Kuya Sakurai
Name: Kuya Sakurai
Hometown: Newtown City
Region: Kalos
Family: Yuuto Sakurai (father)
Kukaku Shiba (mother)
Sheer (branch mother)
Surges Sakurai (branch brother)

Kuya Sakurai is the one of the fictional main character in the PR: XY Saga along with Calrem Joo. He is the son of Yuuto Sakurai and Kukaku Shiba and branch parent of Sheer and Surges Sakurai.


The Beginning with KuyaEdit

After Calrem earned the Sakuya Badge, Kuya riding the wild Rhyhorn to tame him. While Kuya managing to tamed him, Kukaku tells her son to his journey and Samuel's descendant Calrem Joo is waiting for him. As before Kuya traveled to Route 6, Yuuto has a present for his son, no other than Pokemon Egg bred by Nidoking and the female Venusaur and quickly hatches into the baby male Bulbasaur but he was too small size as the normal Bulbasaur. So far, he decide to keep him and nicknaming him Twig to traveled to Route 6 that need to find the Poke Flute that was stolen by Princess Allie. Before he off to the journey, Yuuto give him the Pokedex that Sycamore give him then saying goodbye to his families. As he goes off to Route 6,

The Princess and the Badge ArcEdit


In handsEdit

Pokémon Information
No Image
Twig is Kuya's favorite Grass Starter Pokemon and main Pokemon that was bred by Nidoking and female Venusaur and hatch to a baby-size Bulbasaur.
His level was 7 (originally a 1 after he hatched).
Pokémon Information
No Image
Elek is the second main Pokemon caught by Kuya in episode 2.

Support Pokemon/In homeEdit

Pokémon Information
No Image
Saihorn is the support Pokemon who tamed by Kuya.


  • Kuya's Sentai counterpart is Kato Sakurai.
    • Unlike his counterpart, he was brave boy, but funnily emotions about funny things or not dancing.

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