• PR: XY Saga Version 1 (1 to 27)
  • PR: XY Saga Version 2 (28 to 31)
  • PR: XY Saga Version 3 (32 onward)
PR: XY Saga (also known as Pokémon: X and Y or PR: Pokémon X and Y) is the newly evolved sequel of PR: series. This Pokémon series was continuing after BW Saga and MixBeast. It was used footage to both Pocket Monster: XY and Kaijitsu Rider.


After the story of MixBeast and BW Saga, Roho and Melk the Second were married while he in LovingShipping and has a son named Calrem Joo, an very important child which the narrator warns them that he say "He was very important child that too hard for caring him.".


Main CharactersEdit

Calrem's PartEdit

Kuya's PartEdit

  • Kuya Sakurai (a son of Yuuto Sakurai and Kukaku Shiba and branch son and brother of Sheer and Surges Sakurai)

Supporting CharactersEdit

Calrem's PartEdit

Kuya's PartEdit


  • Shadow the Knight (his immortal heart was destroyed by Chibon who throwing into his own lava pit and seperating with his inner body and purest Samuel "Nakaoka" embodiment form named Mokaski)
  • Eustace
  • Dr. Mikoto
  • Darkros
  • Madame Mystric
  • Commander Zog
  • Professor Vice
  • Mokaski (she was the one who annihilates the Early Edo period and used both Samuel and Shadow to revive her from their hatred and insane when Shadow warily warned them that Mokaski is the powerful being)
  • The Three Star Assassins
    • Techno Assassin D.U.P.U.S. (arrested by Phantom Aki)
    • Super Assassin H-Bro (arrested by Phantom Aki)
    • Hateful Assassin Darkviscer (hired by Mokashi to intimidates Samuel using her intimidation aura until arrested by Phantom Aki to Spirit World from Yu Yu Hakusho)


This story arcs were taking place to the two main characters called Parts unlike the previous series.

Mega Stone Arc (Calrem's Part)Edit

  1. Here, To Kalos Region
  2. Invader in the Kalos
  3. Bug Pokemon, No Way
  4. Out of Words
  5. The Gym-Tastic
  6. Over Hear, Over There
  7. Leaving Without Pancham
  8. Sweet Heart with Utchy
  9. The Psychic Couples/The Painted Wall
  10. The Familar with Aging/Cracked Out
  11. Who Can Take Chibon?/Monstrous Monstrous
  12. Samuel the Reckless Beast/Within the Memory
  13. Clemont Attacks Thunder/Sticking Away
  14. Storage, Ways and Out (Brigette reappearance)/Power On Out
  15. Ice Creamed Swirlix/Spinning In
  16. Connect, Horde and Serve
  17. The Day of Fossils/Test Your Skills
  18. Fossils vs. Fossils/Rising Illusion
  19. Shadow's Berserk (Phantom Aki reappearance since DP season and Shadow was revert back to his true knight form, Part One)
  20. Mega Evolution Beast (Phantom Aki revealed himself is Samuel "Nakaoka" again along with the shocking news, Sakuyara the Mega-Evolved Beast, Part Two)
  21. Shocked, Calrem's Beast Evolves (Charizard gravely shocked at Calrem's Beast is ready to evolve because Calrem and Chibon were bonding together)
  22. Bonding with Bond
  23. The Journey of Never Before Time
  24. Take to the Sky, Duel of Shalour Gym
  25. The Mega Evolution was Finally Appeared
  26. Trace of Mega Stone, Mega Charizard Y Shows Up (Korrina giving him the Mega Ring as a reward for saving her Lucarios to control the Mega Evolution powers, but he doesn't used it yet that his Mega Evolution powers can't using the Mega Ring yet and need to require his fully bonds)
  27. The Mysterious Menace, Calrem vs. Chain Beast Number 1: Ashura (Ashura first appearance and revealed Calrem that is the legendary Susannken made by Samuel Joo which is why his Beast was awakened by the light of Susannken)
  28. The Unknown Girl Appears, Nova First Debut
  29. Haunted Mansion Time with Gohs (Calrem strangely captures Gohs from haunted mansion)
  30. Gohs of Ghost Grudging (Gohs officially named Glares and join his party)
  31. Gohs versus The Fatal Frame World Gym Leader (Calrem battle the Yusake, Fatal Frame World Gym Leader which he and Charizard shocking learned that she becoming a Gym Leader and won the optional Sakuya Badge)

The Super Incense's Secret Arc (Kuya's Part)Edit

  1. The Secret of the Super Incenses (Kuya Sakurai first appearance)
  2. Capture the Poke Bug Thief
  3. The Princess and the Parfum Palace (The rainbow-colored Vivillon first appearance that Allie's Shiny Scatterbug evolves into)



  • It was originally as Power Rangers: Fruit Monsters, but moved to Pokémon Saga.
  • This English announcement used Charizard's Special Channel where taking place as Charizard, a major character in the star and Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo, a secondary main character in the show but shown his aggressive personality that what Charizard did. This special event where the episode 9 begins and do not have counterpart.

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