311px-Black 2 White 2 Marlon
Ash arrived at the entrance to the Seigaiha gym "Let's go!" he cheered as he ran inside. Marlon stood on the far side of the gym, a large pool was in between the two trainers. "I hope Ash wins" Iris told Cilan as the two sat in the stands. The referee stood in the middle of the gym "Each trainer will use 4 pokemon, the battle will be over when all of one trainer's pokemon are unable to battle, begin!" the reff. announced. "Let's go Alomomola!" Marlon sent out a pink fish Pokemon. "Leavanny!" Ash called out a leaf bug pokemon on two legs. "Alomomola, use Scald!" Marlon commanded. Alomomola shot blazing water towards Leavanny. "Leavanny, use Protect!" Ash called. Leavanny surrounded itself in a green barrier wich blocked Scald.

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