Pokemon vs. Card Rider: The Legendary Chizures is the filler special movie and crossover of Pokemon Johto Arc and Card Rider. However, unlike the movie, this special movie was only English Dub and do not outside in United States. It was originally not a continuity as the continuity problems was set up, but funnily enough, it revealed that continuity problems was perfectly senses so he put up the continuity to where belongs. This story is returning character Molly who was in Pokemon Johto: Beast and the Unown since after Samuel give Houndoom to Rei Kurosawa from Fatal Frame, releasing Magcargo to Magcargo home and finally caught the three Legendary Beasts; Entei, Raikou and Suicune then add to his party. However, Prozen from Zoids; no longer used Dark Kaiser powers that he tried to contains the power of the Beasts.



Major CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Eureka
  • Peter Griffin (cameo at Peter's Lab)
  • Jimmy (cameo at Peter's Lab)


  • Prozen (returning back to normal)


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