Invader of the Kalos is the second episode of PR: XY Saga where left off the first episode.


After left off with Calrem, Charizard and the others, however, Samuel fell illness to Charizard. While arriving the Kalos, Charizard runs to the Professor Sycamore lab and find away to heal him. Sycamore appeared at Charizard and Samuel went ill that he needs to cure him. Sycamore was shocked at Samuel that he needs to research about Beasts' powers.

As Samuel transformed into the incompleted version of his Inital Beast Form,

Major EventsEdit

  • Samuel's secrets was revealed was Samuel Nakaoka Joo. As well, Samuel's real parents were actually alive in the Kalos Region though to be dead. Samuel Joo was actually his father and Asami Nakaoka is his mother. Samuel Nakaoka's powers was exhausted because of the glitch and frustration about Mega Evolution possibility are wrong, so he turned back to the egg form.



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