Chapter 2&nbspEdit

Verde's PoVEdit

Running, It was all I knew. My father was a gym leader. After he suffered one too many loses, he took his damn anger out on me, his son. So after the third time, I tried to leave, he sent his Pidgeot after me, It attacked me with those sharp talons, but my dad forgot one thing: I had it's Pokeball. I just returned it to its Pokeball, and disapeared from the world, went under the radar. Then I met these three travelers. I was riding on my Pidgeot when I crashed into a blue bike.

"Hey, what the hell," I said, opening my eyes. I saw three travelers, a pokemon ranger, a trainer, and a swordsman.

"I am so sorry, but why are you in a hurry," I asked.

"We were on our way to Pallet Town," The trainer said.

"I could get you there," I said, standing up ", Volkner, get me and these travelers to Pallet Town!" The bird flew and grabbed all of us, placing all of us on his back.

"Volkner is the name of the Bird Pokemon gym leader," the trainer started ",Is he your..."

"Don't you dare finish that damn sentence," I said ", By the way, I'm Verde Leaf."

"I'm Crimson," The trainer said ", The swordsman is Gray, and the girl, we call her Azure."

"Is she your girlfriend," I asked.

"Well, she isn't, she has amnesia, I found her," Crimson said, flustered a deep red.

"Well, anyway, to answer you question, yes, Volkner is my father, I left because he would take his anger out on me, so I stole his Pidgeot. We're here." I told Pidgeo to go down.

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