Pokémon Masters is a series following the adventures of many younglings in many different regions. It is mainly inspired by the Pokémon game series.

Main CharactersEdit

The main character vary by season, but may be focused on occasionally in later seasons.


Season 1 (Red)Edit

1. A new journey

2. How to catch a Pikachu

3. The problem with rocks

4. The thieves at Mt Moon

5. Trap at Nugget Bridge

6. Get soaked with Starmie

7. Robbery in Cerulean

8. Party on the S.S. Anne

9. A shocking battle

10. The little Diglett that would

11. Why power's in that plant

12. Rocking in the dark

13. Funeral at the tower

14. Beware the bike gang

15. The sweetness of Celadon

16. Secrets of the game corner

17. Training those fears

18. Napping on the ocean

19. Let's play a game

20. Using the 5 senses

21. Don't cycle on my road

22. Rocket strikes the silph co

23. Surfing in the sun

24. Chilling with a few friends

25. It's time to chill

26. What is this place?

27. The final final battle

28. The road to victory

29. The champion

30. The most powerful pokemon yet