Hi everyone! I'm EmperorCosmicNeo, the new admin of this wiki and want to let you all get up to speed with the rules. I have already made 3 blocks on this wiki, and that wasn't how I wanted to start. Anyway, onto the rules.

Rule 1: No deleting pages or replacing pages with your own or an insult and such.

Rule 2: On chat, keep discussions family friendly and nothing linking to offensive websites.

Rule 3: On chat, don't question others beliefs and try to influence them to think differently about what they believe in.

Rule 4: No bullying. We don't need everyone fighting each other, right?

Rule 5: Don't ask to be a mod or admin. I will inform you if you have a chance to become one.

Rule 6: If the founder of this wiki were to come back, respect his return and help him understand everything that has changed.

Rule 7: Have some fun!

Well, guys, that are the rules. If anyone were to disobey them, they get a strike. Everyone knows the "strike" deal, right? For those who don't, it's like baseball. Three strikes and you're out. So, three chances and you're banned, or if it serious or you have had numerous strikes before, a block for a month. If you have done something terrible, un-forgiving or something that has affected this community dearly, a block for a year and so on and so forth. If you need help, find me on chat and if I'm not there, leave a message on my talk page. Make some cool stories and enjoy the wiki.

                                                     -EmperorCosmicNeo, Admin

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