The man walked silently through the blazing desert, ignoring the beating sun. He arrived at a large stone temple and walked in. A knife was sent flying at him and he ducked, the knife barely passed over his head. "Looks like someone doesn't want me here" The man murmured. Eventually, after surviving many traps, the man arrived in a small stone room. In the center of the room lay a pedestal and on the pedestal, was a dark red orb. Suddenly, a man jumped down in front of the orb, he was dressed in all black. "You're not touching the orb." he said. The first man threw a ball in the air, out came a large, black pokemon. "Claydol, us Psybeam" he said. The Pokemon fired a rainbow beam. "Forretress, use Protect" the other man sent out a pokemon to block the attack with a barrier. "Claydol, use Rapid Spin" the first commanded. Claydol spun fast and slammed into Forretress, knocking into the other man and slamming them both against the wall. The first man grabbed the orb, claiming his plan would now bbegin.

Chapter 1:Arriving In SootopolisEdit

Brendan, a young pokemon trainer,arrived in a city. "Finnaly, Sootopolis City. It took a while to get here, but i  can challenge Juan the gym leader for my 8th gym badge."

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