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"Know Who You Are" is a song originally from Disney's Moana. It is sung by Tessa Sycamore (Auli'i Cravalho) and Rose Abbot (Emma Rayne Lyle) in The Miraculous Adventure of Tessa and Lunala.

Sequence Edit

Rose, Jerco and Tessa have traveled through an Ultra Wormhole to the ancient town of Raven's Fair. Their aim is to soothe the angry spirit of Mary Shaw, who had recently eliminated the last of the Ashen family. When Mary shows up, Rose and Tessa let their barrier of light fall, allowing Mary to come to them while Jerco stands watch. They meet each other halfway in slow motion, the girls singing to calm Mary down. It works, allowing Mary and Tessa to touch hands. Jerco then presents Billy the puppet to Mary.

Lyrics: Edit

(Rose and Tessa)

(Ou mata e matagi)

I have crossed the horizon to find you.

(Ou loto mamaina toa)

I know your name.

(Manatu atu)

They have stolen the heart from inside you.

(Taku pelepele)

But this does not define you.

(Manatu atu)

This is not who you are...

You know who you are...

Trivia Edit

  • Elements from Dead Silence (2007) are present in this sequence.