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Lusamine Germain (née Aether) is a minor character in The Miraculous Adventure of Tessa and Lunala. She is the widow of the late Mohn Germain and the mother of Gladion, Lillie, and the late Gwenita Germain.
Lusamine Germain
Lusamine Germain


Lusamine Germain


Early 40's


Mohn Germain (husband; deceased)
Gladion Germain (son; deceased)
Lillie Germain (elder daughter)
Gwenita Germain (younger daughter; deceased)
Unnamed father (deceased)


Her husband and children, Ultra Beasts, protecting Pokémon


The very thought of her husband, son and younger daughter's deaths, her actions in the past, Lillie being unhappy, Lillie being threatened


Miranda Manasiadis

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