Episode ListEdit

Episode 1: "The Journey Begins"

Sunnary:Young trainer Gale chooses Fennekin as his pokemon instead of Chespin or Froakie. Another trainer, Terrance, arrives and chooses Chespin. An argument sparks a rivalry between Gale and Terrance. Proffesor Maple tells them they can have a battle outback and the two prepare to face off.

Episode 2: "The Rivalry Showdown"

Summary:Gale and Terrance have their first battle. Fennekin and Chespin clash with their best moves. The Grass type Chespin does well against the Fire type Fennekin. However, in the end, Gale and Fennekin come out the winner.

Episode 3: "Enter Xerneas"

Summary:As Gale and Fennekin begin their journey, they see a strange deer-like pokemon in the forest that runs away. Later, they discover it is a legendary pokemon known as Xerneas, but no one believes they actually saw it. Later, Team Plasma attacks Gale and he is having trouble, but Xerneas comes and saves him. Gale and Xerneas lock eyes, then Xerneas dashes away into the forest.

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