"Truth, Beauty and Love" is a song sung by Alyssa McMann (Katie Rose Clarke) in The Miraculous Adventure of Tessa and Lunala.

Sequence Edit

After Jerco Snow decides to head to Kalos with Lillie Germain and Alyssa, Lillie goes to cuddle with her secret love interest, Professor Kukui. Alyssa and the newest addition to her party, Mesprit, walk over to a nearby tree, as the former wonders what it would be like to have a boyfriend.

Lyrics: Edit


There was truth in his eyes

When he reached for her hand.

And all a lifetime restarted when he kissed her.

And this all must begin.

There was beauty in his face

When he reached for her hand.

And oh, how her world grew again when he held her

And gave her hope that she can... let his heart mend her soul; fill her eyes.

There was love in his voice when he asked for her hand.

And all their future was closer when he told her 'I was part of your plan.'

Truth, beauty and love.

Truth, beauty and love.

Ah, ah, ah...

Truth, beauty and... love...

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