Chapter 3Edit

Crimson's PoVEdit

I stood near the door as Verde called back his Pidgeot, Azure close behind me. Gray was walking the opposite way.

"Gray, where are you going," I asked.

"I need to find my bike," Gray replied ", But ya don't need to wait for me, go see if ya can find out why the gal has no memory."

"Fine," I replied, knocking on the door of one of the houses. The door open and a young blonde girl was standing at the door.

"Let me guess, you're Crimson," the blonde said ",You're Red's cousin if I'm not mistaken, right?"

"Yep," I replied.

"I'm Yellow," the blonde said ", Glad to meet you. I'll tell Red you're here, come in." Azure, Verde, and I walked in and sat at the table in the kitchen. A few minutes later a young man with black hair and red eye came down the stairs, Yellow following close behind.

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