietly and turn around and revealed his face from his hood adn sunglasses. Rosa, Hilbert, and Hilda gasped and saw John staring at them all. "Who is he?" Lucas asked curious. "His name is John. A guy who crushes peoples spirits!" Rosa replied. John laughed at this and finally spoke. "I don't do that anymore. I shouldn't anyway. I released myself from the dark power and now using my own strength." John explained. Flashback...... John ran up a mountain and reached the top of it. He then aimed his bey at the sky and released it. The bey went flying into the air and came back down in a different form. John yelled in pain as the dark power released him. His bey was freed from the power aswell and was now known as Prime Dragon. John recalled his bey and looked at it. He then held his bey in the air and it shined in the light. End Flashback...... They all then aimed their launchers at him, still not trusting him. "Well I don't have time for this." John said and walked off. Rosa was about to run after him but was stopped by Hilbert, who shook his head. She nodded and stepped back. "Go Striker!" a voice said from behind them. "Go Pegasus!!!" another voice said. They all turned around. "Those voices are-" Hilda was cut off by a group of fimiliar bladers battling. "Gingka!" Hilbert, Hilda and Rosa said.

Trapped in the Caves

Gingka, Yu, Kenta, Tsubassa and Madoka came running their way. A person they didn't recogize ran after them with his bey trailing behind him. Gingka's bey was battling the boy's and they were in a fierce fight. "Go Striker!" the boy said. "Go Pegasus!" Gingka countered. Both bladers clashed with a fighting spirit and kept battling. Gingka called his special move, Cosmic Tornado, and defeated his opponent. "Ha won again!" Gingka bragged. The blader, Masamune, ignored him and ran towards the first city. "Hey Masamune wait!" Madoka said running after him. "I will help you get him." Lucas said. Dawn decided to tag along and the three ran after the hyper blader. Gingka and Yu shrugged and walked along with Hilbert and the rest. "So you guys, what have you been doing since the final battle on top of N's castle." Tsubassa asked trying to ignite a conversation. "We have been preparing for new adventures and journeys." Hilda replied. Tsubassa nodded and was about to speak again but was inerupted by Gingka. "Where is Nate and the others?" he asked curiously. "They are back in Unova doing their daily stuff." Hilbert answered. Gingka nodded and walked until the reached the city. "So this is Oreburgh City huh?" Rosa said in the tone of a question. (I'm going to take out cities without gyms, but I will keep towns though.) Hilda nodded and walked towards the gym. There was a sign on it and Barry read it. "We are sorry to inform you that the gym has been closed due to sudden cave-ins in the mining facility." Barry read. They all sighed in disappointment and walked towards the mining facility to look around. They walked around and went into the caves to see workers mining through the walls looking for who knows what. They then saw Masamune, Madoka, Lucas, Dawn and Gingka running the other way. "Cave in!!!!" Lucas yelled. Hilbert looked around confused and saw the top of the cave fell off and seperated them. Hilbert got off the ground and found that he and Yu were stuck together. "You ok?" Hilbert asked. Yu nodded and walked around. "How do you think we will get out?" Yu asked rubbing the back of his head. Hilbert shrugged and walked towards a open path. "Lets go." Hilbert said walking through the path. Yu nodded and trailed behind him. On the other side of the debris of rocks, Hilda, Tsubassa, and Madoka were seperated from the others. "Ouch!" Hilda yelled when another rock fell onto her head. Madoka wiped the rocks off herself and went looking around. Tsubasa was already up and looking for a way out and found a passage way to get out. "That way." Tsubasa said pointing to the way. They nodded and walked towards the passage. On the outside of the cave, Gingka, Lucas, Dawn and Barry had escaped and were trying to get the rocks out of their way to help their trapped friends. "We will get there!" Gingka said confident. Masamune came running towards them with pix axes to try and get the rocks out of the way easier, and they accept the tools. They began trying their hardest to get their friends out. Meanwhile......... Hilbert began to sweat and stumble around from being tired or the air being hot. Yu fell on his knees and onto the ground now knocked out. Hilbert stopped walking and ran towards him. "Yu! Yu are you ok!?" Hilbert asked over and over. Yu never answered and only layed there. He set him against the wall and sat beside him, waiting for him to wake up. "Sometimes you wonder if this fight is whats right." a voice echoed in the cave. Hilbert shot up and held his fists up to fight. "No need to" the voice said again now getting more clear from getting closer. "B-brother?" Hilbert asked. From the shadows, N walked infront of him. Hilbert gasped and backed against the wall. "W-what!? You're not my brother! I don't have one!" Hilbert yelled. N chuckled and began to explain. "You are my step brother. Our excuse for a father, Ghetisis, adopted me, you and our sisters." N explained. Hilbert shook his head not wanting to believe on what he thought were lies. "You want proof?" N asked. Hilbert quickly nodded and N grabbed someone from behind him and put him/er beside him. The person had a bag over his/her head and N removed it revealing his mom. "Mom!" Hilbert asked surprised. His mom nodded sadly. "This is your brother. I'm not your mom, I am just your guardian." she answered sadly. Hilbert's heart stopped at this and he covered his black eyes with his eyes. "Mom I have more-" Hilbert was about to finish his sentence but plasma grunts pulled his "mom" away. Now it was just N and Hilbert. "Wait where is Yu!" Hilbert asked furious. "He and your friends were saved by my grunts and taken back to the city. And since we need you back with the family, I got these for you." N said handing him a badge case. Hilbert grabbed it and opened it to reveal all the gym badges and a small trophy of the Sinnoh League winner. "Its made by the real people. Now will you come back with me? We will give you anything you desire."N asked. A tear went down Hilbert's face and he nodded, still not letting his eyes be shown. N nodded and was teleported back to the Team Plasma base where he was to stay. Back to the group...... "Where is Hilbert!?" Hilda and Rosa asked worried. "With me." N said walking infront of them with hilbert beside him, woth different clothes. His blue jacket was replaced with a black one and his hat was now black aswell. Everything was black on him except his shoes. "Why are you with him?!" Lucas yelled. Hilbert kept his eyes closed and continued to think about what he was doing. "He asked you a question!" Barry said angrily. Hilbert never replied and was about to walk away until he was punched in the back by Lucas and Barry. Hilda, Rosa, Dawn and the rest just watched them beat their former friend up. "No more!" Hilbert said releasing a dark aura into Lucas and Barry, knocking them backwards with the others. They all looked at him in shock until he released his pokemon. "Zekrom Fusion Bolt around the city!" Hilbert said coldly. Zekrom nodded and released its electricity around the city making people run inside. Hilbert recalled Zekrom and was about to walk off until Officer Jenny and other police surrounded him. "Hm?" Hilbert said. "Put your hands behind your back! You are coming with us!" Officer Jenny ordered. Hilbert didn't reply and put his hands behind his back. Hilda watched them push him against the wall and drag him to the police cars. "Take him too! He helped him!" Dawn said pointing at N, who ignored them and walked off. "We have no proof. We will be off now, stay out of trouble." Jenny said before driving off. "Well we got our gym badges and-" Rosa was cut off by Hilda picking up a badge case that Hilbert must of droped. She opened it and saw every badge in it. Hilda put it in her bag and they walked out of the city. Before the left, Hilda looked at the jail Hilbert was in. She then turned around and cried quietly and walked away. Suddenly, the jail doors blasted opened and revealed Hilbert alongside John. "You owe me." John said before walked off. Hilbert then walked towards the next city, where he hoped to meet up with his friends.

Team Dim Sun and the Rangers

The group continued to walk, not making a sound. No one talked ever since they thought Hilbert was taken to jail for almost destroying Oreburgh City. Hilda stopped and checked the map when a group of people came running with machine on their back that looked like computers. "Get them!" a voice said from behind them. Three people were riding on the legendary pokemon, Raikou, Suicune, and Entei. They ran after the men with the machines and caught them. "That was a good run huh?" on of the riders said. The machine men kept their mouthes shut not wanting to talk. "Did they hurt you?" one of them asked. Lucas shook his head and leaned against a nearby tree. "Well were pokemon rangers from Almia. We are three of the eight elite rangers." the girl explained. Hilda's eyes widened when she recongnized them. "You guys are Kellyn, Kate and Keith!" Hilda said excited and surprised. The three nodded. "Wait you're the Kellyn that saved the world from Darkrai?!" Rosa asked. Kellyn simply nodded. Rosa screamed in excitment and ran towards Kellyn and jumped onto him and consumed him in a hug. Lucas, Barry, Yu, Kenta, Gingka and Tsubassa all yelled yuck while Dawn, Hilda and Madoka watched with no problem. Rosa finally released Kellyn and backed away. "Um I thought you liked Curtis Rosa?" Hilda said putting her hands in her pockets and tilting her head. Rosa didn't reply but was about to hug Kellyn again until she was held back by none other then Curtis. "When did you get here!?" Rosa asked. Curtis glared at her and let her go and walked off. "Zekrom Fusion Bolt!" Hilbert commanded. The group turned around and saw Hilbert battling John, who countered with his Keldeo's Hyper Beam. "Woah!" they all said as they watched the battle.


John's Hyper Beam hit Zekrom's Fusion Bolt making a large blast of smoke. John was blown away from the impact and fell down beside the group. "You call that strength?" Hilbert asked. John growled and got back on his feet and recalled his injured Keldeo. Hilbert recalled Zekrom and walked towards them. "Guys, I'm sorry for what I have done. I'm just going through a very hard time and I needed some time to figure this out. Everyone nodded except Hilda, who punched him in the shoulder with all her might. "Wha-" Hilbert was cut off by Hilda punching him again. Hilda then stopped and took a few steps back. "You don't believe me do you?" Hilbert asked. Hilda nodded and walked off. "How about I prove it to you." Hilbert suggested. Hilda stopped in her tracks and looked at him. "Fine." she simply said. Hilbert smiled and threw her a pokeball. "Open it see what pokemon is in it." Hilbert said. Hilda nodded and opened the pokemon, gasping at her new pokemon. "R-Reshiram?!" Hilda exclaimed. Hilbert nodded and explained. "I tracked down N and defeated him and he gave me the pokemon, saying he was not worthy." Hilbert explained. Hilda ran towards him and hugged him tight. Hilbert returned the hug and looked towards Barry and Lucas. "Do you trust me now?" Hilbert asked. Barry nodded and Lucas shrugged, not caring. "I trust ya!" Yu said happily. Hilbert smiled and patted him on the head. "Thanks." Hilbert replied. "We trust you too." Madoka said. Hilbert nodded and they began to walk towards the next town to continue their journey.

A Change of Heart

Yu sighed from boredom once again and tugged on Gingka's shirt, asking nonstop for a bey battle. Gingka declined since he needed to pay attention to the map. "I can battle you." a voice behind them said. They all turned around and saw John, Sarah, and Venom looking at them. "You again!" Hilbert yelled aiming his bey. Venom aimed her launcher at him to protect John, who only looked at Yu. "So you wanna battle?" John asked. Yu hesitated for a minute, then accept. "But we need a stadium. So how about this?" John said launching his bey towards the ground making a large crater for the stadium. "Perfect!" Yu yelled happily. "3...2...1! Let it rip!!!" the two said releasing their beys into the battle. Sparks flew every hit but John pushed him back. "Magma Prime Left Mode!" John ordered. Everyone's eyes widened as his bey turned from right spinning to left spinning. His bey then went on the side of the stadium and went in fast circle creating red energy. "Special Move! Red Flag Blast!!!" John commanded. "Libra!" Yu yelled in terror. "White Dragon Snow Flight!!!!" Hilbert said launching his bey into battle. "No!" Venom yelled launching her bey into battle. "Fusion Gatekeeper! Fusion Fire Bolt!!!" Venom said. Both Hilbert and Venom's beys clashed and both their specials moves caused a huge blast. "This is too cool! Let it rip!!!" Masamune said launching Striker into the stadium and attacking everyone. "Let it rip!!!" Sarah, Hilda, Rosa, Lucas, Barry, Dawn and Tsubassa said releasing their beys into the stadium creating a battle royal. "Go now!!!" all of them said teaming up and heading towards John. "Special Move! Magma Prime Sky Sword!!!" John yelled. His bey flew into the air and spun around creating red energy around it and went down exploding the other beys, winning the match. John then recalled his bey and walked towards them. "Good job." John said. They all gasped at how nice he became. "You too." Yu said holding his hand out for him to shake. John accepted the hand and shook Yu's hand and walked away with Venom and Sarah.

Curtis's Choice

Trainers and Rangers vs Team Galactic and Team Dim Sun

To be Published

Burning Soul

To be Published

A Rival's Destiny

To be Published

Broken Bey

To be Published

Bump in the Night

To be Published

Pokemon Rescue

To be Published

No Hiding

To be Published

Lucas's Past

To be Published

Enter the Mew Mews

To be Published

Side by Side

To be Published

Keys to Succes

To be Published

Pokemon Royalty

To be Published

North Star

To be Published

Rooftop Rumble

To be Published

The Bey with A Silver Spirit

To be Published

A Sticky Situation

To be Published

Zekrom and Reshiram's True Colors

To be Published

Trusted Emotions

To be Published

Joining the Light

To be Published

No Longer Alone

To be Published

Random Times of Battles

To be Published

John's Explanation

To be Published

Race to Snowpoint

To be Published

Deep in the Snow

To be Published

Snow Day in Snowpoint

To be Published

Release the Past

To be Published

Complete in 30 Minutes

To be Published

Gyms out Sinnoh League In

To be Published

Round 2: Fierce Strike

To be Published

Round 3: Draining Power

To be Published

Final Round: This is It

To be Published

The Mountain's History

To be Published

Climb to the Rescue

To be Published

Dark Worlds

To be Published

Blast Off

To be Published

Tag Along, New Roads Await

To be Published

                                                  Book 3

Awakening of a Power

To be Published


To be Published

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