Skylar's Yveltal is said to be the only shiny Yveltal in existence.



  • Nicknames: "Bacon Bird" (by other trainers), "Kutabeil" (by Skylar)
  • Level: 94
  • Types: Dark-Flying
  • Moves: Oblivion Wing, Phantom Force, Dark Pulse, Psychic
  • Ability: Moody
  • Height: 25'6
  • Weight: 667.8lbs.
  • Sex: Genderless
  • Age: 19 (Child)
  • HP: 353
  • Attack: 212
  • Defense: 237
  • Sp. Attack: 467
  • Sp. Defense: 209
  • Speed: 411
  • Critical Hit Ratio: 45%
  • Evasiveness: 398
  • Caught With: Moon Ball
  • Nature: Quiet (^Sp. Attack, vSpeed)


Kutabeil does not like to lose in a fight. When angered or weakened, it may start disobeying Skylar's orders and use brute force to fight against its opponent. This sometimes, but not oftenly, works, and happens to be this Pokemon's weakness. Its Sp. Defense stat is also comparatively low. 


Legends told of there being only one shiny Yveltal, Xerneas, and Zygarde in the entire Pokemon world. Skylar chose to find the shiny Yveltal, which happened to be only a baby (Lv. 11). She managed to catch it with the only ball she had left, which was a Moon Ball given to her by a friend. Ever since, Skylar trained it to be the best it could be, and it is now only a mere 6 levels away from being Lv. 100. Trainers and breeders say that its stats are significantly higher than other Yveltals, and has an ability that no other Yveltal can have.

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