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Name: Ryusemimaru
Gender: Male
Region: Kalos
Family: Utsusemimaru (father)
Ryuko Matoi (mother)
Class: Trainer
Friends: Calrem Joo (rival)
Samuel's Charizard (rival's Pokemon)
First Appearance: Out of Words

Ryusemimaru (nicknamed Ryusei or just Ryu) is the son of Utsusemimaru and Ryuko Matoi and rival of Calrem Joo.


Before he goes off JourneyEdit

Battle Against RivalEdit

As Calrem decided, Ryu sent out his Chespin (nicknamed Otto) to beat Gekou, but he switched to Vibi then easily defeat Otto with Aerial Ace and Confusion. Ryu states that Vibi's attacks used super effective to beat his Chespin. He sent second Pokémon Stag the Heracross which is has Mega Stone to evolve into Mega Heracross then easily defeat both Vibi and Gekou then win the battle. Though Calrem lost his battle, Ryu help makes their Pokémon evolves into Mega Pokémons with using special Mega Stone-like spicer called DNA Evolver which is Kyurem's part and Samuel's possession. When they finishing his explanation, he starts his journey then say goodbye to his rivals.

Lumiose CityEdit

As Calrem and Charizard finally go to Sycamore's lab, Ryu reappeared in his lab and talking of them about mysterious crack dimensional portal. Ryu asking Calrem to second battle and he decided then sent out his Chespin, Otto and he chose Gekou the Frogadier which is Ryu's shock that Froakie was evolved. His Chespin was defeated by Frogadier's Bubblebeam and Water Pulse. He states that Frogadier was too strong for Otto, but he sent out his Heracross Stag then before used Mega Evolution into Mega Heracross. He easily defeating Gekou and Vibi just like previous battle, but only defeated by Bago the Mothim and Calrem win the battle. Ryu stating that three Pokémons were bonds with him. He went off to somewhere to catch strong Pokémon then say goodbye to his rival.

Route 7 and DaycareEdit

Ryu reappeared again and revealed Otto was evolved into Quilladin and caught the Flabebe. He was also revealed that he was the son of Utsusemimaru and Ryuko since they were married.


Main PokemonEdit

Pokémon Information
No Image
Otto was Ryu's primary Pokemon who given by Professor Syramore like Calrem's Froakie. Ryu used Chespin to battle against Gekou and easily beat him. Once Calrem call out Gekou, he was defeated easily by Vibi when Ryu states the Bug Type used against his Grass Type. He was revealed evolves into Quilladin.
Otto was now 19 (originally 5 and 9).
His moves were Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Tackle, Needle Arm.
Quilladin (Otto)
Pokémon Information
No Image
Stag was second Pokemon caught by Ryu in Route 12 that he states that was rare. Ryu calls Stag to battle against Vibi, but not before he has Mega Stone to evolve into Mega Heracross to easily defeat Vibi with Megahorn in one-hit. When Calrem calls Gekou, Ryu calls him to used Brick Break to tried to beat him but he dodged his attack and using Water Gun to critical hit on Mega Pokemon. As Gekou empowered enough to beat Mega Heracross, Ryu calls Stag to used the powerful Mega Evolution Giga Impact to easily hit Gekou then win. His level was now 18 (originally 9).
His move was Megahorn, Horn Attack, Tackle and a powerful Giga Impact.
Heracross (Stag)
Pokémon Information
No Image
Beflower was third main Pokemon was revealed caught in the yellow flowers.
Her levels was 14.
Her moves were Fairy Wind, Lucky Chant and Vine Whip.
Flabébé (Beflower)

At home/Supporting PokemonEdit

Pokémon Information
No Image
Snorlax first appearance when he fell a sleep. They tried to wake him up with using Poke Flute, but the spoiled Princess Allie stoles it. However, Ryu plays the leaf like a Poke Flute to wake him up. He was eventually caught it by Ryu and named him Lax. His level are 18. His moves was Mega Punch and Hyper Beam.


  • Bug Badge (revealed in episode 15)


  • Calrem and Ryusemimaru were best friends and rival since they were childhood.

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