Calrem Joo
150px-XY Calem
Name: Calrem Joo
Hometown: Vaniville Town
Region: Kalos
Family: Roho Joo (father)
Melk the Second (mother)
Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo (ancestor)
Samuel Joo (ancestor)
Asami Nakaoka (ancestor)

Calrem Joo is the one of the fictional main character in the series PR: XY Saga along with Kuya Sakurai. He was the son of Roho Joo and Melk the Second and ancestor of Samuel Joo and his successor. He was revealed as Samuel's Beast named Drazzil has her daughter that has Mega Evolution powers to split the Beastamago into two twin daughters, one of chakra and flames and one of violent and darkness as an origin mentioned by Kyurem.


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Calrem was very important boy who taken cared by Roho and Melk. Unfortunately, his proud personality changed to aggressive and spoiled personality as a baby and child when his flashback before change back his old personality after he was first caught biggest Magikarp and then evolved into Gyarados.


Before Samuel go back to KalosEdit

After Team Rocket was blasted off, Samuel learned his origin because his predecessor and Asami lives the Kalos.

After Samuel go back to KalosEdit

Santalune City ArcEdit

As Calrem and Charizard off to the Santalune Forest, they saw one Scatterbug hiding toward the bushes. Charizard tell Calrem to battle the wild Pokémon, but he decline, so he first try to catch the wild Scatterbug with his Poke Ball and successfully captured. Charizard was surprised at Calrem who capturing the wild Pokémon without battle. As he training Gekou and Bugworm, Commander Zog appeared and trying to steal Calrem's Pokémons. However, Bugworm sprays Zog with her String Shot then flies away. Afterwards, Bugworm evolves into Spewpa and Charizard learned that Pokémons will able to evolve. During in episode 4, Calrem calls Bugworm to used String Shot to wrap some Beedrills then capture it. However, some Beedrills were good well then tries to attack her, but Calrem calls Gekou used Water Gun with combining String Shot to defeat the Beedrill swarms. Calrem going to attempt captures Beedrill, but until Erika shows up and tell him to do not capture Beedrills. Charizard knows Erika about Samuel's accidental problem then meet his descendant Calrem Joo. As Zog and Professor Vice accept to capture Vileplume, Calrem calls him to used Harden to knock out of the Zog's robot which evolve into Vivillon to destroys the robot with Confusion.

After this, Calrem and Charizard head towards to Lumiose City and meet Professor Sycamore. As he tolds him to the power of Mega Evolution, they can temporarily evolve into Mega forms, an final form for one-evolution families and second/true final form for two-evolution families like Samuel did. Calrem used the Mega Stone to evolve Gekou, but he not Mega Evolve him as well Vibi only few of them, but mostly used previous generations to evolve even more. As he meeting Garchomp, Charizard explains this evolution was mystery and wondering the third Gym Leader named Korrina can help them out. Samuel first mastery used Mega Stone to evolve Gengar into Mega Gengar with his fully potential and bonds commented by Charizard who was excited. Suddenly the mysterious person was appeared who challenge him to battle. This boy named Ryusemimaru much as Calrem and Charizard's shocked because he was the son of Utsusemimaru and Ryuko Matsui. He decide to battle against his newly rival, but lost against a powerful Mega Pokémon, Mega Heracross. However, Ryu decides to help him used Mega Evolution on earlier Pokémons then make them evolve even more. After Ryu saying goodbye of them, he saw a Burmy and this before never seen adventure to secret of Mega Evolution. As in the fourth episode, he caught the male Burmy after the horde of Burmies getaway then named him Bago. As he and Charizard finally moved on to Santalune City, they meet Alexa again which is Calrem knows her as his ancestor. Charizard thinks her sister Viola used her Bug Type Pokémon like his and Calrem used Bago for battle against the first Gym Leader. While in the training with his three Pokémons, Gekou starting to evolve as his level gains 16 into Frogadier. As Gekou training Bago, he evolves just like Gekou into Mothim and learned two moves and level 20. As he visiting the Gym after doing his training, Viola challenge him to first Gym battle to two on two Pokémon (which is exception of Mothim who was too strong). She sent out Surskit and he sents Gekou on battle against her Surskit. Gekou starting used Tackle to pound Surskit before counters with Protect. Gekou tried to used Water Gun to against her, but not effective as she was the Water/Bug type then she used Bubblebeam on him. Calrem calls Gekou used Tackle to empowered Surskit quickly then knocked her out. Viola comments his Frogadier was too tough against her, so she sent out another Vivillon to easily defeat Gekou with Aerial Ace and Infestation which is Charizard she has level 17. He sent out Vibi to launch in battle against her Vivillon. As Vibi was almost fainted, Calrem has a idea then calls her out to used Stun Spore to stuns Vivillon then defeated her with Aerial Ace. With Calrem successfully defeat Viola, Charizard congratulates him to win the first Gym Leader and she give the Bug Badge to Calrem then got the first Badge. Charizard shows his new respect become the Pokémon Trainer as Samuel was proud of himself. Afterwards, they say goodbye to siblings and off to second Gym called Cyllage Gym.

Cyllage City ArcEdit

Samuel's De-Aged, Retired and Baby BeastEdit

Having the first Gym defeated, Calrem and Charizard heads off to Lumiose City and find out the mystery of Mega Evolution. However, they realized the Gym was closed because they need four Badges. After soon, they visited his lab and meet Sycamore and his rival Ryu. He said that the mysterious incident caused the dimensional portal begins to crack. Ryu realize that he caught Burmy and evolve into Mothim, and got the first Badge. Ryu asked Calrem to second battle and accepted. With the second battle, Ryu chose Otto who get stronger and Calrem sent out Gekou the Frogadier which is Ryu's surprised that his Froakie evolve. Ryu calls Otto to used Vine Whip on Gekou, but he dodge it then overwhelmed him with Quick Attack causing him to faint. Ryu recall his Chespin and choose Stag and not before used Mega Evolve into Mega Heracross. He defeats Gekou and Vibi like his previous rival battle, but only Bago. He easily defeat Ryu's Mega Evolved Pokémon with Sleep Powder and Aerial Ace and win the battle. Calrem saying goodbye to Ryu and went to somewhere then goes off to Cyllage City. During go to Route 5, Calrem and Charizard saw the strong Pancham who has level 19 mentioned by him. Calrem accept to capture him, but Charizard said that Pancham was too strong against his low level Pokémons. He chose Gekou to battle against Pancham, but almost knocked easily until he captures him when Gekou used Water Pulse to confuse him. When Pancham was captured, he named him Champ for Champion. While he named Champ, Charizard's Samuel reincarnated egg was about to hatch to no memory child form. Charizard realized that Samuel has no memories because of his Beast berserks much as his dismay and sadness. To get his memories back, he needs to talk the Korrina to restore his memories but it was far away. Calrem needs to train Champ, so he will be stronger which according to Charizard said that he defeated Gym Leaders to command Pokémons with high levels. However, his Pokémons has low levels as Charizard's explanations, so they need training harder and gain more experiences than Trainers. As in training, Charizard listening Samuel to his descendant's training and begins to listened to Charizard's words. With Samuel regained his memories, his few strategies were back to normal. Not though Samuel losing his all of his strategies however before Charizard's words tolds him that his descendant used his strategies and shakes his head then remembered his all of his strategies. After in night, Charizard notices that Samuel has grown and remember his friends. Champ come out the Poke Ball then meeting Samuel suddenly. When Calrem and Charizard traveled with a fully-recovered memory Samuel, they headed out to Camphrier Town then find out the mystery of Mega Evolution. As in episode 8, the young-age Samuel and Charizard met again Utsusemimaru and his wife Ryuko Matoi and not before meet Calrem Joo. As he known about Calrem, Ryuko decide to battle against Samuel, but he lost his battle memories because of Beast berserks as Charizard's explanations, so Calrem can battle against her with his words to bring his battle memories back. Calrem 2-on-2 match battle against Ryuko then she chose Spritzee the Perfume Pokémon. Calrem choosing Gekou on battle, used Quick Attack on Spritzee. However, she dodged his attack then quickly Tackle before Gekou using Water Pulse on her. Incredibly, she was confused as he hits with Water Pulse, grabbing her then taking her down in the ground caused her to faint. Ryuko recalls Spritzee then calling Aromatisse the Fragrance Pokémon which is Spritzee's evolved form while holding a Sachet which is Charizard explains that Trade Evolution items were compatible to other Pokémons. Aromatisse using Fairy Wind to fight back Gekou's Water Pulse then used Calm Mind to boost her Special Attack and Special Defense to deal on Gekou. His Frogadier was defeated by her Moonblast and recall him. Calrem chose Champ on battle, but Samuel remembered that Aromatisse was the Fairy Type that Dark, Dragon and Fighting type can be weaken. Recklessly, Champ used Arm Thrust and Bite to tried to attack her, but not effective as Samuel warms him. Calrem calls Champ to used Comet Punch on Arromatisse, but before she used Misty Terrain to protect herself then used enchanced Moonblast to easily knock Champ out the ground and lose the match. Although he lost the battle, Ryuko tolds him that their skills never lose. As he know, Team Rocket steals her Aromatisse and take to his boss. But, Calrem calls Mothim to used Aerial Ace on the net. Charizard used Fire Blast to blast off Team Rocket, but not before Reika shows up to protect him then nearly defeat Charizard. She fled before Team Rocket escaped as Samuel angrily at Reika which he say "What's going on?! Why Reika still here?!". While Reika's mysterious return, Samuel didn't know why she was here and Charizard can't figured out why but Ryuko thinking that she used her strange power like Protect. Calrem said that she used her own attacks like Pokémon did. They saying goodbye to his friends in the longway to Camphier Town. As in episode 9, Calrem, Charizard and young-age Samuel walking to the road of Camphier Town. Charizard asked that road is close to Camphier Town then he grabs the little rock and thrown in the action. Samuel was sudden straving before he saw an Ralts holding a hamburger then steals and ate it. Calrem and Charizard were mad at Samuel who gotten did which is Ralts begins crying. Calrem checked his Pokédex to find out that Ralts finding his mother and threatened them. He said that green hair and has Eureka's main partner and Charizard revealed Gardevoir the Embrace Pokémon which is he accidentally throw the rock. Charizard was greatly shocked that she will attack him before Gardevoir, angered at Samuel and Charizard who did this. Calrem checked out his Pokédex and learned about Eureka's Gardevoir and revealed that someone was borrowed her Gardevoir. When Samuel and Charizard was both knocked out by Gardevoir's Thunder Punch, Gallade, the Blade Pokémon comes and tolds to that her friends. Calrem checked his Pokédex again to find out that was Samuel's Gallade and revealed someone was borrowed his Blade Pokémon. Samuel and Eureka has Gallade and Gardevoir since he borrowing someone, but none other than Shotaro and Meg. As they introduced themselves, Gardevoir has the Mega Stone to order evolve into Mega Pokémon like Ryusemimaru. With Shotaro confirmed it, Calrem want to challenge them to Double Battle then accept them as friendly battle. He cloose his Frogadier and Pancham to battle against Gallade and Gardevoir. However, Gardevoir evolved into Mega Gardevoir within the Mega Evolution then she pursues Gekou and Champ easily and lost. Though he was lost his battle, Team Rocket captured Gardevoir and Gallade but Gekou used Water Pulse to break Team Rocket Balloon's mecha arms. However, before finishing off with Charizard's Fire Blast, Reika was still here and protect Team Rocket then fled off then Reika retreated. Samuel was terrified shocked that was not "Reika". After this, Calrem going to fight the duos again with his own Mega Evolution then say goodbye to their friendly family. While in the boat to Cyllage City, however, Team Rocket was still here and capturing an young-aged Samuel then tried to pull the net out. Calrem, however, he was first developed by his Beastamago where Charizard completely surprised at him that his eyes was starting to blue then quickly blasted off Team Rocket as well Charizard, Samuel and himself. After he accidentally blasted off both in episode 10, Calrem and Charizard accidentally separated Samuel who turned back into adult, but de-aged. As they find Samuel and find out that Samuel was de-aged before becoming adult. Samuel know the truth about his origin that he is the son of his predecessor Samuel Joo and Asami Nakaoka in the Kalos Region after they leaving. After he was newly born, his positive energy and negative energy would be separated with the help of DNA Evolver from Kyurem's parts. The two exactly twins were daughters, one of chakra of flames and one of violent of darkness which is one of them kept away to the frozen wasteland. However, Samuel, sadly explains that after his birth and grown, he killed all of the people from Era periods which is the Beast invasion. Fortunately, Samuel was strucked by his newly planet and newcomer bird named Torin, a former member of Deboss Army and finally change his heart then moved to Kalos with his newly planet called Gasuto World and also named Gasutos. However, in the fight between humans and forbidden enemies, he was brutely injured and almost killed by Zephra before she was heavily wounded and killed by the enraged and wounded Samuel. As his flashback ends, they looked at "Reika" and mocking his ancestor that he was the weak human. Samuel angrily attacked her, but moment of using speed to take him down. Calrem call out Gekou to lure her away with Water Pulse then escaped. When they escaped, Samuel, still angered by "Reika's" action. By the time as come, Calrem's body was glowing and this means the new Beast was about be born which is Charizard's shocked because Kyurem mentioned that the natural life of flames was going be born soon. Calrem going to train with his Pokémons to complete the Kalos League as before Samuel does away. While flies back to Peter's Lab, his lab was invaded by "Reika" who attacking the cities. As they chose Gekou, Vibi, Bago and Champ to order the attack, Reika protect herself then counter with mysterious attack. However, thanks to Gekou's Water Pulse, she was split into gooey slime only revealed be true form named Genitto, the evolved form of Ditto. This Genitto was not from Kalos Region at all because it from the another place. Samuel got the sneaky Genitto, but stopped by Calrem and catch it successfully. With Genitto caught, Calrem's body was glowing brightly then receive the egg before hatched into the baby-like Beast. As the child Beast was born, Genitto has it's tricks to stop Samuel from Team Rocket and reason that someone evolve Ditto. Calrem going keep his Genitto for a many tricks to DNTranform, named it Genes and take on to Peter's Lab. As with saying, Calrem and the duos stayed until the adventure waits. As in episode 11, Samuel was completely back to normal and named him Chibon (as for Chibi Bond) and going to take care for her son as inside of Samuel's body. During as his words, Samuel was mysteriously transformed back to his true previous form. Vrak revealed that Samuel's physical form was exhausted, so he turned into a yellow long-hair girl form permanently (similar like Naruto's Sexy Jutsu Mode) only have three of them. Samuel (now as Samuko by Vrak, but is still Samuel) telling Peter and Vrak to find the resurrection potion for him and saying Calrem go to next adventure awaits with Chibon. Samuel tell Charizard to stay Peter' Lab and retired much as his disappointment. Calrem refused to take care of him, so he want to stay her son. Not before he crying to take care of him. Samuel really need to take care of his Beast's son to travel with him. Surprisely, Calrem finally accept his Samuel's words to take care Chibon.

Battle for Voltage BadgeEdit

After leaving Peter's Lab, they take to Lumoise City where the Gym at. However, someone inside the Gym and revealed the Gym Leader is the robot named Clembot. He gone crazed before Calrem challenge him to battle. He chose Heliolisk, the Electric/Normal-type Kalos Pokémon before Calrem choosing Champ to fight him. Unfortunately, Samuel was angered and kicking Shin-chan then knocked the robot's head and exploded. Clemont was terrfied at Clembot was destroyed by angered Samuel. Bonnie was upset at Samuel who destroys his brother's invention. Samuel tried to apologize to Clemont, but he scolds at him because he broke his invention. All because of Samuel, he kicked Calrem the others out of his Gym. Eureka was so upset at Samuel's angry action, but Samuel going to rebuilt it. At Pokémon Center, Clemont was Lumiose Gym Leader revealed by Peter at his lab. Sorried by Samuel, Peter help him to rebuilt his robot with his Aggron, Rotom, Zapdos, Raikou and Magnezone. Later this, Samuel grabbed Clemont's invention and start rebuilt him in the night time. After the day, Samuel has rebuilt Clembot for Clemont and given his apology. Afterwards, Clemont going to challenge Calrem to the match then he accepted. As in episode 13, Clemont chose Magenmite, the Electric/Steel-type Pokémon and Calrem choose Gekou. However, Gekou was Water-type to hardly defeat it. While in the mid-fight, Calrem calls Gekou to used his hands to grab Magnemite and easily defeated it then recall Magnemite and choose Magneton the evolved form of Magnemite. Though his Magneton was too strong, Clemnt called it to used Thunderbolt on Gekou in behind, but Calrem shouts him to used Water Pulse to knock it down. As it knocked down the ground, Magneton confused and using Thunder to shock itself causing to faint. Clemont recall his Magneton and chose Heliolisk to battle against Gekou. However, his Gekou was defeated by the powerful Parabolic Charge and heal his wounds. Calrem checked his Pokédex that Heliolisk has level 25 that he too strong to beat him. Calrem used Bago to used String Shot on Heliolisk, that can make him slower and making the cocoon then used Poison Powder and Sleep Powder to make him sleep and poison. Samuel interesting at his decendant using his strategy to used both powders. Calrem call Bago to used Tackle on the sleeping and cocooned Heliolisk then keep attack him until he was fainted. However, Heliolisk wakes up to used Parabolic Charge to burnt his String Shots. Calrem calls Bago to used Confusion on Heliolisk then stopping him, but he tried to Parabolic Charge to direct hit Bago. However, Bago holds Heliolisk on until he fainted. Calrem recalls Bago, but before talking to him about Heliolisk's weakness was then choose Champ. While battling Heliolisk, Clemont calls him to used Parabolic Charge to finish him off, but doesn't work because Bago holds him on. Calrem calls Champ to used Work Up to get stronger and using Comet Punch to counter him then used Arm Thrust to defeat him. Samuel was very interesting because Bago holds him off to disable the move and Champ used Work Up to beat him. After the battle, Clemont earned Calrem the Voltage Badge the fifth Badge, but Samuel say that he need 3 more Badges. However, Calrem decide to earn it then got the Voltage Badge. After this, they say goodbye to Clemont and Bonnie, even Samuel who go back to Peter's lab. Calrem and Charizard goes off to Cyllage City again to win the second Badge.

Meet BrigetteEdit

As he traveled through Route 5, Calrem and Charizard goes to Camphrier Town to get Pokémon Center where he meet Brigette and Charizard met her again. She learned about lot of storages to Peter's lab and Charizard thinks about Samuel rampaging in the last times. While she working to the storages, Charizard notices the PC Box to see other Trainers' Pokémons. After finishing the new storage, Calrem saw the Swirlix, eating his chocolate then attempt to catch it. However, she stopped capturing Swirlix that they need the new storage. As Calrem stops his capturing, they finishing new storage for Peter's lab to maker bigger. After the gangs finished the storages, Team Rocket handing the storage for the boss. Until now, Calrem calls Gekou to used Water Gun on Team Rocket but before "Reika" shows up again once Genitto transformed into fake Reika and that's another fake Reika. Calrem tried to call Chibon to blast off Team Rocket, but Charizard explains that Chibon was the baby that cannot be used attacks or less used the Metronome to call Explosion to blast off Team Rocket and wipe the false one out. After Team Rocket was finally blast off, they finishing the new storages with help with their friend Brigette. They say goodbye to Brigette for helping her to build new storages to Peter's lab and leaves to Route 7, but not before Swirlix when she eats his chocolate then followed them.

Route 7 and DaycareEdit

As in episode 15 after traveling to Route 7, they meet again Ryusemimaru and he revealed caught Flabébé, the Single Bloom Pokémon (named Beflower) and his Otto evolved into Quilladin also. While meeting with Ryu, the same Swirlix when she ates his chocolate and instantly capture her much as Charizard and Ryu shocked without battle. Unfortunately, she pops out his Pokéball then lick his face. Although, Ryu explains that wild Snorlax blocking the way which is requires to wake him up with Poke Flute. Charizard example that Samuel's Snorlax when he caught at the Lostlorn Forest in Orange Island. While Calrem and Charizard plan to wake Snorlax up, Ryu playing the leaves like PokeFlute song to awoke him. As Snorlax wakes him up, he battling against him. Calrem chose Gekou to easily beat him and attempt to catch him, but no effects. Ryu tells Calrem to catch Snorlax and caught him with Ultra Ball. Calrem asked Ryu about Mega Evolution and he say that can used Mega Stones to temporarily evolve into Mega Pokémon (which is why his Heracross evolves into Mega forms) and he believe Lucario Mega Evolve into final form. After talking about Mega Evolution, they went to the Daycare and find the Pokémon Eggs bred by male and female Slurpuff and male and female Aromatisse. They find themselve was Utsusemimaru as a Daycare Man and Ryuko revealed that Swirlix was just the baby after she was hatched, so he can take care of her. Calrem named her Candy much as Charizard surprised because she eats his chocolate. Calrem shocked at Ryu that Pokémon Daycare is his home. While playing with the baby Pokémons, Team Rocket steals them and get away before they getting back. Not before another false Reika shows up, but Chibon used Metronome to call Explosion much as everyone shocked and blew the false one up and blast off Team Rocket. Afterwards, Calrem and Charizard traveled to Connecting Cave where they close to Cyllage City to find the secret of Mega Evolution.

Battle the FossilsEdit

While in episode 16, they finds the exit before the horde of Whismurs comes in and choose Swirlix battling against them. However, Calrem captures one of Whismurs and named him Whisper. However, he instantly transports to Peter's Lab which is Peter raised him to make him strong. After he transported to Peter's Lab, they made to Cyllage City to fight the Cyllage Gym Leader. While traveled to Cyllage City, the horde of Zubats flies away out of the cave and mysteriously being appeared before Charizard thinking she was before appeared. Calrem and Charizard rans toward to the Cyllage Gym and see their friendly rival Viola and second Gym Leader, Grant. Though having Gym battle, he declined, so he battling against Viola. He used Onix to battling against her Surskit and won. After the battle, Grant decide to find the fossils who like the tyrannosaurus and brachiosaurus. As in episode 17, they headed out to Ambretta Town to go to Glittering Cave to find two fossils. However, they need to rest before go to the cave because it getting dark. After they awakes, Chibon's words was started which is Calrem's shocked at his baby Beast's first words and Charizard surprised. While at Pokémon Center, Samuel and his Beast surprised at her daughter (mistaking as a boy) which is Calrem and Charizard shocked. Samuel was shocked about Sakuyara appeared when Charizard know about it. Samuel going to find his true past about birth of himself. Samuel's path towards to his secret to whispering his friends about. After the night, they traveled to Glittering Cave to find two fossils while Rhyhorns exploring. When traveled, they explores the Glittering Cave until find themselves the Fossil Pokémons (Tirtouga and Amaura) which is running around at them caused to fled in battle. While they exploring the cave, the Fossil Pokémons lives on the past time explained by Charizard before they were become extinct. Believe that Tirtouga and Amaura was alive that the Fossil Pokémons were revived somehow by the strange energy.

The Ghost Gym Attraction ArcEdit

Shadow's Rampage, Phantom Aki Returns and Samuel "Nakaoka" Mysterious Left The TeamEdit

As Calrem obtained the Cliff Badge,

Calrem's Beast EvolutionEdit

With the discover of Samuel "Nakaoka" mysteriously left his team, leaving them all themselves, Calrem and Charizard were both worried about Samuel Nakaoka's disappearance.

Battle For ShalourEdit

The Mega Stone and Mysterious AttackerEdit

Nove Join The GroupEdit

As the Kirie Himuro returned with her signature Pokemon Malamar and steals the Mega Evolution data,

The Haunted Mansion and Gohst Official Join the PartyEdit

When Nove joins the group, they traveled to see the haunted mansion

The Ghost GymEdit

As Glares offically joined his party, they training so hard with their Pokemons. However, the bad news for him that Ryu was injured by the ghost Gym Leader from Fatal Frame World.


Main PokemonsEdit

Pokémon Information
No Image
Gekou was the first Pokemon given by Professor Sycamore. After Samuel's Beast Mode glitch was fixed, Professor Charizard explains that the glitch will cause turn person into wild and feral Mega-Beast, but only when the Mega Stone was activated cause him to evolve into his second final form Mega Charizard Y. Professor Sycamore likely knows the power of Mega Evolution then he graduates his new skill then he asked to choose three Starters. However, better than Samuel's Water Starter Type, he chose Froakie which is he respond his friend. Also before his journey, Samuel's Nidoking giving him the lots of Mega Stones to Mega Evolve into ultimate Mega Pokemon.
His level was now 24 (originally was 5, 7, 13, 16, 20 and 21).
His moves are Tackle, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Quick Attack, Bubblebeam and Hydro Pump.
Frogadier (Gekou)
Pokémon Information
No Image
Bago is Calrem's main second Pokemon which is end of the third episode. After he caught Burmy, he named him Bago to train and battle against the first Gym Leader. Afterwards in training, Bago the Burmy evolves quickly into Mothim and learns Bug Bite and Hidden Power. Through battle against first Gym Leader, he was too strong against her low level Pokemons before choice have two Pokemons.
His level was 24 (originally 5 and 20) before evolving into Mothim.
His moves are Tackle, Sleep Powder, Aerial Ace, Confusion, Bug Bite, Poison Powder and Hidden Power.
The other attacks since his evolution used String Shot.
Mothim (Bago)
Pokémon Information
No Image
Champ is the main third Pokemon who caught by Calrem. When he traveled to Route 5, Calrem and Charizard saw the high level Pancham caused to battle against him. He almostly beat Gekou before he gets confused by his Water Pulse then captures with Poke Ball.
His level was now 20 (originally 19) when Charizard checked the Pokedex.
His moves are Arm Thrust, Work Up, Bite and Comet Punch.
Pancham (Champ)
Pokémon Information
No Image
Candy is fourth main Pokemon caught by Calrem without battle. She battling horde of Whismurs and defeating all of them, but was caught.
Her levels was 21 (originally 1 after defeating horde of Whismurs).
Her moves Tackle, Fairy Wind, Round, Sweet Scent and Endeavor.
Swirlix (Candy)
Pokémon Information
No Image
Tyrunt was the fifth main Pokemon who restored by Calrem.
His level was 20 after revived.
His moves was Dragon Breath, Rock Climb and Headbutt.
Tyrunt (Ty)
Pokémon Information
No Image
Glares was sixth Pokemon caught strangely by Calrem when she makes her happiness. However, she doesn't like Calrem's friends and his families then used her Hate Glare to scare everyone in away as result until she officially joined.
Her level was 20.
Her attacks was Hate Glare (her signature move), Shadow Force, Shadow Ball and Protect.
Gohs (Glares)

At Peter's Lab/At home/Support PokemonsEdit

Pokémon Information
No Image
Vibi was the support Pokemon caught by Calrem. After Calrem chose Froakie which is he named Gekou and brought the Mega Stones, he travels to Santalune Forest then saw the one Scatterbug. Calrem accepted his capture Scatterbug as his first mission. As in the second episode, Scatterbug was successfully captured by Calrem without battle. As he nickname Bugworm, he call Scatterbug out of the Poke Ball. Calrem trained it to battle Gekou. However, she didn't train well, so he trained her to little bit harder. During the training, Calrem learned that Scatterbug was the Bug Pokemon. Calrem calls her to used String Shot to wrap Gekou then Tackle. After this, Scatterbug evolving much as Calrem's surprise then revealed into Spewpa. She was later evolved into Vivillon and renamed her Vibi.
Her level was 9 (originally was 3), almostly evolve until the end of the episode, 12 before she evolved into Vivillon. Her level is now 20 during the training.
Her moves are String Shot (Only as Scatterbug and Spewpa), Harden (Only as Scatterbug and Spewpa), Tackle, Sleep Powder (Only as Vivillon), Confusion (Only as Vivillon), Aerial Ace (Only as Vivillon), Stun Spore (Only as Vivillon).
Vivillon (Vibi)
Pokémon Information
No Image
Genes was support Pokemon who caught by Chibon after Calrem surprised at Genitto transformation.
It's level was 20. It's attacks was Transform and DNTransform (it's signature move).
Genitto (Genes)
Pokémon Information
No Image
Whisper is the support Pokemon caught by Calrem in the Connecting Cave. However, using Pokedex to transport to Peter's Lab.
His levels was 10 after caught by Calrem.
His moves was Tackle and Uproar.
Whismur (Whisper)

Future Support PokemonsEdit

Pokémon Information
No Image
No information available

Roaming PokemonsEdit

Pokémon Information
No Image
Xerneas was first appearance along with Yveltal in Calrem's vision, they told him that Beasts was only compatible with the Mega Stone to evolve into Mega-Beast. So Samuel can used Mega Stone to control the power of Mega Evolution. before they left his vision, the Life is Samuel, the Destruction is Dietlinde, but Order is mystery.
Pokémon Information
No Image
Yveltal was first appearance along with Xerneas in Calrem's vision, they told him that Beasts was only compatible with the Mega Stone to evolve into Mega-Beast. So Samuel can used Mega Stone to control the power of Mega Evolution. before they left his vision, the Life is Samuel, the Destruction is Dietlinde, but Order is mystery.


Beast ModeEdit


  • After Samuel's retired, fixed the glitch and has no memories since he returned into egg form, Charizard traveled with him as before becomes Samuel's traveling partner.
  • Strangely, when Samuel and Yuuto were both de-aged, Calrem has no calm and aggressive personality.
    • However, his flashback which his personality was completely changed.
  • Calrem was developed by Beastamago and receive the Mega Evolution without the Mega Stones.

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