A new journey is the first episode of Pokémon Masters.


Three trainers, Red, Blue, and Green, recently turned 10 years old. As a result, Professor Oak offers the trio some Pokémon in Pallet town. Red picks the Fire lizard Charmander, Blue pick the Blue boulder Squirtle, and Green chooses the cute dinosaur Bulbasaur. Blue immediately challenges Red to a battle, but Blue immediately loses. The three then leave Oak's lab to train their new Pokémon.

While training on Route 1, Red hears of the Pokémon league and learns about the legendary trainers in the tower. Despite being told he is not ready to challenge the league, Red makes his way there. As he approached the league, he is greeted by blue with a Pokémon battle again. Blue has an added Pokémon to his team, and Blue was able to overpower Red and his Charmander.

After the battle, Green arrives and takes them back to Oak's lab to give all three of them their new assignment. Oak gives out the Pokédex in hopes of them exploring all the new Pokémon in the world. After receiving the Pokédex from Oak, The trio reveal their plans for the future. Red aims to be powerful enough to challenge the Pokémon League, Blue wants to be the most powerful trai er in the world, and only Green plans to catch Pokémon for the Professor and the Pokédex. The three then officially seperate paths to reach their dreams.

Major eventsEdit

  • Red, Blue, and Green begin their Pokémon journeys.
  • All three begin their journeys with Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur respectively.
  • Red and Blue begin their first two trainer battles. Red wins the first, and Blue wins the second.
  • Charmander is revealed to know Scratch and Growl.
  • Squirtle is revealed to know Tackle and Bubble.
    • Before the second battle, Blue catches a Pidgey.
  • Pidgey is revealed to know Gust and Sand Attack.
  • Red and Blue become rivals.
  • Red, Blue, and Green obtain the Pokédex.



  • Red
  • Red's mom
  • Blue
  • Daisy
  • Green
  • Professor Oak


  • Bulbasaur (Green's; mentioned)
  • Charmander (Red's)
  • Squirtle (Blue's)
  • Rattata
  • Pidgey



  • Red
  • Red's mom (offscreen)
  • Blue
  • Daisy
  • Green
  • Professor Oak


  • Bulbasaur (Green's; new)
  • Charmander (Red's; new; debut)
  • Squirtle (Blue's; new; debut)
  • Rattata (debut)
  • Pidgey (Blue's; debut)


  • The theme song is a dubstep remix of the original anime's theme.
  • Blue is the first character to use strong language, with Blue telling Red "it's time to f*ck you up" before the second battle and calling Red a "f*cking loser" at the end of said battle.

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