Name: Tyson
Japanese Name: Unknown
Age: 14 (Unova)

15 (Sinnoh)

16 (Hoenn)

Hometown: Littleroot Town, Hoenn (fanfiction story only)
Region: Hoenn

Ryu Granger (grandfather)

Hiro Granger (brother)

Class: Blader

Hilbet, Nate, Ray, Kai and others

First Appearance:

The New Bladers

Voice actor: None (fanfiction character)
"I would be scared if I wasn't so darn good."
— Tyson to many bladers

Tyson Granger is a powerful blader that makes short appearances in Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Beyblade Ultimate Adventures. He later made a full appearance in Book 2 of the story and joined their travelling group alongside Ray and Kenny.

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