• XavierPanama

    Remembering had broken the love by The Rain Sadding.

    Finn and Princess Bubblegum (Season 1 and broken up in Season 4)

    Finn is rejected by Princess Bubblegum, Jake searches for another girl for him, eventually journeying to the court of the Fire Kingdom to win its Flame Princess. Finn attempts to prove to Jake that Flame Princess isn't evil while trying to win her heart. A week Finn finishes building Flame Princess' new house, which Flame Princess loves. So Jake wraps Finn in tin foil and when he is finished, Finn and Flame Princess hug, and Jake smiles oddly. Two day Finn whispers, "Inspiration," and starts writing. Then Princess Bubblegum shows up and says but he was angry with her, he's done, and leaves. She's stabilized. We're safe.. for …

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  • Twunkletrunks

    I didn't even finish chapter 1 out of ?? for "Midnight Blues".

    Probably because it's around 2:00 A.M. here.

    So yeah, updates to that will be irregular and probably will come in bits and pieces.

    Sorry in advance.

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  • Wetstream

    Guys I made this like years ago omg 

    Why are you

    guys using this


    Also how did you guys get admin rights I don't understand??

    Fuzzy Blue Lights If you began to wave goodbye... 01:56, September 23, 2013 (UTC)

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  • DawnBerlitzFan

    This is a crossover between Pokemon and Naruto. Dawn and Sakura want Ash and Naruto, but Misty and Hinata are in the way. Who will win love from the guys?

    Copyright: All these characters, Pokemon, and Naruto are all licensed property of Satoshi Tajiri and Masashi Kishimoto.

    Chapter 1: Prologue

    Dawn and Sakura are the most popular girls in the school. They are prettier than any other girl. All the boys would lay eyes on them as they pass by the lockers and hallways. They'd fight for them and try to get them on dates.

    I haven't finished this story yet since I ran out of time.

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  • ShadowBlade17

    The Dragon Spiral

    February 24, 2013 by ShadowBlade17

    The Dragon Spiral

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  • Stickman22

    Collab Idea

    April 3, 2012 by Stickman22

    Okay, Stickman22 here. I got an idea, a collab. The collab will be posted on, so if you want to see my chapters, you need to go to! Do not worry, I will give you credit. The Collab is called 'The Dark Side'

    One OC and Two Characters from any of the following Characters

    Red -Taken by Stickman22






    Soul (Lyra)

    Silver -Taken by Stickman22



    or any Gym Leader or character from the game-verse or Anime-verse

    Each chapter will change out in a circle, like this for everyone!

    OC-} Character 1-} Character 2.)

    Person 1-} Person 2 -} Person 3-} etc.-}

    Signing off!

    Stickman22/ Crimson

    NOTE: Crimson is my OC, he's Red's Cousin. No killing off any of the characters of anyone else, and you can only kill of…

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  • .Moss

    Hi! ^^ So, the title says it all. Who do you picture ash with? I'm mainly thinking about Misty, May, Dawn, or Iris, but if there's any other girl from the anime that would cute with ash, post it if you want. ^^

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  • The Diamond Man

    It can be any story you like

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  • The Diamond Man

    I know this is a crasy one but i just want to know

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  • Iscrump

    Hi, it's Iscrump. Just one question: WHO'S ON HERE?!?! The only people here I know is Wetstream and Emercrump. So please sign here even if you are those two people. Bye!

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  • Wetstream


    June 7, 2010 by Wetstream

    Ok, this'll be pretty hard. We need new people to write fanfics, I mean this place JUST opened! That means we need lots of peoples! And now!

    So go advertise, any place anywhere. Just at your own wikia, other wikias, anywhere! Just advertise this wikia.

    WetstreamLet Me Win But If I Do Not Win Let Me Be Brave In The Attempt

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