Ash and Trip faced each other on the long, grassy field. Cilan stood as the referee "Six pokemon each, it will be over when all of one trainer's pokemon are unable to battle, begin!"

Trip threw a poke ball "Go, Unfezant!" out came a bird pokemon with long, red plumes.

"Go, Boldore!" Ash sent out a rock pokemon with orange crystals. "Boldore, use Rock Blast!" Ash commanded. Boldore sent flying white stones at Unfezant.

"Unfezant, use Air Slash!" Trip called. Unfezant sent air spirals wich collided into the stones and caused an explosion. "Unfezant, use Aerial Ace!"

Unfezant flew super fast and collided into Boldore.

"That's not enough Trip! Boldore,Stone edge!" Ash commanded. Boldore fired multiple rocks at Unfezant, all of them landing a hit.

"Now Boldore! Flash Cannon!" Ash commanded. Boldord fired the silver beam and it hit Unfezant, knocking it out.

"Unfezant is unable to battle!" declared Cilan. "Boldore is the winner!"

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