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"Someday" is a song originally from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It is sung by Kiawe Koa (Marc Swint) and Lydia Johnson (Morgan Lily) in The Miraculous Adventure of Tessa and Lunala.

Sequence Edit

It is the night before Dark Matter's big onslaught. Kiawe and Lydia, who is positive she'll die the next day, are cuddling in bed together, hoping and praying for a light to shine upon the world.

Lyrics Edit

(Kiawe; Spoken)

We have so little time left before Dark Matter attacks.

(Lydia; Spoken)

So let's say goodbye while we have the chance.

(Kiawe; Spoken)

It'll never be goodbye, Lydia.


I used to believe

In the days I was naïve

That I'd live to see

A day of justice dawn.

And though I will die

Long before that morning comes;

I'll die while believing still:

It'll come when I

Am gone.

(Kiawe; Spoken)

Lydia, I can't let you die! I love you.



When we are wiser

When the world's older

When we have learned.

I pray

Someday we may yet live

To live and let live.


Life will be fairer (Kiawe: Life will be fairer)

Need will be rarer (Kiawe: Need will be rarer)

Greed will not pay (Kiawe: Greed will not pay)

Godspeed (Kiawe: Godspeed)

This bright millennium (Kiawe: This bright millennium)

On its way.

(Kiawe and Lydia)

Let it come



Instrumental Break Edit


When the world's older

When things have changed

(Kiawe and Lydia)


The dreams will all be real

'Till then we'll

Wish upon the moon!

Change will come...


One day...



(Kiawe and Lydia)


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