My story is in my fanmade Unovs region Main characters: Mark Gore is the protagonist and aims to best Win. Tyke Arizona is the rival and tries to beat the protagonist. His is the antagonist and tries to catch Reshiram. Professor Teresa is the Professor and gives Mark his Oshawott. Win is the Champion and by that time Mark's Oshawott evolves into Samurott.

Pokemon caught normal: Deoxys Mewtrance Dialga Palkia Pokemon given to Mark for Christmas: Cico (Arceus Dragon). Panic (Pansear). Birthday gifts: Victini Note: Victini is Mark's star pokemon. Also Victini knows Blue Flare due to being taught by Mark's Reshiram. Reshiram (that's the one where Victini learned Blue Flare) Zekrom knows Bolt strike, Fusion Flare, Fusion bolt, and Blue Flare on accident. Kyurem mastered shadow ball. Deoxys S Deoxys A Deoxy D Deoxys N Starter:Oshawott-Dewott-Samurott Pichu evolves into Raichu before Mark fought Win the first time. Pikachu Pichu Meloetta mastered Relic Song and Bolt strike. Then Mark has all the pokemon after his 10th birthday. Mark fights the first Gym Leader, Nate after Mark is Desperate to earn the Friendship badge. Nate uses Normal type pokemon while though Cyndaquil sways from Nate's other 2 pokemon. Mark fought the rest of it later...

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