Ash, May, Max and Brock are on the way to Slateport City when they find an area packed with berries. Pikachu stops to snack a bit. Then the 'twerps' head to the Pokemon Center. Everyone gets their Pokemon healed when they spot some Berry Blenders in the Center. Nurse Joy tells them they are welcome to use any berries in the area, and rushes away to help a sick Jumpluff. Pikachu carelessly leaps onto the table, eager to get his hands on some Pokeblock. He accidentally knocks over a bowl of green Blocks, when a hand comes out of nowhere and feeds Pikachu a yellow one. It belonged to a young girl, Diane. She says it's okay that he knocked the bowl over, she has plenty. Through all the positive talk, Team Rocket, spying decides to steal the Blocks and sell them to bystanders. Unfortunately, Diane is too busy replacing the green Pokeblock with fresh ones to notice James peeking at her. So are the others-including Ash, May, Max, and Brock. Then Team Rocket comes in disguised as Pokeblock tasters. May decides to have them sample a May's Purple Surprise and runs off, excited. However, sharp-eyed Diane is not convinced by the bad disguises and devises a plan to get rid of them. Meanwhile, James and Jessie have conjured up quite a crowd of Coordinators holding samples. Everyone is distracted, and does not notice Meowth and Wobbuffet stealing Pokeblock. Ash and friends are still trying to get the Rockets to try May's recipe. Diane is now combining large amounts Tamato, Cheri, and Pinap Berries to make some 'special' Blocks. The result is a very spicy, mouth-burning one. Happy that she finally showed up with some, Jessie and James vigorously eat them, only to find the intense spice. It is so painful they drop their disguises, and Joy lifts a table to expose Meowth and Wobbufet with all the stolen Block. Snorunt sends them blasting off.

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