Pokemon black and white 3 is a fan idea for a sequel for black and white 2.

Gym leaders.

Chili Pokemon Whirlipede Victini(star Pokemon)

Iris and Drayden


Archeops Dragonite


Serperior Victini

Koga Kingdra Lunatone Solrock Victini

Tate and Liza

Tate: Lunatone Landorus

Liza: Solrock Victini

Eric: Lunatone Solrock Archeops Victini Scizor Magnezone

Elite four. Lance: Dragonite Caitlin: Musharna Marshal: Sawk Blue: Throh Champion Mark: Charizard lv. 80 Shiny Victini level 89 Blastoise lv.90 Serperior level 99 Archeops lv. 100 Hydreigon lv. 100 FINAL BATTLE N And Ghetsis N Shiny Victini Victini

Ghetsis Wynaut Volbeat Whirlipede Lunatone

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