Chapter 1Edit

Crimson was trying to keep on his journey, for his dead parents. He wasn't home when his parents were killed. He was confused on why the killer killed his parents, was the killer looking for him? As he walked along Johto's Route 32, he wondered about this. The brown-haired young man wasn't paying attention, and tripped over something. He looked around to see what he tripped over, What he tripped over was an Eevee. He pulled out a pokeball and threw it at the fox pokemon, the pokeball just bounced off harmlessly.

"So you belong to someone, I wonder who," Crimson said to the pokemon. The pokemon ran into one of the bushes, and then it turned around, wanting Crimson to follow it. Crimson followed the pokemon until they reached a girl who seemed to be fainted. Crimson called out his Riolu.

"Riolu, use Wake-Up Slap," Crimson said to his Riolu. The Aura pokemon hit the girl, causing her to wake up. She sat up, and looked around, like she didn't know where she was.

"Where am I," the girl asked.

"You're on Route 32 in Johto," Crimson said.

Who am I?"

"I don't know." Crimson saw that the girl's starter pokemon was Totodile.

"How about I call you Azure," Crimson asked.

"I like that name," the girl replied, smiling ", So, what do they call you?"

"Crimson, Crimson Flare," Crimson replied, streching his hand out to Azure, who grabbed his hand, and pulled herself up.

"You look like a ranger, so why are you here," Crimson asked. Azure shrugged her shoulders. Crimson felt his pokegear buzz to life. He grabbed the blue machine and read the text from his cousin, Red.

Are You Coming?


"I forgot," Crimson said, calling someone.

"Hey, Gray," Crimson said into the pokegear ",I need you to pick me and my friend up. Thanks!"

"Who was that," Azure asked.

"It was someone whose going to pick us up," Crimson replied.

A few minutes later, a young man wearing a open orange shirt and jeans rode up to Azure and Crimson.

"Whose this, yer girlfriend," the young man asked.

"Don't be bloody insane Gray, she's someone who I just met," Crimson said ", She has amnesia!"

"Oh, well hop on, I get you to Red's," Gray said as Crimson and Azure hopped on.

(End Of Chapter One)

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