"Lyric, you've got to stop this 'I don't trust you' nonsense! They need our help and everyone is counting on us!"
— Lydia Johnson in Chapter 10

Lydia Johnson is one of the main characters in The Miraculous Adventure of Tessa and Lunala. She is the daughter of Scott and Melissa Johnson. Her current Pokémon team consists of Articuno, Lurantis, Oricorio, Tsareena, Jynx and Gardevoir.

Lydia Johnson
1. Lydia Johnson


Lydia Johnson




Blackthorn City




Scott Johnson (father)
Melissa Johnson (mother)
Lyric Johnson (twin brother)
Edith Johnson (paternal grandmother; deceased)


Tessa Sycamore
Isaac Ketchum
Carter Hubbard
Lunick Hamada
Maggie Winters
Liam Carson
Liz Hampton
Sebastian White
Yushuv Hayes
Kaelynne Harvey
Rose Abbot
Elijah Jones
Birhan Robinson
Blake Noxic
Robin Clinton
Meghan Cheng-Strange
Michael Enon
Annaleise Rivas
Dylan Peterson
Trey Samson
Thomas Sanderson
Lycan Singh
Maya Shirona-Hart
Artorias Oakley
Isabelle Zumi
Alyssa McMann
Derek Morris
Lucas Cove
Julie Rhodes
Anna Aiken-Henderson
Nolan Hart
Seth Caprio
Christian Klein
Troy Atlas
Elias Bane
Evan Stone
Alexander Grace
Eric Logan
Allison Rogers
Clara Campo
Jasmine Van Horn
Peter Lang
Damien Sky
Her brother Lyric Johnson
Isaiah Ketchum
Anderson Davis
Hunter Dimarco
Aiden Park
Phillip Lotus
Chara Dupain
Marie Noel
Yumi Lukasiak
Oliver Fern
Ethan Lynch
Melody Pinesis
Jerco Snow
Lillie Germain
Brianna Cavell
Moana Dixon
Bethany Cantrell
Adrien Mondena
Natalie Bannister
Rebecca Wilson
Jenna Grace
Articuno and the other Legendaries


Dark Matter


Cunning, untrusting (formerly), kind, sassy, caring, sweet


Kiawe Koa

Voice Actress:

Morgan Lily (as a teenager)
India Rose Hemsworth (as a young girl)


  • Her voice actress, Morgan Lily, is best known for playing Mystique in ​X-Men: First Class.
  • She knew Brianna, Olivia, and Tapu Lele prior to the events of the film.
  • Like her boyfriend, Kiawe, she loses her temper whenever someone misplaces a Z-Crystal.
  • She often calls Lyric an idiot.

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