"Well, the lovebirds are finally here," Green said.

File:Green and blue.jpg
The first two people to greet Red and Yellow were Green and Blue.

"Look who's talking," Red said ", You two are already a couple!" Green looked

down and saw that Blue had grabbed his hand, and both of them were blushing.

"I knew I shouldn't have invited you," Green mumbled ", Come on Blue, lets leave these two alone."

"Enjoy the party," Blue said as she walked away.

"So," Red began ",What should we do first?" Yellow pointed over to the middle

of the gym, where people were battling Pokemon.

"You want to watch the pokemon battles," Red asked. Yellow nodded her head.

"Okay," Red said ",but first, I want to spy on Blue and Green."

"I'll come with you," Yellow said. Red and Yellow walked to where Green and Blue were hiding, the far right of the gym. They hid behind the wall separating the right corner of the gym from the rest of the gym.

"Oh my god," Red whispered",Yellow look! Green and Blue are kissing!" Green saw Red out of the corner of his eye. He broke his kiss with Blue.

"Red," Green yelled ",Go away!" Yellow and Red ran the center of the gym.

"Red," Yellow said ",There's been something I've wanted to tell you!"

"What is it," Red asked. Red didn't notice that Green was behind Yellow.

"It's that I...," Yellow started. Green lightly pushed Yellow into Red, who caught her.

"Are you okay," Red asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," Yellow replied ", but what I've been trying to say is I love you!" Red didn't say anything, but he embraced Yellow and he pressed his lips againist hers. Yellow broke the kiss.

"So do I," Red said. Yellow pressed her lips againist Red's, and they stayed like that for a while.

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