Sarah Jagane
Name: Sarah Jagane
Japanese Name: Unknown
Age: 13 (Unova)

14 (Sinnoh)

15 (Hoenn)

16 (Johto)

22 (Things Change)

4 (flashback)

Hometown: Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh
Region: Sinnoh

Sally (little sister)

Mom (name unknown)

Dad (name unknown)

Class: Blader

John, Red, Blue and Leaf

First Appearance:

Battle of the Dark Powers

Voice actor: None (fanfiction character)
"Your power comes from the heart not from training. The kindness you give to your pokemon is what keeps it running. "
— Sarah talking about pokemon

Sarah Jagane was a blader who travelled alongside John in the regions: Sinnoh, Hoenn and Johto. Sarah left the group to find her true destiny, which she didn't succeed in. She went to find John and the group, but failed to find them. Sarah later decided to return to her hometown and live with her family once again. Year past and John finally returned to her. Sarah is a character in the story Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Beyblade Ultimate Adventures.


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