Pokemon: The Lost EmpireEdit

Everything is normal for young pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum, until one day he and his friends are turned into pikachus! He is reunited with his former traveling companions, who share the same fate. Suddenly a Raichu comes to Ash for his help. A lost pokemon empire has been destroyed, and the legendary pokemon are missing. They learn that Giovanni, the evil leader of Team Rocket joins together all the teams in the pokemon world and creates one team- Team Universe. It's up to Ash and his friends not only to save the Lost Pokemon Empire but save the real world from Giovanni's wrath. But as a pikachu, what can he do? Find out in Pokemon: The Lost Empire.

Hey Guys! I really wanted to write a pkmn fanfiction so I found this wiki so yeah.;) Please do not edit this page. Thank You!

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