Hilbert Black
Hilbert Darkness-bmp
Name: Hilbert Black
Japanese Name: Unknown
Age: 12 (Unova)

13 (Sinnoh)

17 (Final Battle)

23 (Things Change)

Hometown: Nuvema Town, Unova
Region: Unova

Mom (name unknown)

Class: Blader

Pokemon Trainer

Yu-Gi-Oh duelist

New Legendary Blader

Unova Champion


Hilda, Bianca, Cheren, Rosa, Nate and others

First Appearance:

The New Trainers

Voice actor: None (fanfiction character in story)
"Ghtesis, you're vision of the future isn't the good one, its the worst one. Pokemon, beyblade, and everything should help each other and live alongside in peace. The only reason you think its right to control those things is that you will be left standing at the top. I will assure you it will not happen while I'm around!"
— Hilbert and Ghtesis before the Battle of the Future

Hilbert Black is a New Legendary blader and referred to as the Chosen One or Blair. He is the main character in Book 1 of the fanfiction story Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Beyblade Ultimate Adventures. He is the owner of the legendary thunder pokemon, Zekrom.

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