Nick is a 14 year old boy from Deroot Town. Deroot Town was destroyed,leaving Nick with a thirst for revenge. After the destruction, Cheif Magnen took him into T.A.T.E and gave him a Turtwig to train with. Soon, Magnen found out the Enemy's plan to use the Gym Badges to gain a massive amount of power. He sent Nick, Jeff, and Rebecca out, but the three tend to seperate then regroup in the Gym Towns.

Not long after starting his journey, he met Craig, who helped him capture a Munchlax. Later, he met Aquasha who found him with a scaredy cat Oshawott. She took him to her Gym in Aquria City, where he faced a variety of Water-Type Pokemon. Unfortunately a commander of the Enemy showed up ready to battle, but with Craig's Buizel in his team, Nick fought furiously and won, whic earned him the Sea Badge. After placing it on Oshawott, Oshawott evolved in Dewott.

He joined up them with Rebecca, who had only caught a Caterpie and managed to evolveit all the way. With Nick's help, Rebecca caught a Seedot, bu Nick got sidetracked and caught a Gligar.

After a powerful war in Mecha Town, Jeff, who had single handedly defeated another commander, agreed to train Rebecca leaving Nick to travel alone, he also had to return Buizel before leaving town.

On his way to Quaken City, Nick bumped into a lovely lady who gave him a Litwick, which turned out to be bugged. After debugging Litwick, Nick saved a Doduo from an angry Mothim, and made Doduo his sixth pokemon.

After the Quaken City war, Nick went into training, seeing how he got tricked by Woobat. There his Gligar and Turtwig both evolved at the same time during a clash of Tackle and X-Scissor.

More to come later...

POkemon Listings:



Turtwg > Grotle

As a Turtwig, it was Nick's best pokemon.

Since it is just recently evolved, not much is

known about this pokemon.

It's known moves are Razor Leaf, Leaf Storm,

Tackle, and Leech Seed




Munchlax is an eager battler, and can easily

battle by itself.

It's moves are Ice Punch, Tackle, Strength,

and Sleep Talk.



Oshawott >


As an Oshawott, it was too terrified to do

anything. After evolving by use of the Sea

Badge, it became confident and a main battler

with the attacks: Water Gun, Aqua Jet, and

Razor Shell.



Gligar > Gliscor

Gligar was caught to prove that flying types

weren't just used to travel. It evolved into

Gliscor the night after Jeff had planned to

evolve it using the Sand Badge.

It's moves are X-scissor, Metal Claw, Steel

Wing, and Guillotine.




Given to Nick by a disguised Commander,

Litwick was bugged so the Enemy could track

Nick. It was debugged sortly after being given

away. It's moves include Flamethrower,

Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, and Psychic.




This pokemon was saved from an Angry

Mothim who trapped it under a rock. It's only

known moves are Whirlwind and Peck.

Pokemon sprites are from Pokemon Elite 2000, I do not claim them.