"Just like fire, ice allows us to live. Ice can be something to be afraid of, but sometimes it can freeze everything in its path, potentially causing great destruction. But ice can also play a big role in humankind, civilizing our world today. Lyric, Lydia... Rather than using destructive ice, become Ice-type Trainers nurturing life, like the ice from Mount Lanakila and Mount Silver."
— Edith Johnson

Edith Johnson is a deceased character in The Miraculous Adventure of Tessa and Lunala. She was the paternal grandmother of Lyric and Lydia Johnson.

Edith Johnson


Edith Johnson




Unnamed husband (deceased)
Scott Johnson (son)
Melissa Johnson (daughter-in-law)
Lydia Johnson (granddaughter) Lyric Johnson (grandson)


Passes away from a heart attack


Harvey Fierstein

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