Tamanaqua: The Tarumaunda Pokemon

Pangoliath: The Giant Pangolin Pokemon

Jerboet: The Jerboa Pokemon

Dingas: The Gas Dingo Pokemon

Fenoc: The Nocturnal Fox Pokemon

Coatime: The Time Travler Pokemon

Kinkajoust: The Jousting Pokemon

Bloodtel: The Serial Killer Pokemon

Binturock: The Binturong Pokemon

Mountkat: The Meerkat Pokemon

Aardvex: The Hex Pokemon

Anolet: The Green Anole Pokemon

Katamodo: The Komodo Pokemon

Froglass: The Glass Frog Pokemon

Glideog: The Flying Frog Pokemon

Olmong: The Olm Pokemon

Axolotlgician: The Magic Axlotl Pokemon

Lampire: The Vampiric Fish Pokemon

Snipeket: The Snipe Eel Pokemon

Gulpeck: The Gulper Eel Pokemon

Piranhal: The Piranha Pokemon

Weltech: The Bionic Catfish Pokemon

Oarish: The Oarfish Pokemon

Seathdragonth: The Sea Dragon Pokemon

Lionish: The Lion Fish Pokemon

Dolophish: The Dolphinfish Pokemon

Archzenfish: The Zen Archer Pokemon

Tyrannobdella: The Tyrant Leech Pokemon

Dartlug: The Ninja Slug Pokemon

Anatimber : The Wood Eating Catfish Pokemon

Leiolepin: The Self Cloning Lizard Pokemon

Camider: The Desert Spider Pokemon

Ligon: The Liger/Tigon Pokemon

Camash: The Cama Pokemon

Deerirsh: The Irish Deer Pokemon

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