This Fan Fic relate the history of tree 10 age children. Tom, Laura, and Bella. The tree are friends, but after that day it turn into rivals. Tom is the Principal Character, Bella is a Neutral Character, and Laura can be the Antagonist Character. This fan fiction will follow Tom in the adventure from Kanto. He is a Coordinator, like May and Dawn, but is not effeminate. In this adventure, he had a Crush in a girl, called Jill. She is Beautiful, VERY BEAUTIFUL. also he have a Rival. Its name is Jake, a boy that fight in Gyms and have too a Crush in Jill. In the adventure, Tom Befriend some Gym Leaders, like Misty. She help Tom in the journey, and Cerulean is it favorite city, and is also the city of Jill and Jake.


Tom, the Protagonist

Bella, the Natural Girl

Laura, the Fire Girl

Jill, the Beautiful Crusher Girl

Jake, Tom Rival

Misty, the Auxilliar Girl

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