Gingka Hagane
Name: Gingka Hagane
Japanese Name: Unknown
Age: 12 (Unova)

13 (Sinnoh)

14 (Hoenn)

15 (Johto)

21 (Things Change)

Hometown: Koma Village
Region: Sinnoh

Ryo Hagane (father)

Class: Blader

Legendary Blader


Kenta, Tyson, Hilbert and others

First Appearance:

Team Plasam

Voice actor: None (fanfiction character)
"A beyblade's true strength doesn't have anything to do with attack power or stamina, it attacks with the feelings of the blader that's connected with it, as if all the power in the cosmos was being poured into it. You must put your heart is as big as the starry sky into it."
— Gingka to Tsubasa and Yu

Gingka Hagane is a blader and legendary blader. He met Hilbert and his friends while training for a bey tournament. He helped them in the final battle and decided to travel with the across the pokemon world. Gingka Hagane is a character in the fanfiction story Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Beyblade Ultimate Adventures. He is from Koma Village in the anime but in the fanfiction story he is from Sinnoh.

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