The characters and pokemon are the same from pokemon adventures manga but with different names. The story was created by me.( You might not understand this story much if you haven't read the manga.)

Characters:                                                                                                           Lucas                     



Prof. Rowan

Ash (Red)

Gary (Blue)

Jenny (Green) 

Ariel (Yellow)

Ethan (Gold)

Jayden (Silver)

Lyra (Crystal)

Brendan (Ruby)

May (Sapphire)

Emerald (Wally)

Lucas's Pokemon: Torterra, Staraptor, Steelix, Floatzel, Roserade, Abomasnow.

Barry's Pokemon: Infernape, Bibarel, Golem, Gastrodon, Glalie, Weavile.

Dawn's Pokemon: Empoleon, Luxray, Crobat, Pachirisu, Lopunny, Mamoswine. 

All Pokedex owner's starters

The New JourneyEdit

''After emerging victorious from the sinnoh league, Lucas now bearing the title of Pokemon Master, is enjoying the last moments of this highly exciting journey with his friends Barry and Dawn.

"Once we get back to Twinleaf town, what do you want to do?" Asked Dawn. 'I think we are going to Kanto tommorow.' He replied. 

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