Chapter 1 The Two League Champions.Edit

John was the pokemon league champion with a partner named Emerson. They were paired up 2010. They were best friends in pokemon school. And one day when he challenged John and won, the manager said they could be partners. They are the champion's in Unova. Now today they were going to have a battle between Red!


He used to be the champion. But John defeated him and became the champion. And even if anyone did win against them, they still wouldn't become the new champion. Red walked into the room. They went on to the battlefield and the battle begun! Emerson said. "Go Golem!" John said."Go Bronzong!" Red said."Go Pikachu!" It was a 1 pokemon battle. Red made the wrong choice! Golem was a Ground type and Ground is super effective on Electric Types! Emerson said."Golem Use Rollout!"