Pokemon Saviors is a fanfiction created by me, Alaking1000. The story begins with the destruction of the main character's, Nick's, hometown of Deroot Town. He is taken to an organization known as T.A.T.E. (Trainers Againist The Enemy) by it's cheif, Magnen. At T.A.T.E. Nick learns his hometown was destroyed by the Enemy, an evil organization whose goal is to rule the world. NIck is given a Turtwig to go and defeat the Enemy. Joining him on this quest are his rivals, Jeff and Rebecca. Though they seperate between battles, the three join together to gain the eight badges of the region and use the badges' power to evolve their own pokemon before the Enemy can use them.


Main Characters


A boy of 14, he lost his home to The Enemy and wants revenge


Another boy of 14, he was trained by a member of The Enemy, but did not like their methods.


A girl of 13, she is the least exprienced and oddest member of the team

Cheif Magnen

Cheif of T.A.T.E

The Enemy

Evil Organization planning on using the gym badges to rule the world