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"Finally," Green said ",You guys are a couple!" Red and Yellow pulled away from each other, blushing like crazy.

"Oh my gosh," Blue said ",Hey Everybody! Red and Yellow are a couple!" Everybody surrounded the two in a circle, even Gold and Crystal!

"Finally," Gold said ", They are a couple!"

"Wow," Crystal said ", I knew this would happen ,just ,not like this!"

"Do you always have to be so serious," Gold asked.

"Yes," Crystal answered.

"Well, it looks like there's four couples at this party," Silver said.

"What do you mean," Emerald asked.

"There's Red and Yellow, Green and Blue, Ruby and Sapphire, Gold and Crystal," Silver replied, counting off the couples as he said them.

"We can hear you Silver," Crystal said.

"Um...," Gold said ", I think he's right!"

"How do you figure he's right," Crystal asked ", Tell me how!" Crystal started to walk out of the pokemon gym angrily.

"Crystal, Wait," Gold yelled as he chased her.