(Note: Fake games. These do not exist anywhere, whether "real" or as "bootlegs".)

Pokemon Dawn and Dusk versions are two of the most famous Pokemon games that differ greatly from all the other Pokemon games. Dawn and Dusk versions take place in the Thos region, a large area considered to be based off of southern Australia. It features seven new types - Jade, Light, Undead, Arcane, Stone, Nova, and Oblivion, as well as 185 Thos-unique Pokemon - the most there has ever been in any game excluding Pokemon from other regions within one game.

Another unique aspect of Dawn and Dusk version is that it features the Player talking, which has never been seen before in any other game made by Nintendo. A few Mega-Evolution Pokemon feature three types.


New FeaturesEdit

Pokemon Dawn and Dusk feature a setting to change whether the player wants to have the old game format (where everything had 2D sprites) or the X & Y format (3D sprites), and they are able to adjust the height and weight of their character as well as hair styles/colors, eye styles/color, skin tone, etc. individually and at any point of the game. Boutiques are also in every town and feature a very large range of clothes of varying prices rather than increasingly higher prices for 3 sets of clothes the later the player would progress in X & Y. 

There are now 14 badges to obtain in Dawn and Dusk, though only the traditional 8 is needed to fight the Elite 4. Also, Gym Leaders will use more Pokemon of higher levels and more varying types. The trainer can also hold two "sideline" Pokemon in their party - these Pokemon are used only when every other one of the trainer's Pokemon have fainted and cannot be switched out into battle either by the trainer or Dragon Tai/Whirlwind/Roar. There is a setting to switch this on or off (with the sideline pokemon, the trainer can technically carry 8 Pokemon at a time).

Shiny Pokemon are now much harder to find. There is only a 1/10722 chance that one will appear, as opposed to X & Y's 1/4096, though different areas of the game have slightly varying chances of finding a shiny. The "easiest" place to find a shiny has the odds of 1/7931, which is slightly lower than the traditional 1/8192.

New TypesEdit

Jade, Light, Undead, Arcane, Nova, Stone, and Oblivion are the seven new types added to Dawn and Dusk. 


  • Moves that do x2 against it: Steel, Fighting, and Dragon
  • Moves that do x0.5 against it: Dark, Jade, and Bug
  • Supereffective against: Dark and Bug
  • Ineffective against: Oblivion, Steel, Fighting, and Dragon
  • Does not affect: Oblivion


  • Moves that do x2 against it: TBC

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