By Iscrump:)


A boy, a fourteen-year-old boy was standing in a chalk box on the right side of a battlefield. He was holding a red and white ball with a white button in the middle. He threw it up and down with his big hands, which were obviously connected to his lightly toned arm muscles. For a shirt he wore a black tee-shirt. Over it, he wore a red vest with a white collar and zipper. He had a tan, worn backpack strapped to his shoulders. His red hat covered his face as he was looking down. His brown hair was spiked in all directions. Light-colored jeans were keeping him warm in the cold Kanto air. His red and black shoes were dirty and worn, but with pride.

Across the rugged battlefield, another fourteen-year-old boy was standing, eyes glimmering with determination. His spikey brownish-blonde hair shone even in the dim moonlight. He had hazel eyes. His leather jacket fit him perfectly, only to be too short, so that he would have to wear a tee-shirt underneath it. He wore a black belt to keep his khaki pants upright.

"Hey, Red!" the blonde teen yelled. Red could be seen slightly looking up across the field. "You better not use that sorry little Pikachu against me!

Red smirked. He chose not to say anything, as he was one of those strong, silent types.

"What's wrong, Purrloin got your toungue?" the blonde laughed. PORN "At least my sorry little Pikachu has skill," Red said, pulling out his badge case. He opened it. "And I think I have this badge to prove it, Blue."

Blue nervously combed his hands through his hair. "Can't we just start the match already?!" he yelled.

A referree dressed in black and white stepped in the middle of the field. "Alright!" he yells. "This is the finals of the Pokemon World Tournament! Each competetor will use one Pokemon of their choice! Ready, set, go!"

"Go, Tyranitar!" Blue threw a PokeBall. The red light grew into a tremendous shape, glowing red then white then showing the real colors of the green dragon. "Tyra!!" it yelled.

then they started having sex and fucking each other. Blue shoved his cock up reds ass.

the end