Pokemon Psychic Revenge and Fighting Spirit is s a new generation of Pokemon set in Scymeta Region. Featuring two legendary Pokemon Vengetasio and Spiriarm

Pokedex (numeral order)Edit

  • 1-Furlade, a grass fighter Pokemon. It can perform a series a slashes through the use of its blades.
  • 2-Raglade, a grass fighter pokemon. When enraged, its blades is fueled with power and speed
  • 3-Supremaclade, a guardian pokemon. After it evolved, its blades become one giant sword of massive prove of power.
  • 4-Drofire, a metal dragon pokemon. When all fired up, it shoots superheated laser beams from its eyes.
  • 5-Robofire, a metal dragon pokemon. It gains a lot of fire by channeling heat from its rechargeable core.
  • 6-Machinaflame, a Mass Produced pokemon. This superpower is fireproof and bulletproof and can withstand water for long periods of time in matter its weakness.
  • 7-Aquasune, a water fox pokemon, a fox that can swim underwater without resurfacing and no time limit.
  • 8-Wakyubi, a water fox pokemon. Its just like a underwater ballad as its bedazzles its foes with water attacks.
  • 9-Oceasunay, a Ocean Magician pokemon. It bedazzle its foes with more deep sea magic but can also call on a rainstorm that rages through the day.
  • 10-Scienchick, a science bird pokemon. Created by Dr. Fijiku, these pokemon live out in the wilderness feeding on berries.
  • 11-Armabird, a military bird pokemon. When it attacks a opposite force, it uses its toy-like guns to attack with.
  • 12-Cannohawk, a artillery bird pokemon. After it evolves, it wings has thuster-cannons on them to fly fast and attack with.
  • 13-Shephruff, a puppy pokemon. A genetically altered dog made to fight fiercely when in a tough situation.
  • 14-Battruff (Magic Form), a Battle Dog pokemon. When it battles a threat, it howls and begins to attack first.
  • 15-Battruff (Fighter Form), a battle dog pokemon. When it battles a threat, it howls and beings to attack first.
  • 16-Scymetan Rattata

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