Ryan was on the sixth floor of Pokemon Tower. She needed to get to the top and find Misdreavus, who got kidnapped and locked up. She grabbed the handrail and took the first step, when someone called to her. "You're here.......I'm trapped........I'm so lonely..........So very lonely.........." The nearest tombstone was shaking. Then, the Buryman crawled out of the ground. "Why? You probably have a truckload of victims down there. "One more. I need one more." He reached for Ryan's leg, barely missing. She tried to run. But she couldn't move her legs. There was only one thing to do now. She threw the Poke Ball. As she expected, Blastoise came out. "Hydro Pump Att...." Buried Alive was pulling Blastoise away. Ryan returned him quickly, but after that her arms stopped moving. She couldn't speak anymore. "Finally........" Ryan felt herself being pulled underground and led into a cold, dark chamber. "Help...." rasped some voices. Red, Blue, Leaf, and various other Trainers were hanging on the wall, gone limp and not moving. One hook was empty. "This one is yours." Buried Alive hung her there. He reached into her bag. He pulled out each Poke Ball. Her voice and motion came back. "Blastoise! Oddish! Unown! Lapras! Celebi! Chansey!" She had no choice now, but to reveal. She pulled out a black and gray Poke Ball. "Go, MissingNo!" Buried Alive fainted at the sight of it. Ryan rescued everyone, retrieved the Pokemon, and got Misdreavus back. But Burywoman stared from her spy-eye.......

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