Name: Rosa
Japanese Name: Unknown
Age: 12(Unova)

13 (Sinnoh)

14 (Hoenn)

20 (Things Change)

Hometown: Apertia City
Region: Unova

Mom (name unknown)

Nate (brother)

Class: Blader

Pokemon Trainer


Nate, Hilbert, Hilda, Bianca, John and others

First Appearance:

Route 1 camping

Voice actor: None (fanfiction character)
"Come at me with all ya got! I'm sure the battle is just getting started."
— Rosa to Venom in the Unova League

Rosa is a pokemon trainer a blader and is the younger sister of Nate. When she was in trouble, she always went for Nate to help. Rosa admires her pokemon and is a happy person. She has a dark personality during the pokemon tournamnet but quickly got over it. Rosa went with Nate to help him get Hilbert and Hilda to Sinnoh. She decided she would join their group, and asked Nate to come. He declined and returned to Unova. She stopped travelling around the pokemon world when she beat the Hoenn League. Rosa is a character in Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Beyblade Ultimate Adventures.

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